17h04 20  juillet
A chat with Ben Johnson: The man behind the Perpetual Chess Podcast
Shubham Kumthekar
The popularity of podcasts is at an all-time high. Certainly, they meet the demands of today’s fast-paced and competitive world. Whether you are commuting, doing household chores, or maybe even working, podcasts are a great way to learn more about a plethora of topics without having to find...
18h34 23  juin
One-to-one with Swapnil Dhopade: Petroff, Chess Coaching, Team Events, and more
Shubham Kumthekar
He became India’s 40th Grandmaster in the year 2015. Very soon, he started working as a coach with ambitious Indian players and produced stunning results his first student Raunak Sadhwani went on to become a Grandmaster at the tender age of 13 He trained other Indian talents too, particularly IM...
22h32 11  juin
Agadmator: Be consistent and make content that you enjoy yourself
Shubham Kumthekar
He is the most followed Chess YouTuber around. He is a household name in the chess world and has published more than 2000 videos so far. But most importantly, he has kindled a love for chess in the hearts of the people by sharing his own love for the game and taking his viewers over & Continue...
19h16 25  mai
Anish Giri: I enjoy engaging with my colleagues and chess fans and sharing my passion for the game
Shubham Kumthekar
Over the years, Anish Giri has thoroughly established himself as an elite chess player. At the age of 25, he has already been a two-time candidate to the world title and is currently ranked #10 in the world. Alongside this, he is known as a witty and vocal individual and is understandably quite...
22h24 26  avril
Tete-a-tete with Daniel King: Sultan Khan, King’s Gambit, and more
Shubham Kumthekar
Grandmaster Daniel King is an incredibly famous figure in chess circles. A commentator, presenter, author, and coach he dons a number of hats and excels with each of them. Recently, he wrote the book titled Sultan Khan: The Indian Servant Who Became Chess Champion of the British Empire’. He also...
21h50 31  mars
Arianne Caoili: In Memoriam
Shubham Kumthekar
2020 has been a forgettable year so far. The first three months witnessed the Australian bushfires, Kobe Bryant’s demise, and the COVID 19 pandemic, just to name a few. For the chess world, it all started with GM Bogdanovich passing away, followed by Radjabov’s withdrawal from the Candidates and...
16h25 05  février
I wanted to defeat Bobby GM Anatoly Karpov Interview
A candid interview with former World Champion Anatoly Karpov. The Russian GM shares stories and reflections on his chess career with Tania Sachdev.
21h25 02  juillet
Samuel Shankland: My recent jump is most probably the result of years of hard work paying off
Shubham Kumthekar
Winning the US Championship ahead of Caruana, Nakamura and Wesley So is a fantastic achievement in itself. But when this feat is followed by a dominant triumph at the Capablanca Memorial and a crucial victory at the American Continental within a space of two months, any number of adjectives fall...
20h49 15  juin
Narayanan Srinath: What makes the Kolkata Open victory more special is that it was an Indian tournament with eight Indian opponents
Shubham Kumthekar
It is not every time that 27 Grandmasters grace an open tournament in India. However, such was the case at the very well organized 2018 Kolkata Open, which also saw the participation of the great Nigel Short. At the end of nine rounds, GM Narayanan Srinath, who started the tournament as the 14th...
15h15 08  mars
International Women’s Day: An interview with Aruna Anand
Shubham Kumthekar
The name of Aruna Anand is taken in chess circles with a sense of admiration. Having been Vishy Anand’s manager, support-system and a guiding light, apart from being his life-partner of course, Aruna has had a lion’s share in the sparkling career of the Madras Tiger. By playing multiple roles and...