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Sunday Daily Thread: What’s everyone working on this week?
Tell r python what you're working on this week You can be bragging, grousing, sharing your passion, or explaining your pain. Talk about your current project or your pet project; whatever you want to share.   submitted by   u Im Joseph [link]   [comments]
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Monday Daily Thread: Project ideas
Comment any project ideas beginner or advanced in this thread for others to give a try If you complete one make sure to reply to the comment with how you found it and attach some source code   submitted by   u Im Joseph [link]   [comments]
I’m giving away my book on writing beautiful Python for free to celebrate its alpha release
TL;DR Here's the coupon: https: pydonts c hPb4Y6M9Otf0. When 2021 started, I started publishing a weekly series on my blog on how to write more Pythonic code. This “Pydont's” series is, and will always be, available for free on my blog for everyone to read...
22h11 11  avril
First Ever Project: Day of the Week Calculator
Hi everyone, I am brand new to Python and just finished my first project. The user inputs a date, and the program displays what day of the week it was, if it was a holiday, and what astrological sign that date was. If you have any suggestions, please let me know I'd love some feedback or...
The perfect script structure... Where do you write the main() function?
Well, I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to write one-file Python programs in terms of structure. For the purpose of this post I will focus only in the use of the main() function. Most people out there will write their one-file program this way: # ...imports, globals, constats......
03h11 12  avril
Financial Question Answering System, Production-Ready
Built this production-ready python project - a bot to answer financial questions GitHub Repo Demo Screenshot Tech stack Jina PyTorch Hugging Face transformers It is an adaptation of a passage reranking approach by first retrieving the top-50 candidate answers, then reranking the candidate answers...
16h16 11  avril
There are so many ways to return response in Flask. Which one is your preferred way?
Today, when I look at a legacy Python code, I notice these are the ways Flask is returning response in JSON. return Response(json result, mimetype 'application json') return Response(" ", status 500, mimetype 'application json') However, when I...
Momentum Football Bets Terminal App
https: DidierRLopes momentum-football-bets Output sample of program This Easter, I spoke with my girlfriend’s father and there were several football matches happening that weekend, he started talking about betting on some of those matches. He carried on to explain me his betting...
Automate Excel spreadsheet using win32com (pywin32)
Unfortunately win32com (or pywin32) library is only available on Windows. I know there are many Python libraries (xlsxwriter, pandas, xlwings (also based on win32com as the core library)) out there allow you to interact with Excel spreadsheet, but after working as an Excel Office application...
Daily Python3 recipes for beginners
I would like to share with you a series of Python3 recipes that I have recently started publishing. I hope it is of your interest and it can be very useful to you. https: R9unPviiPSw   submitted by   u anadalg [link]   [comments]
I just made my first program with a GUI.
I used Tkinter to make a whatsapp spammer, it kinda works it does what it is supposed to, but there is a problem with the loop that causes the window to freeze, i plan on making the 6.0 version using PYqt6 but im kinda worried because i don't know C , i will jump into making a 6.0 instead...
03h41 12  avril
I was finally brave enough to create channel to teach Python as a vtuber
Hello everyone, in this channel i'll be teaching topics regarding python programming, data analytics and statistics. I was feeling a little down since i keep getting rejected in Data Analytics graduate programs. That is the reason why i decided to start learning by my own and sharing my...
19h39 11  avril
Scripting machine vision and astronomical cameras in Python
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13h37 10  avril
I wrote my first python flask web app ð Mood-based playlist generator and analyzer (Spotify).
It has begun as a small Spotify api testing thing. I have tried to figure out how these api http requests work and decided to go for the sportify api. Which, I have to say isn’t very beginner friendly. However, after roughly 6 months of working on it, I finally did it and I released a working...
23h27 11  avril
Creating a Crypto Price Alert Bot on Telegram
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What do you think of using a list with two-item tuples instead of a dictionary?
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22h13 10  avril
I made a shoot-em-up in one week with python and pygame
amp;#x200B; https: rvtwuwjr6fs61.png?width 1920&format png&auto webp&s 457872993ba7789d2315e4709eaf508f0c44a274 I made this game for the Pygame Community Easter game jam, in under one week. It was a very fun project and I would 100% do it again I made all...
14h18 11  avril
How to build a newsletter using Python and FastAPI
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Showcase: DigiDeck - Using Python to locally serve a soundboard application to add some sound flair to your Live Streams
Hey I created a small webapp soundboard tool intended for live streamers, I've called it DigiDeck. It's supposed to be a kind of free digital alternative to hardware like a Streamdeck utilizing your phone or a tablet to allow you to play sounds on your PC that can be heard in your...
Partner Up for Learning
Hello everyone, hope you doing well. I just wanted to share the discord server for the people who search for learning partners. You can join the server to find a partner for learning different programming languages or any topics you are interested in. Here is the link for the server: ​...
Complete PyTest Tutorial Selenium Tutorial using Python, PyTest and Pylenium
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hypertag HTML templates with Python-like concise syntax, code reuse & modularity. The Pythonic way to web templating.
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easy:notify - An Easy-to-use application to send notifications to your phone
Hello I'm happy to finally show what I've done in the past weeks: easy:notify is an open-source project which is based on Flask and Kivy to send yourself notifications to an android phone via a python program. I had this idea when I needed to notify myself when my program finished...
I found a super cool API called Newscatcher that scrapes articles from major news agencies by topic, country, and or language. I’ve used a simple Google search and the Google Custom Search API before, but I’d like something that doesn’t rely on Google for my digital assistant. Enjoy
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12h57 11  avril
I made a direct download link convertor (I Named It InstantLink)
here is how to use it: you need to upload the file you want a direct download for to Google drive right click on the file then set the visibility to public press copy link now insert into program and press convert now copy the link and send to whoever you want Source Code: https:
Object-Oriented Programming with Python
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Learn Python for Data Science and Machine Learning
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