14h55 21  février
Chessentials Chess Quiz #2
Questions Great Female Players Question 1 Today is Valentine’s Day and is there a better way to celebrate the occasion but by giving spotlight to chess players that are often not given the credit they deserve - (great) female chess players. In that context, it is virtually impossible to have...
18h34 17  janvier
Chessentials Chess Quiz #1
Introduction Back in my student days, I used to be a big fan of pub quizzes. Every Friday, I would go to a nearby cinema where a weekly pub quiz competition was organized. Eventually, I gave it up and took up some other hobbies. But in the meantime, my love for the concept definitely remained and...
00h34 04  janvier
Best Chessable Courses 2020
INTRODUCTION In 2019, I wrote my first yearly wrap-up of the best chess books I have read, with the hope that it will become an annual tradition. I was, fortunately, able to write the 2nd iteration in the series this year, as well, and am planning to continue doing so in the future. However, in...
17h23 02  janvier
Best Chess Books 2020
This post is an annual “chess-book-I-have-read” recap, featuring a list of my favourite books I have read in 2020. You can check the best chess books I read in 2019 here. Introduction 2020 has been a very strange year in many regards. The global pandemic has affected multiple aspects...
12h46 23  décembre
Chess Player, Youtuber, Vast Knowledge Seeker: Agadmator Interview
Note: The cover photo for this interview was made by an amazingly talented artist, musician and chess enthusiast Adam Genesis. You can follow him on Twitter or go to his Youtube and check out the amazing things he has been doing Note 2: Other photos used in the interview were supplied by Antonio...
16h32 29  novembre
Chess Author, Player, Manager: Maaike Keetman Interview
Introduction WFM Maaike Keetman is a Dutch chess player who was a part of the Dutch Female National Team at the Baku Chess Olympiad in 2016. Outside of the Dutch chess circles, she is probably better known as Chessable’s employee as during her two-year reign in this company she supervised,...