Feld Thoughts
15h31 03  mars
The 15 Second Commute
At 7:52, I was upstairs having coffee with Amy. It’s a new routine that we started at the beginning of Covid. Every morning we have coffee together. Long-time readers of this blog or our book Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur will recognize this as...
17h21 02  mars
Movie: My Octopus Teacher
After my blog post Book: The Soul of an Octopus I received a flurry of emails telling me I needed to watch the movie My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. I watched it last night and it was beautiful. I’m fascinated by which blog posts generate email responses. Sometimes is zero. Sometimes it is a...
19h10 28  février
Book: The Soul of an Octopus
My favorite animal is a polar bear. For some reason, I have always related to polar bears. When I’m reincarnated, I hope I come back as a polar bear. I’ve always like octopuses but never thought much about why. After reading Sy Montgomery’s incredible book The Soul of an Octopus...
16h17 25  février
What Is Your Worldview?
Brad Feld
Amy and I have coffee for about 30 minutes every morning. It’s been one of the wonderful positive side effects of the Covid crisis. Some days we land on a topic. Other days we don’t. Today, after a few minutes, the question “What is your worldview?” popped up, and we bashed...
17h25 24  février
Boulder Chamber Memberships for Black-Owned Businesses
Brad Feld
Amy and I just underwrote one-year memberships to the Boulder Chamber of Commerce for 62 Black-owned businesses in Boulder. Last summer, Aaron Clark started putting together a list of Black-owned Businesses in Boulder. The current list is at 62. A few weeks ago, John Tayer at the Boulder Chamber...
16h12 22  février
WindowSwap – Travel Around The World From Home
Brad Feld
The only time I go outside right now is to go running. I had an awesome run in the dark at 5:30am today in 10 degrees. There were only two cars that passed me and one person near the end of my run walking his dog. As Amy and I sit in our office in Aspen and grind away, we are blessed with a magical...
17h32 19  février
Finding Meaning
Brad Feld
A few minutes ago, Amy sent me this to ponder as we head into the weekend after an intense week. Find meaning. Distinguish melancholy from sadness. Go out for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a romantic walk in the park, spring at its most spectacular moment, flowers and smells and outstanding...
18h58 16  février
Book: The 80 80 Marriage
Brad Feld
I haven’t been posting about my reading lately. While I continue to read at my typical pace, I think I was a little tired of writing book reports, but that has passed. Last night I read The 80 80 Marriage: A New Model for a Happier, Stronger Relationship. Kaley and Nate Klemp have written an...
19h46 12  février
Venture Deals Online Course - Spring 2021 Edition
Brad Feld
We are running the Venture Deals Online Course from March 7, 2021 – April 30, 2021. We’ve moved the Venture Deals Community from Slack to Mighty Networks where we have much more functionality and flexibility. Once again, we’ll do a weekly AMA with a variety of people participating...
15h27 10  février
Dealing with Reality in Business
Brad Feld
I used to love the Matrix’s Red Pill Blue Pill metaphor and still use it occasionally to try to make a point around dealing with reality in an entrepreneurial context. Several years ago, I became deeply bummed out about how this metaphor was being used in politics and gender equity...