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21h05 06  août
PSF GSoC students blogs: Week 10 Blog
Hello everyone I know I am late for the weekly blog. My apologies for that. The previous week was my first week post my exams. I had mentioned in the last blog that I will be working on the documentation for panda3d. So, just as I mentioned, I was able to complete the documentation part in one...
19h23 06  août
Karim Elghamrawy: Video How to Learn Python? (From Zero to Hero)
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17h34 06  août
Codementor: How to use DLLs COM objects from Python or - How to send a fax with Python
Leverage DLLs from Python. Send faxes with Python without writing any code to send faxes.
12h23 06  août
PyCharm: Webinar: Django Database Performance Tips with Andrew Brookins
Django is one of the most popular Python Web Frameworks. However, optimizing django performance can often be difficult. Most performance problems boil down to one thing: the database. According to our guest speaker, Andrew Brookins, the only way to master Django performance is to master database...
06h49 06  août
Karim Elghamrawy: Python: How to Convert a List into a String? (The Right Way)
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05h00 06  août
PSF GSoC students blogs: GSoC Week 10: Print
What I did this week? I took a break for the week. So there’s nothing on my list. What is coming up next? From my last work there were few minor things that need to be changed in my triage PR. I’ll be working on adding a new format that is PDF. I need some time to figure out what is the best...
04h01 06  août
PSF GSoC students blogs: Weekly Blog Post #5
Hi everyone a little late on this blog as I have to go back to college to get my stuff back. I passed the second evaluation, yay,. Till now I have been able to get the module metadata except the licenses. The licenses can be collected in 2 ways one is through making bash scripts to find and...
02h05 06  août
Karim Elghamrawy: Python: Sort vs Sorted
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01h51 06  août
PSF GSoC students blogs: Weekly Check In - 9
What did I do till now? Last week I completed the ScrapyH2ProxyAgent implementation and added the required tests. I was going through the codebase for hyper-h2 library to get insight on how they implemented CONNECT method for HTTP 2. What’s coming up next? Next week I plan to finish working on...
00h00 06  août
Pythonâ ’Speed: Debugging Python server memory leaks with the Fil profiler
Your server is running just fine, handling requests and sending responses. But then, ever so slowly, memory usage creeps up, and up, and up-until eventually your process runs out of memory and crashes. And then it restarts, and the leaking starts all over again. In order to fix memory leaks, you...
00h00 06  août
Matt Layman: Give Me A Break... Day - Building SaaS #67
In this episode, we did some Django model development. I created a new model to track break days in a school year. This model will be critical to fill in vacations and holidays so that the scheduling functionality works properly. I added the model, the tests, the admin page, and the create view to...
20h55 05  août
Quansight Labs Blog: Designing with and for developers
Open source is notorious for lack of design presence, enough so that my search to prove this fact has turned up nearly nothing. There’s many ways that such a gap in community might manifest, but one that I never anticipated was working with developers that had never interacted with a designer...
19h01 05  août
PyCharm: Webinar Recording: Simplify Your Tests With Fixtures with Oliver Bestwalter
Enjoy pytest and curious about fixtures? Last week we hosted Oliver Bestwalter for a webinar on how to use pytest fixtures to simplify your test code. The recording is now available. Contents Lots got covered which also meant we went a little over on time. That’s ok, as the topics were worth...
18h51 05  août
Mike Driscoll: Python 101 - Learning About Sets (Video)
In this video you will learn about the basics of Python’s dictionary data type. You will cover the following: Create dictionaries Access dictionaries Dictionary methods Modifying dictionaries Deleting from your dictionary Buy the book: Python 101 2nd Edition Get the code on Github The...
18h37 05  août
PSF GSoC students blogs: Weekly Blog Post Gsoc’2020 #10
Greetings, People of the world Got a little late posting this blog. Was stuck with a couple of things but didn’t let that prevent me from coding. 1. What did you do this week? So last week I worked on adding preview option that enabled user to preview all customized icons on the modal when...
14h00 05  août
Real Python: What Are Python Wheels and Why Should You Care?
Python .whl files, or wheels, are a little-discussed part of Python, but they’ve been a boon to the installation process for Python packages. If you’ve installed a Python package using pip, then chances are that a wheel has made the installation faster and more efficient. Wheels are a component of...
05h07 05  août
Andre Roberge: Identifying misleading type hints
Yesterday on Twitter:For beginners, unintentional type hints can be really confusing. No SyntaxError, no traceback to guide the beginners ... Still, could Friendly-traceback help?I’ve already mentioned how Friendly-traceback could be used by Thonny, and how it could also be used with Mu....
04h18 05  août
PSF GSoC students blogs: Weekly Check-In #10
I am on leave till 10th August, so there’s nothing to report for this week. But there was no loss of work since I had started coding in the Community Bonding period itself.
04h00 05  août
Full Stack Python: Responding to SMS Text Messages with Python & Flask
Short Message Service (SMS) text messages are easy to send from Python applications with a web application programming interface (API). Flask applications can also receive incoming text messages and respond back to the sender with just a few lines of Python code. Tools We Need This tutorial is...
04h00 05  août
Full Stack Python: How to Send SMS Text Messages with Python
Short Message Service (SMS) text messages are ubiquitous for communication all over the world. It is easy to send SMS text messages from a Python application using a web application programming interface (API). Let’s take a look at the tools we need to quickly add SMS capability to our Python...
17h40 04  août
Python Anywhere: Introduction to scheduled tasks helper scripts
For all PythonAnywhere users who like to automate their workflow using scripts there’s already the pythonanywhere package which provides an interface for some PythonAnywhere API features. If you’re one of them, you might be interested in some recent additions for programmatic management of...
17h30 04  août
PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #432 (Aug. 4, 2020)
432 - AUGUST 4, 2020 View in Browser 4 Powerful Features Python Is Still Missing Python doesn’t have true constants, nor does it implement features like tail recursion optimization that many compiled languages employ. Find out what other features Python is missing when compared to other...
17h00 04  août
Mike Driscoll: Python Malware May be Coming to a Computer Near You
Cyborg Security reported recently that malware is starting to appear that has been written using the Python programming language. Traditionally, most malware has been written in compiled languages, such as C or C . The reason is simple. Compiled languages let the attacker create smaller, harder...
16h00 04  août
PSF GSoC students blogs: Weekly Check-in #10
What did i do this week? I worked on documenting the new scikit operations. What’s next? I will work on improving documentation and adding more tests wherever needed. Did I get stuck somewhere? Yes, I got stuck while implementing the example usage. I will discuss it in the weekly meeting...
14h00 04  août
Real Python: Practical Recipes for Working With Files in Python
Python has several built-in modules and functions for handling files. These functions are spread out over several modules such as os, os.path, shutil, and pathlib, to name a few. This course gathers in one place many of the functions you need to know in order to perform the most common operations...