Muscle and Strength
13h03 23  octobre
Santi Aragon’s Program For Building Big Quads Pro Bodybuilder Workouts
Today, IFBB Pro and RYSE athlete, Santi Aragon, is taking you along on his leg day at Elev8tion Fitness to show you how to get big beefy quads. Full workout here: SANTI’S LEG WORKOUT Warm-Up Hip Abductors, Hip Adductors & Leg Extensions Exercise 1 Reverse Squat Machine Exercise 2 ...
13h00 21  octobre
Sadik Hadzovic Responds to Comments on His Muscle & Strength Videos
We sat down with IFBB Pro, Sadik Hadzovic, to answer some of the questions you all have left on our channel Sadik touches on comments from his pre-workout pickle, to how it’s difficult for him to find a suit that fits because of his boulder shoulders. Watch to see if he address your comment ...
13h00 16  octobre
Hunter Labrada’s Push Workout at Destination Dallas Full Program with Tips & Advice
IFBB Pro, Hunter Labrada, takes us through his typical push day, on his Push, Pull, Arm, Leg Split. Hunter approaches his training with this split to give more attention to training his back by increasing frequency in his upper body, and decreasing frequency in his lower body, where for him, does...
13h00 14  octobre
Sadik Hadzovic’s Bodybuilding Breakfast Not Egg Whites and Oatmeal
Join IFBB Pro, Sadik Hadzovic, in the kitchen this morning to see what’s cooking for breakfast Spoiler alert: It’s not Eggs & Oats this time. Watch to see the foods Sadik likes to use to fuel himself in the mornings before hitting the gym. Subscribe to Sadik’s channel: YouTube: https: www...
13h02 09  octobre
Pre-Workout Meal ’ Chest Workout with Santi & Pastor Pump Eat & Train
NEW SERIES - Eat & Train. We look at the pre post workout nutrition plus workouts with pro athletes. Stay tuned for more from this series IFBB Pro, Santi Aragon and trainer, Carlos Rodriguez, walk us through one of Santi’s chest and tricep routines. For this workout, they will be taking us...
13h00 07  octobre
Hunter Labrada Cooks Perfect Wagyu Steak What Bodybuilders Eat For Dinner
Join IFBB Pro and GASP athlete, Hunter Labrada, in the kitchen for dinner as he preps what has been a staple in his offseason diet, filets. And for this occasion, not just any fillets... Wagyu fillets Watch to see Hunter’s secret recipe when it comes to making the perfect steak . Disclaimer...
13h00 02  octobre
Chris Bumstead & Iain Valliere The Workout We Use to Grow Arms ’
IFBB Pro’s Chris Bumstead & Iain Valliere show us the workout they use to make their arms grow. Chris sees his arms as a bit of a weak point in his physique so he’s training with the big man to try and pack on some size Tell us what you think in the comments below... CBUM & IAIN’S ARM...
13h00 30  septembre
Chris Bumstead’s Story The Journey to Classic Physique Mr. Olympia
IFBB Pro, Chris Bumstead, gives us all the details of his personal journey to becoming Mr. Olympia. Chris goes into depth about what the year of 2019 looked like for him, between the brutal prepping for Mr. O, and even running into a health complication along the way. Watch to learn more about his...
13h00 25  septembre
What Bodybuilders Keep in the Kitchen Pantry & Fridge Tour w Santi Aragon
IFBB Pro, Santi Aragon, aka The Cuban Missile is BACK on the channel, and this time, he’s giving us a full tour of his pantry and fridge. Watch to learn more about all the different types of foods that fuel Santi’s lifestyle. Hint: It’s more than just Gerber... Kinda... Santi uses RYSE supps...
13h00 23  septembre
Full Day of Eating on Prep - 8 Weeks Out Keone Pearson 4170 Calories
IFBB Pro 212, Keone Pearson, is back on the channel for his first Full Day of Eating Keone will be showing us what a day of eating looks like just 8 weeks out from the Chicago Pro. Watch to see the full breakdown of all 6 of his meals during prep. Follow Keone: IG: https:
13h00 18  septembre
Keone Pearson’s Heavy Back Building Routine Back Workout Motivation
What’s a back day without yelling, cussing, high intensity, heavy weight throwing, and the occasional shit talking yourself? We caught up with IFBB Pro, Keone Pearson, in Atlanta, GA just 8 weeks out from his 212 debut at the Chicago Pro. Watch to see how Keone likes to train for a thicker,...
13h00 16  septembre
Epic Gym Tours Destination Dallas Dallas, TX, USA
This is the first video in a brand new series call Epic Gym Tours In this series we travel to some of the most iconic gyms in the world where some of the best bodybuilders train and hangout. To kick things off we traveled to Dallas, TX to check out Destination Dallas. This gym is a local mecca...
13h03 11  septembre
Sadik Hadzovic’s 9 Set Shoulders & Arms Blasting Routine Pro Bodybuilder Workouts
IFBB Pro, Sadik Hadzovic, shows us what training arms and shoulders looks like while on a 3-day split. Sadik takes us through 9 different exercises he likes to use to get a nice pump and add mass when targeting delts, biceps, and triceps. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments...
13h00 09  septembre
Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders Keone Pearson’s Essentials on Prep
IFBB Pro, Keone Pearson, takes us along his weekly trip to the grocery store and breaks down the different food sources he uses to properly fuel his body while being on prep. Follow Keone: IG: https: keone prodigy YT: https: channel UComVD78SrGGwWelskSXiE w ...
13h00 04  septembre
Logan Franklin’s Ultimate Failure Calf Routine Pro Bodybuilder Workouts
You gotta take your calves to ultimate failure In this pro workouts video IFBB Pro and MHP athlete, Logan Franklin, shares some tips and exercises on how to train for big, bulging calves. Try it for yourself, and let us know what you think Logan uses MHP Supps: https: