The Modern Martial Artist : video
21h00 22  février
Anthony Joshua’s Ingenious Boxing Explained - Technique Breakdown
Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is one of the most accomplished fighters alive today. After taking home a gold metal in the olympics, Joshua next earned 3 of the 4 major heavyweight belts in dramatic fashion, garnering an 88 percent knockout rate along the way. Joshua is currently looking to...
21h00 19  février
Most High Level 5 Seconds in Muay Thai History? - Brilliant Exchanges Lamnamoonlek vs Kiewpaya
The first time that you watch this clip, you may notice 1 or 2 pretty impressive techniques. But in fact, there are 5 high level techniques used by either fighter, each flowing seamlessly into each other, all in the span of a few seconds. Martial Arts Technique Books: Aggressive Defense: http...
21h00 14  février
How Tyson Smashed His Way To Champion Fights 1-5 Breakdown
Mike Tyson is one of the most notorious boxers on the planet, but back in the early 80s, he was a reformed deluigent taken in by the legendary coach Cus Dâ Amato. Cus taught Tyson the ins and outs of his peekaboo style boxing system, but it was up to Tyson to put it to good use. Today weâ re...
21h00 06  février
Canelo Alvarez Crazy Drills That Became KO’s - Breakdown
Canelo Alverez is one of the most elusive, slick, defensive minded fighters in boxers today. And... Canelo Alvarez is one of the most aggressive, powerful, offensive pressure fighters in boxing today. Canelo is both of these things, a rare duality thatâ s been pulled off by few: Alvarez has the...
21h00 31  janvier
The Super Fight Explained - Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler Fight Breakdown
In 1987, sports fans around the world awoke to extraordinary news. Boxing superstar Sugar Ray Leonard had come out of retirement to face off against the unstoppable Southpaw champion, Marvelous Marvin Hagler. For nearly a decade, this had been the one fight that many fans had hoped for the most....
21h00 11  janvier
quot;How I KO’d Feared Champion Kevin Ross " - Varga Explains his Genius Gamepla
Champion Gabriel Varga is back to explain his victory over the American poster boy for Muay Thai, Kevin Ross. Gabriel defeated Ross via knockout in the first round Gabriel’s Varga’s Channel: https: c GabrielVargaOfficial videos
21h00 05  janvier
GOAT? Hoost’s Legendary Leg Kick KO’s Explained - Technique Breakdown
Ernesto Hoost was an elite martial artist so good that he lived up to his knick name of Mr. Perfect. The dutch fighter skillfully took from multiple styles and strategies to learn a million and one ways to set up his devastating low kicks. Many consider him to be the greatest kickboxer of all time...
00h00 26  décembre
quot;How I Defeated Living Legend Lerdsila " - Varga Explains His Genius Gamepla
Champion Gabriel Varga stops in again to explain step by step how he beat and knocked down the slickest, fastest Muay Thai fighter and kickboxer Lerdsila. Varga’s Channel: https: c GabrielVargaOfficial videos
21h00 18  décembre
Ali’s Controversial "Phantom Punch" Explained - Brilliant Exchanges
In 1964 Muhammad Ali shook up the world by defeating Sonny Liston. Afterwards, many believed the occurrence to be a fluke. Their second fight should have put that notion to rest, as Ali knocked Liston out in the very first round of their rematch. Aggressive Defense: http: www...
21h00 09  décembre
Errol Spence Jr.’s Brutal, Elegant Style Explained - Technique Breakdown
Welterweight Champion Errol Spence Jr. is one of the most talented, aggressive, and technically efficient boxers today. Spence possesses endurance, speed, intelligence, and a near unhealthy obsession with destroying an opponentâ s liver. Technique Books: https:
02h00 28  novembre
Roy Jones Jr.’s Greatest KO Explained - Brilliant Exchanges
If no cameraâ s had existed to capture Roy Jones Jrâ s incredible feats of skill as he took championships in multiple weight classes, itâ s doubtful that anyone would have believed them to be real. Any audience member who had witnessed such feats would have been seen as that crazy old man at the...
Mike Tyson’s Greatest KO Explained - Brilliant Exchanges
Every once in a while, a boxer pulls off a sequence that is the perfect display of everything they exemplify as a fighter. Their style, technique, hard work and philosophy all culminating into one perfect moment. And while Tyson has had many incredible displays of skill and sheer athleticism, there...
21h00 26  novembre
Crawford’s Genius Intercepting KO’s Explained - Technique Breakdown
Multi-weight champion Terence Crawford is to boxing what a grandmaster is to chess. Crawford knows each and every line of attack that any given opponent can throw at him, and more importantly, how to refute it. Like any good chess player, Crawford is adept at setting up lose-lose situations for his...
21h00 11  novembre
Riddick Bowe’s Superb Boxing & Insane Power Punches Explained - Technique Breakdown
Itâ s hard to think of a more complete fighter than former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Riddick Big Daddy Bowe. His record is near immaculate, having only lost once to Evander Holyfield, a loss that he later avenged. Boweâ s numerous KOâ s were a testament not only to his...
20h00 21  octobre
Oleksandr Usyk’s Complex Boxing & Insane Combinations Explained - Technique Breakdown
Oleksandr Usyk is an undefeated Olympic Gold medalist and former undisputed Cruiserweight champion, having recently vacated his titles to claim his first victory at heavyweight. Heâ s accomplished all of this by out boxing every one of his competitors, displaying intelligence, superior timing, and...