Cap’n’s Comics
20h57 25  février
No Way Back by Steve Ditko
Way   Nifty little sci-fi by Ditko, which makes me crave the Flash Gordon unpublished comic even more 
Bad Idea by Berni Wrightson
That pistol just does one shot, right?  I dinnae think the Frankenstein creation could be taken down even with better aim’n, anyhow.... 
14h50 24  février
Space Cowboy by Jim Steranko
From his O’Ryann’s Odyssey, I have no idea who this is, but it’s che cool 
00h46 23  février
Some Barry Smith Monsters
Fistful Of Wonder Woman Covers by Gil Kane
nbsp;Still curious why that last one dinnae really happen
23h01 21  février
The Thing Is.... by Jack Kirby
18h18 20  février
Coupla Barbaric Black’n Whites
Incredible Cover by Wally Wood
First saw this as a blurry ad in the pages of RBCC in 1971, and still think it’s the ultimate Wood fifty years later 
17h32 19  février
Coupla Tarzans by Neal Adams
nbsp;Not sure why Tarzan VS Knight dinnae make it onto the paperback covers.  Did Burroughs have a story with a knight in the jungle?  Anyhoo, dig both of these 
New Gods #1 Cover by Jack Kirby
This beautiful alternate (commission?) has been up a bunch before, and I think IDW used it, along with the original of NG #5, but I just dig it, and wanted to say again I only have one mint comic, and it’s New Gods #1.  Everything else is in Cap’n Condition (worn and wunnerful) 
Sons Of The Bear-God by Jeff Jones
Maybe my favorite trad’n card wrapper 
01h49 17  février
Nick Fury #4 Cover by Jim Steranko
Put the black’n white up in the wayback, but this one’s biggerbetterfasterstronger 
Some Berni Wrightson
23h54 16  février
The Shrouded Planet by Wally Wood
Oh, my heck   From 1957, and I just saw it today.  This makes me wonder what else I’ve missed, but it’s definitely fun to keep find’n out 
X-Men #205 by Barry Smith
23h09 15  février
Time Cop by Roy Krenkel
If this concept isnae a movie or series, it should be.  This is fifty years old, so all creative credit would go to RGK, methinks 
Coupla New Frank Frazetta
nbsp;Yeah, yeah, just new to me.  I’m assuming since they’re dated 1979 and 1983, they probly even got published somewhere, but I wasn’t around civilization (fandom) at the time, so no clue
Coupla Dream’n Cities by P. Craig Russell
Always say I’m so broke, I cannae pay attention, but still amazed at going years and years without notic’n this Elric Sandman connection 
Coupla Kirby Valentine’s
nbsp;The ice storm around here has me exhausted, so I’ve only put a few up this year, but the Jack Kirby Valentine to his wife Roz will always be my go-to on 2 14.  It was an incredible work of love
00h45 12  février
Last New Gods Cover by Jack Kirby
00h58 10  février
Hanover Fiste by Berni Wrightson
Coupla Cowboys by Gil Kane
nbsp;Lost the name of this masked man, but clue me in if you know. Anybody else watch’n Yellowstone? The mellenials turned me onto it a while back, and I been long in the saddle (#binge watch’n) for a while now. Best line ta me so far is: In this world, you’re either a shark or...
The Hulk by Neal Adams
Land Of Awful Shadow by Frank Frazetta
Pellucidar is perpetually lit by a central Sun, except for the Land of Awful Shadow, beneath the moon which orbits the central Sun. Said it before, but tis a shame we never got the two Canaveral books of Burrough’s Pellucidar that were penciled-in (pun intended) to have Frazetta illos and...
00h32 09  février
Jesse James by Wally Wood
Dunnae how I missed this one, but apparently I did   Look up Avon on here to see some great pre-EC by Wood, mainly all those inside front covers.  This one was under the cover of Jesse James Gang’s Prison Break #5