17h21 12  avril
Have you seen Codie’s complete bio on page 34? Also, are we getting a legendary-creature-bio-article at some point?
I’m sure I read it, I couldn’t tell you off-hand what it said but it was basically what you’d expect based on the picture. I believe there is supposed to be a Legend bio article.
Is it just me or are some of the Kor looking more a blueish and grey when it comes to skin tones nowadays?
They’ve always had some blues and grays in there, but good eye The Zendikari Kor haven’t used much blue until more recently, but if you look back at the earliest Rathi Kor they definitely show a lot of grays and blues.
12h33 10  avril
I’m a non-native English speaker and I must say that Magic The Gathering vastly improved my vocabulary
Magic does tend to be good for vocabulary, especially as they need more and more unique card names over the years.
I’m sure the comic story’s been written already, but robot-dragon Niv deserves to be in the same universe as aether-heart Gids. Are there any other resurected-as-a-robot characters i’m forgetting to throw in?
Loran, I guess?
17h33 09  avril
Is Koma sapient?
Not sure.
What kind of interaction would Kiora and Kumena have if they ever met each other?
I don’t think they would like each other very much
23h48 08  avril
Which one do you think it’s the best farming plane between Moag and Cabralin? My guess is Moag lol
I’m not update to date on my Farmwalker’s Almanac
Will Jace and Vraska FINALLY actually get together in the comics, or are you not allowed to tell us?
No, lol, of course I can’t tell you about potential future plots
Is the comic released monthly?
That’s the plan, given this issue advertises next month’s.
When you say the comic has its own continuity, is the comic still canon?
That means it has its own canon. Whether or not the TCG wants to incorporate pieces of it later is something that is still open, but it’s doing its own thing.To be clear, there is now TCG Continuity and Boom Comics Continuity.
Did the Blood Age on Arcavios happen before or after the founding of the school? I’m assuming it happened after the merging of the original planes.
The Blood Age - The era of war following the arrival evolution emergence of the mortal races.The Mystic Age - The current era of relative peace following the founding of Strixhaven.
Could you clarify about what you mean about the ’continuity’ of this new comic? I have no way of acquiring it, and I’d love to know what it’s about
The comic is its own continuity, which is set vaguely post-War of the Spark (because Ral, Kaya, and Vraska are guildmasters), but we don’t know the exact details of things like why Niv-Mizzet is in a robot body.
How come deamons, being of pure mana, work for Yaugmoth in the inner circle? How is it compatible with the mecanical dream of the Father of Machines? Thanks
They’re not true demons in the sense you would see elsewhere. The most notable Phyrexian Demon, Gix, was once a man.
After reading the new comic from Boom Studios, I have to ask again about the decision to turn the Firemind into Mecha-Niv. I’m still a little uncomfortable with his new form. From the MTG perspective, he’s a true living and breathing dragon who’s worked his way to the top. But if I think of introducing this character into a new storyline to a wider do you turn a 5-color legendary dragon into a neutral arbiter of law? So, what are your thoughts on this transformation?
I think Mecha-Niv will make a very cool Magic card that I hope they print one day. It also signals from very early on that this isn’t the ” main’ continuity for the reader, which helps. Niv is still Niv, and we may learn why this version is now in a robot body.
18h22 07  avril
Are the mage hunters natural creatures of Arcavios, or were they created somehow?
It’s not explicit either way
Does Paradox Zone represent the kind of reality-free area that’s described under the Planeswalker’s Guide entry for the Arithmodrome?
Will the magic comic come out online at all?
It’s on Comixology
In the Dakkon Blackblade comics, Piru is said to be a dimensionnal traveler . Was he a planeswalker? Or just an Elder Dragon with some planeswalking abilities? Thanks
Dunno, it’s never explained and Piru is killed within a couple pages. Elder dragons back in the day were near Planeswalker levels of power though.
Is there any evidence of any of the Elder Dragons having romantic relationships? My friend thinks they’re all probably aro and I’m not sure if I can dispute that.
Chromium and Piru were mates
Is Bolas’s Citadel still on ravnica
Presumably it’s being dismantled, but until we see Ravnica again we can’t be sure.