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12h38 06  mars
Armenian Families Hunt for Signs of Missing Sons After War With Azerbaijan
A father crossed into Azeri-held territory after his son appeared to be captured in Nagorno-Karabakh as the two countries wrangle over prisoners.
Pope Francis Meets Iraqi Shiite Leader, Seeking to Build Ties With Islam
The summit at Ali al-Sistani’s residence in the city of Najaf was the first-ever meeting between a Catholic pope and a Shiite grand ayatollah in Iraq.
Israeli Employers Offer Perks for the Inoculated
Incentives to get Covid-19 vaccine range from access to on-site hair salons to T-shirts and even cash payments
U.S. Proposes Afghan, Taliban Summit to Form Interim Government
The Biden administration has proposed a new path forward to end the war in Afghanistan, officials said, moving to set aside a deal negotiated between the Trump administration and the Taliban and to delay a planned U.S. troop withdrawal beyond May.
19h35 05  mars
U.S., EU Suspend Tariffs Imposed in Boeing-Airbus Dispute
The U.S. and the European Union agreed to suspend tariffs on wine, luggage, produce and other goods related to a longstanding dispute over government subsidies to Boeing and Airbus, in a sign of easing trade tensions.
A New Covid-19 Experiment From Asia: Letting Companies Buy Vaccines
With vaccinations lagging, Indonesia’s government has authorized private companies to acquire Covid-19 vaccines, but some public-health experts say the strategy will steer shots toward the middle-class and wealthy.