WAKO : Canada - World Association of Kickboxing Organisations
21h25 29  décembre
2020 Calendar
WAKO Canada is excited to unveil next years Calendar The 2020 Year is going to be amazing WAKO Canada is again hosting our regular Tournaments: WAKO National Championship Ring Sports Kick Light (Niagara Falls) WAKO National Championship Tatami Sports (Quebec) Development Tournament Series ...
21h05 30  avril
Provincial Sport Organizations
Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) are not-for profit organizations formally recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport as the governing body of a particular amateur sport. The primary function of a PSO is the development of athletes, coaches and officials. Recognized PSOs play an...
20h57 30  avril
WAKO Canada proudly offers many certification programs which have been recognized world wide by the International Sport Federation. Through our certification programs we teach the highest safety standards which are monitored throughout all programs and events delivered by our organization. Our goal...
20h06 30  avril
2019 Calendar
WAKO Canada is excited to announce a very active year for both competitions and club development events. We have added three Development Tournaments again this year; Frosty Friends, Summer Smash and Halloween Howl. These tournaments provide opportunities for new competitors as well extra...
02h28 09  février
National Team Athlete Selection
maz nawaz
Dear Coaches, Athletes and Parents, WAKO Canada has begun our National Team Athlete Selection Process. In 2018 there are a number of international competitions both in Canada and overseas. To have a open, fair and transparent selection process the WAKO Board has selected the following protocols...
19h52 05  février
National Team Coaching Selection
maz nawaz
Dear Club Owners Coaches, WAKO Canada is always providing opportunities for our coaches to develop their skills and experiences in both domestic and international events. We will be selecting National Team coaches to accompany the Canadian National Team to a number of international and national...
01h07 11  janvier
05h21 04  janvier
WAKO World Champion Chuck McCarthy
maz nawaz
Chuck McCarthy joined his club with WAKO Canada only a few years ago and in a short time he has taken the International WAKO World by storm. In two years our Newfoundland native has medalled at the 2016 WAKO PANAMs in Mexico and the 2017 WAKO World Championship in Hungary. His accomplishments in...
20h18 02  janvier
Vic Provost the calm in every storm
maz nawaz
At any WAKO Canada competition the Officials table is a frenzy of activity. Fast action bouts are closely observed; critical paperwork is completed; medical staff monitor athlete safety; officials are tracking corners and ensure rules are followed. You can also add the stress of fans being vocal...
19h37 02  janvier
Sensi Billy builds a new generation
maz nawaz
Martial Arts clubs and kickboxing gyms are often known by their stars athletes most of which are adults. Billy Strumenikovski from Legends MMA of Brampton is changing that image. While his club has many highly talented adults the greatest strength of Legends is Billy’s army of youngsters At any...