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01h00 12  avril
Wingware: Wing Python IDE 7.2.9 - April 12, 2021
Wing 7.2.9 adds remote development for 64-bit Raspberry Pi, improves auto-closing of quotes, optimizes change tracking when large numbers of project files change at once, improves debugger data display for some value types, and makes a number of other usability improvements. See the change log for...
18h49 11  avril
BreadcrumbsCollector: How to use code coverage in Python with pytest?
Basics What is code coverage? In the simplest words, code coverage is a measure of exhaustiveness of a test suite. 100% code coverage means that a system is fully tested. Why bother about code coverage in Python? Theoretically, the higher code coverage is, the less defects it has. Of...
Quansight Labs Blog: A step towards educating with Spyder
As a community manager in the Spyder team, I have been looking for ways of involving more users in the community and making Spyder useful for a larger number of people. With this, a new idea came: Education. For the past months, we have been wondering with the team whether Spyder could also serve...
19h00 10  avril
Weekly Python StackOverflow Report: (cclxx) stackoverflow python report
These are the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.Between brackets: [question score answers count]Build date: 2021-04-10 18:59:38 GMTSpyder 5 missing dependencies - spyder kernels version error - [23 1]Why does pandas "None True" return False when Python...
22h28 09  avril Django vs. Flask in 2021: Which Framework to Choose
In this article, we’ll look at the best use cases for Django and Flask along with what makes them unique, from an educational and development standpoint.
Learn PyQt: PyQt6 Book now available: Create GUI Applications with Python & Qt6 " The hands-on guide to making apps with Python
Hello Today I have released the first PyQt6 edition of my book Create GUI Applications, with Python & Qt6. This update follows the 4th Edition of the PyQt5 book updating all the code examples and adding additional PyQt6-specific detail. The book contains 600 pages and 200 complete code...
Quansight Labs Blog: PyTorch TensorIterator Internals - 2021 Update
For contributors to the PyTorch codebase, one of the most commonly encountered C classes is TensorIterator. TensorIterator offers a standardized way to iterate over elements of a tensor, automatically parallelizing operations, while abstracting device and data type details. In April 2020, Sameer...
Real Python: The Real Python Podcast - Episode #55: Getting Started With Refactoring Your Python Code
Do you think it’s time to refactor your Python code? What should you think about before starting this task? This week on the show, we have Brendan Maginnis and Nick Thapen from Sourcery. Sourcery is an automated refactoring tool that integrates into your IDE and suggests improvements to your code. ...
Python for Beginners: Convert a list containing float numbers to string in Python
There may be situations where we want to convert a list containing float numbers to string while working in python. In this article, we will look at different ways to convert the list containing float numbers to a string which contains the elements of the list as space separated sub strings. ...
CubicWeb: CubicWeb Monthly news february march 2021
It has been quite a time since the last public news ; we will try in the letter to summarize what we did during february and march 2021. During this period, we tried to fix issues, migrate a lot of our code base to latest version of CubicWeb. We also did some archeology ; we have been looking at...
Janusworx: I Can’t Do This ... Yet.
I’ve been “soft” looking for a job, since the end of last year when I learnt the basics of Python. (Want me to come work you as a junior developer? Here’s my resume ) Read more... (2 min remaining to read)
15h51 08  avril
Patrick Kennedy: What is Werkzeug?
I wrote a blog post on explaining what Werkzeug is and how Flask uses it for its core HTTP functionality. In this blog post, you’ll develop your own WSGI-compatible application using Werkzeug to create a Flask-like web framework: https: blog what-is...
Janusworx: A Love Letter to Books
Despite financial troubles there’s a sense in which my childhood was immensely privileged” "” a pauper in the material world, I was a sultan in the world of ideas. " Erik Hoel I started by wanting to share that quote and link on my microblog and then my thoughts turned...
Mike Driscoll: Python 101 is Pay What You Want for 24 Hours
For the next 24 hours, Python 101 will be Pay What You Want, 3 minimum (usually 25). The second edition of Python 101 is completely rewritten from the ground up. In this book, you will learn the Python programming language and lots more. This book is split up into four sections: The Python...
Talk Python to Me: #311 Get inside the .git folder
These days Git is synonymous with source control itself. Rare are the current debates of whether to use git vs SVN vs some fossil like SourceSafe vs you name it. But do you know how Git works? What about it’s internals? I’m sure you’ve seen a .git folder in your project’s root. But to most folks,...
PyPy: PyPy v7.3.4: release of python 2.7 and 3.7
PyPy v7.3.4: release of python 2.7 and 3.7 The PyPy team is proud to release the version 7.3.4 of PyPy, which includes two different interpreters: PyPy2.7, which is an interpreter supporting the syntax and the features of Python 2.7 including the stdlib for CPython 2.7.18 (the is for...
Codementor: Online Job Support
Proxy job support provides the best job support for IT related works. We have a good ability and experts personality to complete our customer’s regular task. Our Online Job support team provide support on all the time zone. Our mission is to complete the job support queries from customers on...
18h52 07  avril
Mike Driscoll: Python’s with Statement and Context Managers
Python came out with a special new keyword several years ago in Python 2.5 that is known as the with statement. This new keyword allows a developer to create context managers. But wait What’s a context manager? They are handy constructs that allow you to set something up and tear...
PyCharm: PyCharm 2021.1 Is Out
Try our new out-of-the-box collaborative development tool, auto-import for module member completion, and enhanced WSL support. Download the new version We’ve added quite a lot of new functionality in this release. Let’s focus on the “editor picks” first, from the...
Real Python: The k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN) Algorithm in Python
In this tutorial, you’ll get a thorough introduction to the k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN) algorithm in Python. The kNN algorithm is one of the most famous machine learning algorithms and an absolute must-have in your machine learning toolbox. Python is the go-to programming language for machine...
Python for Beginners: Single Line and Multi Line Comments in Python
A comment is a piece of code that isn’t executed by the compiler or interpreter when the program is executed. Comments can only be read when we have access to the source code. Comments are used to explain the source code and to make the code more readable and understandable. In this article,...
Learn PyQt: Create applications with QtQuick " Build modern applications with declarative QML
In previous tutorials we’ve used the Qt Widgets API for building our applications. This has been the standard method for building applications since Qt was first developed. However, Qt provides another API for building user interfaces: Qt Quick. This is a modern mobile-focused API for app...
Python Insider: Python 3.10.0a7 is now available for testing
Brrrrr... do you feel that? That’s the chill of beta freeze coming closer. Meanwhile, your friendly CPython release team doesn’t rest even on holidays and we have prepared a shiny new release for you: Python 3.10.0a7.Get the new release here:https:
EuroPython: Presenting our EuroPython 2021 logo
Over the last couple of weeks, we have worked with our designer Jessica Pe a to come up with a logo which reflects both our desire to come together online during the pandemic and shows how well our community is interconnected around the world.Here’s our brand new logo for EuroPython 2021...
Abhijeet Pal: Creating Custom Model Validation In Django
In this tutorial, we will learn how to create custom model validators using Django. Understanding The Problem Django models come with their own built-in validations, that we put while creating ... Read more The post Creating Custom Model Validation In Django appeared first on Django Central.