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15h53 05  mars
So I got into dabbling with the Oric again. I am working with BASIC. Once I master it, then I will attempt to work with assembly. But for now, I made it play a little song on the title screen. I also made it so pressing a key stops the program. I think I can get the handle of drawing a sprite by...
Genesis Does Curse, curse, CURRRRSE
I curse you, I curse you No Grimble No curses
04h21 04  mars
Smaller bee
I worked some more on the minigame and the bee moving code. Before I had it the bee moved every frame, but now it only changes direction when the fly does. Also, I made it so the bee flaps his wings better. There are two ways a game can end in the minigame: touch a bee, or make the fly swatting...
Big bee
Today I spent some time working on the minigame portion of Frank the Fruit Fly for the Pokemon Mini. I think this will be my first full-fledged game NOT to get a cartridge release. There’s just too few Pokemon Mini cartridges out there apparently. Someone told me it wouldn’t be cost efficient to...
Gai Flame (Guy Frame?) on The PC Engine Files
Hamburgers VB update
So I had to go to the doctor’s office today at 8 a.m. I stayed up until 4 a.m. Got a couple hours of sleep and then woke up at 6 a.m. Got there at 7:40 a.m. The check-in lady was asking me a bunch of questions I had no idea what to answer. Went and got a blood test. Right hand yielded nothing, but...
NBA 2K13 with H to the Izzo on RHA
Fo’ shizzle my nizzle used to dribble down in V-A.
02h05 01  mars
https: is a resource for TI-99 line of computers that I created a little while back. There is over 8gb of software and documentation for the TI-99 computers. It took me several months to get it to this point and I’m always adding more to the website. Here is the list...
After a long time of procrastination I have finally got around to updating the Mille Borne for the TI-99 in Extended BASIC. I have added some sound effects, some voice CALL SAY( UHOH ), sped up parts of the program and cleaned up some minor bugs that had been long standing. This is ’probably’ the...
07h28 28  février
Every Conner The Waffle intro ever
Comical comics
I haven’t posted anything to my webcomic for the past 9 days. This is due to the power outage I had for 6 days earlier this month. Not only could I not scan anything, I couldn’t think of anything. I was too depressed to because there was no electricity. Well, once I got my electricity back, I...
Good and bad news
First the bad news. I was eating some nachos when I started choking on them. I tried drinking some water but it wouldn’t go down my esophagus. So I stuck my finger down my throat and a few coughs later, this red glob plopped in the toilet. I have no idea what it was. I don’t remember eating...
346 - Chase the Chuckwago
So I’m inching ever closer to #350. Today I got Chase the Chuckwagon in the mail. And what a surprise, it actually works But in order to start the game, you have to press the game select switch like it was the reset switch. So there’s this cute little dog in a maze with one obstacle bouncing...
Tiger Quiz Wiz update
Not much happening. I went on eBay and there were several pages filled with overpriced ones. Someone was selling one on Soap Operas for only 1.00 Too bad I already had it. So my collection is stalled. I worked on my cartridge, after about a month of not working on it. I now have 204 questions for...
00h10 25  février
Nosehair Happenings
So I worked a little bit on Uncle Hairy’s Nosehair. Three things I did. I made the highest speed the nosehair can grow faster. I changed the shape of the nostril. Just to see if I could. And I could. And it looks good to me. I found the title screen music to be quite hideous sounding. So I made a...
23h55 24  février
Skweek on The PC Engine Files
It’s a 2D QBert style game and not too shabby
05h26 23  février
Croods, dude Retro Hunting Adventures
Lemon aid.
I got help with how to correctly save your progress through the game. It now saves three things: level you are on number of lemons you’ve got so far your health %age. Now I can continue on level making. This after I got rid of a bunch of excess code. This freed up an amazing 4 kb ( ) of space to...
On the NTSC Atari 600XL the only video output is RF and the picture quality is really not very good, at all, not in the least, bad. So I thought maybe, if I want to use this 600XL for anything more than a prop, I might want to replace the video with something better. After looking around I chose...
Life handed me lemons.
Okay. I got this far with the Count’s Castle game before I figured not many people would be interested in it, so I’m dropping it. And my Count looks like Mr. Turniphead. Besides, I have other things to work on, like that lemon game I started a few years ago and never finished. Figuring out how to...
Bubsy 3 No More Mr. Nice Guy documentary
I finally made a documentary video about this obscure game project. I hope you like it ð
Sound chip, video circuitry, and more address decoding: 6502 computer part 2
I had a theoretically working computer by the end of the last entry. It could input and output binary data to and from RAM, ROM, a 65C22, and some LEDs. I was heavily considering a form of video output and keyboard input, and settled on using the Motorola MC6847 for the former, and was undecided...
Count’s Castle: Correct
So I finally got the right amount of bats on the screen: There are five bats on the screen, and the number of bats is five. But I hit a roadblock: A weird bug. When I reset the game 39 times, the bats quit flapping. On the 40th reset, the bats disappeared. I have NO idea what caused that to happen,...