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17h41 05  mars
Under intense pressure, WHO skips summary report on coronavirus origin
Beth Mole
The full report, however, is expected the week of March 15.
Rocket Report: SpaceX explains landing failure, more on New Glenn delays
Eric Berger
The level of detail that we get is remarkable, how good the forecast is.
22h39 04  mars
Meet Maxwell’s gambling demon"smart enough to quit while it’s ahead
Jennifer Ouellette
Physicists even demonstrated the basic principle in a nanoscale electronic device.
Starship goes up. Starship goes down. But is the program moving forward?
Eric Berger
One day, the true measure of success will be that Starship flights are commonplace.
23h38 03  mars
Researchers build a swimming robot that works in the Mariana Trench
John Timmer
New muscles and electronics setup were needed for the crushing pressures.
SpaceX recycling vehicle for second Starship launch attempt [Updated]
Eric Berger
Musk says he is confident Starship will be ready for a lunar flight in three years.
CDC to release guide for life after vaccination"with normalcy still far off
Beth Mole
There are small steps toward normal life, but most activities are still out of bounds.
Meet this year’s winners of the Dance Your PhD contest
Jennifer Ouellette
This year’s contest also featured a special award for best COVID-19-related dance.
Merck J&J deal may help US get enough vaccine for all adults by end of May
Beth Mole
Merck will dedicate two facilities to making the newly authorized J&J vaccine.
Cuttlefish can pass the marshmallow test
Jennifer Ouellette
Cuttlefish that were better at self-control also performed better on learning tests.
20h05 02  mars
ldquo;Locked” for 300 years: Virtual unfolding has now revealed this letter’s secret
Jennifer Ouellette
Practice of intricately folding letters to secure them is known as letterlocking.
Biden administration puts a price on carbon
John Timmer
The results of his first environment executive orders are coming in.
19h35 01  mars
Blue Origin’s massive New Glenn rocket is delayed for years. What went wrong?
Eric Berger
The big delay can be traced to a decision Jeff Bezos made years ago.
Archaeologists discover “Lamborghini” of chariots near ruins of Pompeii
Jennifer Ouellette
The ornately decorated pilentum was likely used for festive processions, weddings.
B.1.1.7 variant now 10% of US cases"and cases are once again ticking up
Beth Mole
ldquo;Things are tenuous,” CDC director says, as experts fear a fourth surge.
The 2008 moment when triumph turned to torment for SpaceX
Eric Berger
Flight Three of the Falcon 1 rocket could make or break the company.
Pure nonsense: Debunking the latest attack on renewable energy
John Timmer
What a terrible anti-renewable-power video reveals about the US energy market.
00h21 28  février
FDA authorizes J&J COVID vaccine after unanimous vote [Updated]
Beth Mole
An FDA advisory committee voted Friday 22-0 in favor of authorization.
14h10 27  février
Atlantic currents seem to have started fading last century
John Timmer
Another predicted impact of climate change may be here.
Perseverance’s eyes see a different Mars
The red planet’s red looks different to a robot with hyperspectral cameras for eyes.