Anvil Works
00h00 29  mars
Surviving Quarantine with a Slack Bot and Board Games
We built a Slack bot to beat the pandemic boredom by scheduling virtual board games with our co-workers Learn how to use Anvil and Slack’s API to build an interactive app that collects interest, schedules games with your team, and announces victories.
00h00 25  mars
Using Daily's video chat API with Anvil
Learn how to use Daily’s API to add video calls to your app with just a few lines of code.
00h00 15  mars
Collect Segment Data from Anvil Pure-Python Web Apps
Want to collect customer interaction data from your web apps? You don’t need to be a multi-framework JS guru See how to use Segment’s customer data platform to collect customer interaction data from your web apps, and send it anywhere - all using nothing but Python.
00h00 01  mars
Control the Rainbow HAT from the web
Make a web app that controls your Raspberry Pi All you’ll need is Python. Pimoroni’s Rainbow HAT lets you display text, lights and sound on your Raspberry Pi. I’ll show you how to write a Python program to control it from a web page, using Anvil.
00h00 26  février
Getting Photos from Mars with Python
Get images from space, with NASA’s API Everyone’s waiting on the next photos from Perseverance, NASA’s latest Mars rover. I’ll show you how to use NASA’s API to get the latest images, as soon as they arrive - and send them straight to your inbox
00h00 23  février
A Lazy Loading Module
Here’s a Python challenge: I’ve got data. I use in many places. I only want to load it once. And I don’t want to load it until I need it. How can I make that slick? Well, since Python 3.7, modules can have a getattr function Let’s create a module with...
00h00 01  février
12 Reasons to Use Python for Front-End Web Development
What would web development look like if it were 100% Python - even the front end? A lot better, that’s what Here are 12 reasons why pure-Python web development is better than wrestling with JS, HTML, CSS and dozens of frameworks.
00h00 15  janvier
When's My Baby Due? Ask the Data
While I’m waiting somewhat impatiently for my baby to put in an appearance, I’ve been delving into the statistics of due dates. Let’s explore the science of pregnancy and plot some probability distributions with Python
00h00 12  janvier
New: SAML Authentication
Anvil now supports logging into your apps with a SAML identity SAML is a Single Sign-On protocol commonly used in corporate environments. If you use Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin, Auth0, or basically any other SSO system, you’ll be able to log into your apps with this service.
00h00 31  décembre
The Best of Anvil: 2020
It’s been a busy year at Anvil. We’ve released more product improvements, features, tutorials, documentation and example apps than ever before We know it’s hard to keep up, so here are all the best bits from Anvil in 2020.
00h00 26  décembre
Anvil Advent Calendar Bonus App
We might have gotten a little carried away - here’s one more festive web app for you to enjoy Have one final app to play with as you contemplate what to do with all that leftover turkey…
00h00 24  décembre
Anvil Advent Calendar Roundup
The last door of the Anvil Advent Calendar has opened We built 24 web apps - one each day until Christmas - with nothing but Python. Grab a mince pie, get cosy, and look through our final batch of festive web apps.
00h00 18  décembre
Only 7 More Apps Until Christmas
Seven sleeps to Christmas means seven more Python web apps Take a look at some of the best of our Advent Calendar so far.
00h00 17  décembre
Hanukkah at Anvil - All Eight Apps, Assemble
A look back at the apps we created for our celebration of Hanukkah at Anvil - including the electric menorah of our dreams, a decisive answer to what the best latke topping is, and custom ugly jumpers for the holiday season.
00h00 10  décembre
Celebrating Hanukkah at Anvil
Not only that, we’re building a Python web app for each night of Hanukkah. Appy Holidays
00h00 01  décembre
Announcing the Anvil Advent Calendar 2020
We’re building a Python web app each day until Christmas. Join us on a festive Python adventure
00h00 27  novembre
Generating PDFs with Python and Anvil
Generating PDF documents is simple in Anvil. In this new tutorial, we’ll build a simple app which generates a PDF document that can be downloaded and sent as an email attachment.
00h00 19  novembre
Python objects speak for themselves
One reason Python is so usable is that you can find out precisely how anything works. We’ll see how to find out how to use any module, even if it’s not documented. Then we’ll use ast and dis to minutely examine exactly how Python executes a very small program.
00h00 12  novembre
ð Pregnancy tracking with the power of Emoji
Guess what? Anvil is 25% pregnant So I made us a pregnancy tracker app that uses weekly emoji to tell you how big bb is. Also included: weekly email updates, the fastest unsubscribe in the west, and more nerding out about due dates than would fit in one post…
00h00 04  novembre
Deploying Machine Learning with Deepnote and Anvil
Deepnote is a new, slick data science notebook. But even a slick notebook isn’t enough for non-programmers. We’ll show you how to deploy a machine learning model with a web UI, using Anvil and Deepnote’s Jupyter-compatible, collaboration-friendly notebook.
00h00 26  octobre
Generating Edgar Allan Poe with GPT-2
To celebrate Halloween, read a mostly coherent and entirely machine-generated scary story in the style of Edgar Allan Poe. And generate your own grim and haunting tale using the Anvil app
00h00 20  octobre
New: Build Your Own Portable Objects
You can now define Python classes that can be passed from server code to the web browser – and back
00h00 05  octobre
Plotting in Pygal
Pygal is an interesting Python plotting library because it produces pretty SVG plots with little effort. Style comes to the forefront, and the SVG plots are convenient for embedding in a web app.
00h00 01  octobre
The Source Awakens: Classifying Star Wars ships with Deep Learning
Let’s build a deep learning framework in a Jupyter notebook to classify different kinds of ships from the Star Wars universe Then we can hook our notebook up to Anvil to share it with the world.
00h00 21  septembre
Python vs the Pandemic
2020 has been a difficult year for people all around the world. We’ve seen an incredible response from the Anvil community, with a number of our users building tools and applications to help deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll take a look at some of the tools...
00h00 15  septembre
Example Dashboards Built with Python
Looking for inspiration on how to present your data? Take a look at our dashboard showcase to see some of the beautiful dashboards people have built with Anvil.
00h00 09  septembre
How I Built Clockify in 1 day
Stuart asked, what can be done in one working day with Anvil? His answer, Clockify, a time tracking app. This walk-through documents his process from inception to time tracking application, all in 24 hours.
00h00 03  septembre
The Internet of Fish: How I Automated My Fish Tank
How do my fish know when to sleep? You might have been tempted to connect the aquarium lights to a timer, but my solution involves a microcontroller, SPI-controlled LEDs…and, of course, Python in the cloud.
00h00 20  août
A Loan Like No Other - in Just 4 Days
Can you really build an application processing system, from a blank sheet of paper, in less than a week? That’s the amazing feat Baker Tilly managed earlier this year. Imagine you’re a major accounting and consultancy firm. Your clients are hurting, and the US government just...
00h00 12  août
Fighting for Consumer Rights with FairShake
Since 2011, it’s been harder for consumers in the US to pursue big companies for compensation when things go wrong. Meredydd spoke to Teel and Brian from FairShake about how their consumer rights service is levelling the playing field between everyday people and big companies. And how...
00h00 06  août
Turning Photos into Paintings
Painting a portrait like Picasso or water lilies like Monet is beyond the reach of many of us. Luckily, with Deep Learning, we can at least imitate their style with our own photos.
00h00 30  juillet
Anvil Community Showcase
We keep seeing people use Anvil for amazing things In this post, we take a look at some of these things – from internal applications to whole businesses – being built on Anvil.
00h00 22  juillet
Plotting in Seaborn
Seaborn is a Python plotting library based on Matplotlib. It gives you a set of simple plotting functions, and lets you access Matplotlib when you want to tweak things. Its use of ‘tidy data’ makes its interface especially neat, and you can even ask it for colours such as...
00h00 14  juillet
Two-Factor Authentication with Anvil
Protect your users, even if their passwords are compromised. You can now add two-factor authentication to any Anvil app - all it takes is the tick of a box
00h00 01  juillet
Hunting the Coronavirus with Anvil
The Australian public health system is on red alert. Meredydd spoke to Anders, from Melbourne’s MDU Public Health Lab, about how they detect, track and share information about outbreaks: They’re smashing up DNA, doing ancestry tests on viruses, and – of course...
00h00 23  juin
How I Built Calendly in 3 Hours
How long does it take to prototype a startup? Stuart found out by rebuilding a working version of Calendly, the invaluable meeting scheduling app. And the answer is that you can be really fast, if you use the right tools.
00h00 03  juin
Tracking the Iron Dog Race with Python
It’s a two-thousand-mile race, across some of the most remote terrain in America. So how do you bring the action to the spectators? We learned how this massive enterprise is coordinated – and how they use web apps to bring the audience along for the ride.
00h00 28  mai
Plotting in Plotly
Plotly is a plotting ecosystem with powerful Python APIs that also includes client-side interactivity. Of course, this makes it a great fit for Anvil As part of our tour of Python plotting libraries, Shaun walks us through how to use Plotly from Python.
00h00 20  mai
Why We Open Sourced the Anvil App Server
We keep getting asked, “Why did you open-source such a core part of your product?” Meredydd explains why our open-source App Server was the best way to fix web development for more people – and doesn’t change Anvil’s business model as much as you...
00h00 06  mai
The Anvil Runtime Engine is Now Open Source
We are excited to announce that the Anvil Runtime and App Server are now open source Export your app from the Anvil Editor and host it anywhere – the power is all yours.
00h00 29  avril
Mongolian Data Science Adventures
What can data science do for Mongolia? Robert Ritz moved from Texas to Mongolia and started the LETU Mongolia business school. In this special double-length episode, he talks to Meredydd about speech recognition, pollution measurements, and what makes Mongolia different.
00h00 14  avril
Plotting in Matplotlib
Matplotlib is the wise old sage in the plotting village. While some other plotting libraries have simpler interfaces, Matplotlib’s strength is the precise control you have over your plots. It is still the most popular Python plotting library, based on PyPi downloads per month.
00h00 19  mars
Data Science Goes to School
Why does a school board need a data scientist? In this episode of the Anvil podcast, Allan Campopiano talks to Meredydd about how his school board uses data – and how that has changed as the senior leadership saw what was possible.
00h00 09  mars
Trolling your colleagues with nothing but Python
A haunted keyboard, a branded tea tray, and some Root Cause Analysis. Is it April Fools Day yet?
00h00 04  mars
A Full-Featured Ticketing System, Built with Anvil
By popular request, we’ve built a full-scale, shippable example application entirely in Anvil. Dig your teeth into an example of what Anvil can do
00h00 24  février
Python Powered Excel Functions in the Cloud
What if you could have all the usability of Excel, all the power of Python, and all the manageability of a cloud application? Tony Roberts shows us how, by combining Pyxll (Python for Excel) and Anvil’s Uplink.
00h00 15  février
Plotting in Altair
Altair is a Python plotting library with a simple API based on a declarative plotting language called Vega. This means its API scales well for complex plots.
Plotting in Bokeh
Bokeh is one of the more popular Python plotting libraries. It produces interactive HTML plots that you can embed in a web app. Its interface allows to customise interactivity elements such as tooltips.
Plotting in Pandas
Pandas is well known as a data manipulation tool. Most Data Scientists will be familiar with Pandas’s DataFrames. Its outstanding plotting API earns it a place in our rundown of Python plotting libraries. The code example is the shortest in the whole set, and you get access to the...
Plotting in Python: Comparing the Options
Python is the language of Data Science, and there are many plotting libraries out there. Which should you choose? In this guide, we introduce and explain the best-known Python plotting libraries, with a detailed article on each one.