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16h40 05  mars
Today is the day I will die’ - Nun who opposed Myanmar military says she begged them for merc
06h06 06  mars
Look beyond our differences’: Pope Francis meets with senior Iraqi Shia cleri
Greece invites Britons to start booking holidays as it targets 40 islands for vaccinations
20h23 05  mars
Tens of thousands will die if UK foreign aid budget cut - Oxfam chief
10h37 06  mars
Is mummy really coming home?’: Nazanin’s family ’anxiously’ wait to find out if she will be freed tomorro
21h30 05  mars
I’m on the move ’: NASA’s Perseverance rover takes its first test drive on Mar
Domestic abuse is the world’s hidden pandemic - but victims are being left with nowhere to go
Outrage in India over latest ’honour killing’ as father beheads daughter after finding her with man
Beijing declares only ’patriots’ should rule Hong Kong as elections delayed again
World’s oldest bird hatches chick at age of 70