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Weekly trading thread -- trade with your fellow redditors
RULES: No stores or dealers selling on here. We won't stop stores from responding to sell posts with buy offers, though. At that point, it's up to the seller to accept or reject the offer. Do not spam this thread. Your sell trade offer(s) should be confined to one post per week....
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Tutor Tuesday -- Ask r magictcg anything
This thread is an opportunity for anyone (beginners or otherwise) to ask any questions about Magic: The Gathering without worrying about getting shunned or downvoted. It's also an opportunity for the more experienced players to share their wisdom and expertise and have in-depth discussions...
Mystery solved ...
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WotC QA so low Italian STX Prerelease kits have spanish subtitle
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With the Cancelling of the creator showcase, this tweet by the Mana Leek gets more relevant with every passing day. Which is exceedingly impressive considering it is one day old.
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Wizards of the Coast ditch Content Creator Benefits
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The Legends of Strixhaven
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Full art of Myntasha, Honored One
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Streamer Early Access Events For New Sets Discontinued
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Kotaku: Black is Magic
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Thick Inner Sleeves Need THICKEST Deck Boxes - TCC
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Custom Cards] Top 5 Scoring Submissions of the Week from r Custommagic (2021 04 13
Welcome everyone, to another Top 5 Quite a few white cards in the Top 5 for this week, and not much else to talk about beyond that really. Let's get to the cards. Here's the Album 5. Herd Immunity by u PrimeHydra 4. Patron of Feathers by u SeekerOfKnowledge 3. Memetic Mentor by ...
STX] Early draft pick order data analysis based on over 50,000 Draftsim draft
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The Wizards of the Coast Game Center...and Restaurant?
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When you can’t wait to play MDFCs in paper but your handwriting is horrible...
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Anyone who says Legacy is dead is not paying attention 240 Tickets sold in less than 24 hours. Legacy is real. Join us at The Legacy Pit Open
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STX] Strixhaven and [C21] Commander 2021 are on Gathere
Gatherer search for Strixhaven Gatherer search for Mystical Archive Gatherer search for Commander 2021   submitted by   u smileylich [link]   [comments]
MTGGoldfish Commander Ban List discussion
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Commander 2021 Buyer’s Guide Article
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Second time buying singles from TCGPlayer, any advice on what to do? Card was supposed to be NM but is HP at best
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Rant on Token Prices in Kaldheim
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Casting Lotus Bloom from the graveyard using Emry
Can I use the ability of Emry, Lurker of the Loch to cast a card like Lotus Bloom from the graveyard so that I don't have to wait to remove all the time counters?   submitted by   u alebaf [link]   [comments]
This Week in Legacy: Collegiate Commander
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A Comprehensive Review of All the Birds of Strixhaven
Relative to the past couple years of Magic, Strixhaven has been an absolute slam dunk in regards to providing me with my favorite creature subtype in all of Magic. But that's certainly no surprise. What you may find as a surprise is that I have a secret contact at the Multiverse's...
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Hedonism personified The satyrs of Theros.
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The Power of Ancestral Recall
Hi Folks, After beeing a noobie casual for years i would love to get more into the game and i want to start with the best cards and understanding them. Ancestral Recall I warched many videos and read a lot last weeks and many say its the best or most broken card in the game. Some say lotus is more...
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Commander April 2021 Update (spoilers - no changes)
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