Glory : video
13h00 26  février
TOP 5: Heavyweight Slug Fests in Kickboxing
We count down some of kickboxing’s 5 best SLUG FESTS to come out of the heavyweight division.
13h00 25  février
GLORY 73: Thong Fairtex v Chuanlin Zhao
GLORY 73 Super Fight Thong Fairtex versus Chuanlin Zhao. 12.07.2019
13h00 24  février
GLORY 73: Dongqiang Lu v Jinhyeok Kim
GLORY 73 Super Fight Dongqiang Lu takes on Jinhyeok Kim. 12.07.2019
13h00 23  février
Semmy Schilt v Hesdy Gerges
K1 throwback from 10.02.2010. Two stars collide as Semmy Schilt takes on Hesdy Gerges.
00h30 20  février
Kickboxing Royal Rumble
They went over the top ropes We count down the top 10 times kickboxers have had some issues with the ropes during a fight.
13h00 18  février
GLORY 73: Chao Sun v Farkhat Gassanov
GLORY 73 Super Fight between Chao Sun and Farkhat Gassanov. 12.07.2019
13h00 17  février
GLORY 73: Andrei Herasimchuk v Bruno Chaves
Super Fight from GLORY 73: Andrei Herasimchuk v Bruno Chaves. 12.07.2019
13h00 16  février
Alistair Overeem v Tyrone Spong
MMA Legend Alistair Overeem takes on kickboxing superstar Tyrone Spong in this 12.11.2010 K1 throwback.
13h00 11  février
GLORY 74: Cihad Kepenek v Nordine Mahieddine
Cihad Kepenek battles Nordine Mahieddine at the GLORY 74 SuperFight Series. 12.21.2019
13h00 09  février
Errol Zimmerman v Rico Verhoeven
Errol Zimmerman welcomes young Rico Verhoeven to the kickboxing elite in this 2012 bout. 01.28.2012
08h04 05  février
GLORY 77: Cedric Doumbe Post-Fight Interview
Cedric Doumbe speaks with Mark Schaaf after defending his title against Murthel Groenhart at GLORY 77.
13h00 04  février
GLORY 74: Donovan Wisse v Cesar Almeida
Donovan Wisse and Cesar Almeida go to war at the GLORY 74 SuperFight Series.
14h00 03  février
GLORY 77: Rico Verhoeven Post-Fight Interview
Rico Verhoeven spoke with Mark Schaaf after dominating the GLORY 77 4-man heavyweight tournament.
GLORY 77: Alex Pereira - I Want Rico Next
Newly crowned light heavyweight champ Alex Pereira spoke with Mark Schaaf after defeating Artem Vakhitov at GLORY 77
13h00 02  février
Rico Verhoeven v Frank Munoz
Rico Verhoeven and Frank Munoz go to war in this 2010 ’It’s Showtime’ kickboxing bout. 12.18.2010