Maxime Vachier-Lagrave : english
10h03 05  février
Sharp drop&
I arrived in Wijk aan zee ten days before the start of the Tata Steel tournament in order to respect the quarantine period before the tournament started. Most of the players preferred to have this quarantine time during the tournament, but I thought it wasn’t necessarily a bad idea to acclimatise...
10h25 08  janvier
Fresh air?
Not mine, of course, but the one in my home the air in my Parisian flat. Indeed, the sponsor of the second Champions Chess Tour tournament was the company Airthings, which specialises in air analysis. As a result, all the participants received a small box that allowed the commentators to give a...
22h00 18  décembre
Carlsen, made it; Naka, broke it
As every year, the platform organised its Speed Chess Championship in November-December, and the big novelty in 2020 was obviously the return of Carlsen, after several years of absence. 16 players, knockout format, each match consisting of a duel of increasingly faster games: 90...
12h24 05  décembre
Here we go again
Magnus Carlsen always thinks big. After the Carlsen Tour born out of the pandemic, he and his associates have decided to go for it again with a new online circuit, the Champions Tour. This time it will be spread over almost a year and will consist of 10 tournaments in a unique nine-day format. The...
09h01 02  octobre
Back on board
For me, the start of the new school year in September was marked by a succession of three tournaments. The first and the third would not deviate from what has become the new standard for the last six months, and were obviously held online. SAINT-LOUIS SHOWDOWN The Saint-Louis Showdown, from 11 to...
12h26 04  septembre
Summer on a gentle slope
After my elimination in the preliminary phase of the Online Masters on 22 June, my summer horizon had suddenly widened considerably ï . I was able to alternate rest and training periods during the two months of July and August; of course, always aiming at the resumption of the Candidates...
08h32 03  juillet
A pretty bad quarter
Unfortunately, the Chessable Masters, third tournament of the online Carlsen Tour , didn’t end any better than the first one in which I had participated. Knocked out in the group phase, I had the confirmation that playing online at the same level as on the board was a real challenge for me ....
13h37 15  juin
My first steps at CLUTCH CHESS
The American organizers were kind enough to invite me for their first Clutch Chess International , an 8-player knockout format in the form of 12 Rapid games (10 5) played over two days. The novelty of the clutch is to give an extra value to the last games of each playing session; games 5 and...
16h28 16  mai
Online, it’s also ok
With the pandemic’s installation in the long term, the world of chess has gone online. Tournaments abound and the activity is more and more intense, for top players as well as for amateurs all over the world.In the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to play two onlinecompetitions in a row,...
12h51 27  avril
Confined but active
Like much of the world’s population, I found myself contained to my home due to the coronavirus directly after the Candidates’ tournament ended prematurely. The only world-class sports competition to resist the epidemic, the Candidates’ Tournament was the subject of a two-page report in the sports...