Forbes : Rob Salkowitz
21h18 01  mars
San Diego Comic-Con Postpones 2021 Edition, Hopes For Smaller Event In Fall
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
SDCC says it is scratching its mega-event for the second straight summer due to Covid concerns but is working on a new in-person show for later in 2021.
18h07 26  février
The Market Sure Thinks Live Events Are Coming Back Strong
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
A bellweather in the events industry saw a 98 percent decline in its core business in 2020. Its stock price just hit an all-time high.
17h34 24  février
Spotify And DC Tease New Superhero Podcasts As War For Fans’ Ears Heats Up
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
Podcasters are banking on the appeal of superheroes like Batman and Superman to win over listeners in the hotly competitive market.
16h16 17  février
New ” Green Book’ Showcases Black Contributions To Today’s Comics Business
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
The Access Guide to the Black Comic Book Community offers a panoramic view of titles, publishers, events and retailers increasing BIPOC representation in comics.
18h04 05  février
Comic Art Market Still Healthy After A Year Of Covid
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
Artist and artists’ rep Sal Abbinanti says branding, wider exposure and outside money is helping comic art remain a strong investment.
16h30 03  février
What Netflix ” The Dig’ Gets Right And ” Slanderously’ Wrong About The Sutton Hoo Story
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
The host of the British History Podcast Jamie Jeffers points out how ’The Dig’ turned a story about a heroic feat of archeology into a melodrama dripping with falsehoods.
20h15 29  janvier
Jen Psaki’s Press Briefings Are Must-See TV
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
President Biden’s press secretary has one of the toughest jobs in a politically-polarized America, and so far, she’s been conducting a master class in media relations.
17h58 27  janvier
rdquo; Freiheit’ Tallies The High Cost Of Speaking Out Against Autocrac
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
On Holocaust Remembrance Day, a new graphic novel tells the true story of German students who spoke out against Nazism and paid the price.
19h58 21  janvier
New Stan Lee Bio ” True Believer’ Shatters The Myths Surrounding The Marvel Icon
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
Stan Lee was beloved by millions for his superhero stories, but the real story behind his long career was much more complicated.
21h52 15  janvier
Show Libraries For Recent CW Series Heading To HBO Max In New Deal
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
CBS agrees to let its shows on CW stream on HBO Max for the time being.
19h36 08  janvier
Here’s Why The Future Of Movie Theaters May Be Brighter Than It Looks
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
The cost of acquiring a chain of movie theaters has never been lower, and the cost of losing them has never been higher. But is anyone ready to step in?
16h44 31  décembre
The Expanse’s Cara Gee Adds A Unique Perspective To The Show’s Diverse Cast
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
Amazon Prime Video’s sci-fi epic finds intriguing ways of exploring parallels between its cast of strong women of color and current-day issues.
17h34 27  décembre
Here’s Hoping That In 2021, Super Villains Won’t Feel So Damned Relevant
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
For the last four years, movie supervillains like WW84’s Maxwell Lord have had a hard time keeping up with their real-life counterparts.
17h12 18  décembre
The Best Graphic Novels Of 2020
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
2020 was a great year for literary graphic novels. Here are some of the best across various genres and audiences.
16h03 16  décembre
rdquo; The Expanse’ Turns Its Characters’ Universe Upside Down For Its Penultimate Seaso
Rob Salkowitz, Senior Contributor
Great writing and adventurous, unexpected characterization push TV’s best-ever science fiction show to new heights in Season 5.