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21h22 26  février
Photos: Perseverance’s Martian views in full-color, panorama, and more
NASA’s Perseverance rover has only been on Mars for a few days, but it’s already taken a ton of images of its new home planet. Here are some of the best photos Perseverance has snapped so far.
How to get workers back to the office? Ensure the building is healthy and safe
Monitoring air quality, temperature and other measures, and providing data to employees will give them the confidence to return, according to Schneider Electric.
18h53 25  février
Thermo Fisher Scientific announces new control system for makers of lithium-ion batteries
The company says the new measurement and control system will help battery manufacturers improve quality and speed.
This 1,400 heated office chair will massage you while you work
X-Chair’s X4-HMT includes built-in heat and massage features and boasts a number of ergonomic design bonuses to boot. It’s not shocking that it costs more than a grand, but is it worth it?
Best office chairs of 2021 for your home office or student workstation
In the age of remote work and e-learning, an ergonomic office chair is a home office essential. From premium luxury models to budget options, here are the best office chairs of 2021.
PlayStation rakes in 2.6 billion in PS5 sales
Despite the slow rollout to meet consumer demand, 5.21 million PS5’s have been sold, as of this week, with more people awaiting their chance to buy one of the consoles.
22h15 24  février
Survey: What are your must-have tools for work?
Take this quick, multiple-choice survey and tell us about the collaboration platform tools you use for work.
Chip shortage: Tech pros talk supply chains, semiconductor design, and short-term expectations
COVID-19 continues to highlight frangibility in global supply chains. But how long will the semiconductor chip shortage last and how will this transform industries?
How to protect yourself from common job search scams
A new FlexJobs survey reveals 14 of the most common--and successful--job-search scams. Here’s how to identify them and not become a victim.
22h20 23  février
Texas power outage highlights need for better use of data analytics, modeling and policy making
Rob Robinson, client partner in utilities practice for Capgemini, talks with TechRepublic about what the catastrophic outages in Texas should teach us about predicting threats to U.S. the power grid.