JetBrains : PyCharm
14h07 07  avril
PyCharm 2021.1 Is Out
Valeria Letusheva
Try our new out-of-the-box collaborative development tool, auto-import for module member completion, and enhanced WSL support. Download the new version We’ve added quite a lot of new functionality in this release. Let’s focus on the “editor picks” first, from the PyCharm...
20h54 01  avril
PyCharm 2021.1 Release Candidate Is Here
Valeria Letusheva
The release candidate for PyCharm 2021.1 is ready for you to spot-check before we roll out the final release. DOWNLOAD PYCHARM 2021.1 RC Note that unlike previous EAP builds, this one requires you to have an active PyCharm license. Here are the main bug fixes included in the release candidate...
17h07 29  mars
The Past, Present and Future with Andrey
Nafiul Islam
Sometime last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Andrey Vlasovskikh and discuss where PyCharm is now, and where it plans to go into the future; trying to understand how we got here along the way. We discussed everything from how Andrey got started with Python in the first place, and how...
17h29 26  mars
PyCharm 2021.1 EAP 5 is Out
Valeria Letusheva
We’ve addressed a long list of issues in this bug-fix release. Here’s just a few of the major fixes: UX: The IDE no longer gets stuck when you cancel the process of opening (starting up) a project. [IDEA-239130] Search Everywhere: The search now works without you having to clear the...
15h53 24  mars
Python Web Conference. Day 2 Recap
Valeria Letusheva
That was a lot of content And networking The PyData track provided a nice example of a live coding session about Data Lakes and Streams from Justin Garrison, as well as a fascinating talk on Deploying ML solutions with low latency by Aditya Lohia, who covered some nice applications of video...
17h03 23  mars
Python Web Conference. Day 1 Recap
Valeria Letusheva
Today was the first Python Web Conference day, the tutorial day, with 5 simultaneous presentations. Thanks to the event platform (Loudswarm) and the organizers, we are able to watch recordings almost immediately after the session ended. I was lucky to see two tutorials, on AWS automation and Python...
14h31 18  mars
Meet the PyCharm Team at Python Web Conference Next Week
Valeria Letusheva
Pssst. We know a place where 48 international experts are gathering together to talk about Django, Flask, Pyramid, containers, REST APIs, and other topics that every web developer will want to know more about. It’s the Python Web Conference, which is taking place next week starting on March...
17h24 17  mars
PyCharm 2020.3.4 Is Out
Valeria Letusheva
This release is dedicated to fixing bugs and enhancing performance. We are also working on implementing the concept of trusted projects, which is designed to mitigate the risks associated with opening projects from unknown and untrusted sources. You can upgrade to v2020.3.4 with the Toolbox App, or...
15h15 10  mars
Interactive Visualizations in PyCharm and Datalore
Alena Guzharina
The Lets-Plot library is an open-sourced interactive plotting library developed by JetBrains for Python and Kotlin. Its architecture was inspired by the ggplot library for the R language, and is built with layered graphic principles in mind. But what sets Lets-Plot apart from the well-known...
12h05 09  mars
PyCharm 2021.1 EAP 4: WSL 2 Support and Faster Indexing
Valeria Letusheva
This EAP build brings several nice additions to WSL 2 support, makes indexing faster, and introduces a GitHub pull request template. As usual, please read the blog post, try out the new features, and let us know if you encounter any problems. We encourage you to join the program to try out the new...
10h37 03  mars
PyCharm and AWS Toolkit Tutorial
Valeria Letusheva
Cloud development with Python is a hot topic right now. Amazon recently started shipping their AWS Toolkit for PyCharm, and we already have a tutorial on it from Mukul Mantosh in the PyCharm Guide. Calvin Hendryx-Parker is a familiar guest on our PyCharm webinars, and he is an expert when it comes...
15h36 01  mars
Developing Flask Apps on Google Cloud
Valeria Letusheva
We just had a webinar with Abby Carey from Google, where we discussed deploying Flask applications on GCP, using all the differerent services that it gives you. In the webinar, Abby covered: Using Cloud Code (A PyCharm plugin) that can be used to create new projects with a Flask or a Django...
18h27 26  février
PyCharm and WSL
Nafiul Islam
Over the past few months, I’ve been monitoring a ticket closely. Over the course of two years, the ticket has accrued over 130 votes. It’s the one about WSL support in PyCharm, and by extension, the rest of the JetBrains IDEs. When I say it’s “the one”, it’s...
16h31 22  février
PyCharm AWS Tutorial: An Interview with Mukul Mantosh
Valeria Letusheva
We’ve been talking about PyCharm and popular cloud platforms recently. The AWS Toolkit for IntelliJ is a plugin that works with PyCharm and our other IDEs. How do you use it? How do you use AWS? Mukul Mantosh produced a 10-part video text code tutorial Deploying Serverless APIs using AWS...
17h53 19  février
PyCharm 2021.1 EAP 3: Enhancements for Code Insight, Tool Window for Python Packages, Improved WSL Experience
Valeria Letusheva
As usual, please read the blog post, try out the new features, and let us know if you encounter any problems. We encourage you to join the program to try out the new and improved features. By testing these updates and giving us feedback, you can help us make PyCharm better for you. As always, ...
11h28 15  février
Join the Webinar: Developing Flask Apps on Google Cloud
Valeria Letusheva
Google Cloud Platform provides a broad range of tools that allow developers to deploy almost any kind of application. Abby Carey, a developer advocate for Cloud Code in Google, is joining Nafiul Islam on February 24 to talk about how to make use of Google Cloud Platform for building a Flask...
19h20 05  février
PyCharm 2021.1 EAP 2: Auto-import for DS Libraries, Support for JSON Lines, and More
Valeria Letusheva
The second release of the PyCharm 2021.1 EAP introduces new features for working with remote hosts via SSH, improved support for Python data science libraries, some nice UI changes, and helpful new features for web development and working with databases. As usual, please read the blog post, try out...
18h07 29  janvier
The Transition to Apple Silicon
Nafiul Islam
In June of last year, Apple announced that the Mac would transition to Apple’s own chips, called Apple Silicon. Here at PyCharm, this would mean major changes to the way we build our software. A change of this magnitude has not happened since the move from PowerPC to Intel’s x86...
19h27 28  janvier
PyCharm 2021.1 EAP starts now
Valeria Letusheva
We are starting our new Early Access Program (EAP) for PyCharm 2021.1. You can now try the pre-release build of the upcoming v2021.1. It delivers enhanced support for Cython as well as UI and usability updates. In short, our EAP allows anyone to try out the features we are implementing. Follow this...
17h08 27  janvier
PyCharm 2020.3.3 Is Available
Valeria Letusheva
The bug-fix release for PyCharm 2020.3 is out. You can upgrade to v2020.3.3 with the Toolbox App, or right from the IDE, or by using snap if you are an Ubuntu user. It is also available for download from our website. Here are the most notable fixes introduced in v2020.3.3: It is now possible to ...