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ldquo;Tales from the Pit” #2547
ldquo;Tales from the Pit” #2547
Is Gyruda’s EtB ability a break in blue?
No. Milling onto the battlefield is not something we do often, but it’s in blue’s (and black’s) section of the color pie.
Oh hi Mark Long time reader, first time questioner... do you think there’s potential for the “nickname” frame to be used to reflavor cards for specific planes without doing a functional reprint? For example you want “Irencrag Pyromancer” in a Wild West Theme world, could you rename it “Boomtown Sharp-Shooter” without having to worry about 8-ofs in eternal formats?
I don’t expect us to use that tool for that purpose. There are not many cards where 8 of’s are a problem.
In the Legends of Strixhaven article, Uvilda’s entry incorrectly uses his to address Nassari, and Tivash goes from he pronouns to she . Can this be fixed?
It’s being fixed.
Hi Mark, Can I get a maybe on some dwarves in MH2?
Maybe. : )
Hi Mark, currently there is nothing that removes emblems, but could an emblem remove itself as a cost for a larger effect?
In theory, yes.
You wrote the flavor text for Marshland Bloodcaster, didn’t you?
I did not, but I appreciate us getting more wordplay in flavor text.
Can a permanent have protection from returning it to its owner’s hand?
You have protection from qualities that a source can have not from styles of effects.
With the increased use of Wishes was any thought given to making a wishboard seperate from the sideboard? It wouldn’t directly help commander but it would be a signpost that could be pointed to as a starting point and possibly an ending point.
Wishes go and get a card outside the game. It’s the tournament rules that limit wish effects to pulling cards from the sideboard. The game itself doesn’t conflate the two.
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What do people think? Would a return to Eldraine make you expect a return to storybook frames? - well, in the 117 notes I found only one No to more storybook frames in return to eldraine :
You started out as a comedy writer and then changed directions and became a game designer. Any advice or words of wisdom for people who’s lives might be going in a very different direction than they’d planned?
Don’t get too locked into what you thought your life was going to be. It’s okay to shift as things change.
hi mark not bringing this up to rag on recent cards or anything, just trying to get more of an understanding about it: how would you describe the ways exiling permanents fits into blue? is it just like, it’ll target a specific card type and give a token in return? what’s the general thought behind that kind of removal for blue?
We’re moving away from it, so it won’t an issue.
I don’t know if it’s 100% what the namer was intending, but the name Professor Elvie for Liliana’s first pseodonym sounds like the name is playing off of her initials LV (Ell Vee - Elvie). That’s just my theory though.
I’m sure it’s a play on her initials. I’m not sure why I didn’t notice that.
ldquo;Tales from the Pit” #2546
ldquo;Tales from the Pit” #2546
School’s in Session
School’s in Session: Time for some Strixhaven card-by-card design stories.
Could we see rebels and or mercenaries in a future set? Either with or without the gimmick
We could possibly see the creature type, but it’s highly unlikely it would have the Mercadian Masques abilities.
Hi Mark Do you know how Yedora interacts with Morph? Can face down Forests be turned up for a morph cost?
I believe they can, yes.
What do you think will run out first? Card design space or unique words or combinations of words you can use to differentiate cards?
We’ll run out of card design space before word combinatorics (especially because we can make-up proper names).
Is Ward restricted to only mana or life? Could it be discarding or milling a card? If not, is it because it’s a payment?
Ward has the ability to have other costs.
Ward - Sacrifice a Creature?
That could exist, I believe.