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12h21 06  mars
Pope Francis and Grand Ayatollah Sistani call for unity at Iraq meeting
Harriet Sherwood and agencies in Iraq
Catholic and Shia leaders strengthen dialogue between their faiths on first ever papal visit to the countryTwo of the most influential faith leaders in the world reached across a religious divide on Saturday to promote peace and unity in a historic meeting.Pope Francis, 84, the head of the...
Perseverance Mars rover: Nasa releases first-drive review
Vehicle had no problem going 6.5 metres, turning and backing up, then photographed its own wheel marks on planet’s surfaceNasa’s Mars rover Perseverance has taken a short drive two weeks after touching down, mission managers have said.The six-wheeled, car-sized probe went 6.5 metres (21...
Coronavirus live news: UK still not out of the woods, expert says; Dalai Lama gets first Covid vaccine dose
Kevin Rawlinson
Contradictory death figures in Russia; WHO warns against relaxing guard due to vaccinesDalai Lama urges people to get Covid vaccine after having first doseFrom Pfizer to Moderna, the companies making billions from vaccinesEU indecision led Cyprus to allow in UK visitors, says ministerUp to a...
Amanda Gorman tells of being followed by security guard who said she looked ’suspicious’
Mattha Busby
Poet, acclaimed for her performance at Joe Biden’s inauguration, tweeted ” this is the reality of black girls’Amanda Gorman, the poet who won acclaim for her performance at Joe Biden’s inauguration, has told of being followed home and accosted by a security guard who...
Myanmar: stop military killing protesters, envoy tells security council
Christine Schraner Burgener says UN must put junta ” on notice’ and stand with people of MyanmarMyanmar security forces used teargas and stun grenades to break up protests in Yangon on Saturday as a meeting of the UN security council was urged to take action to stop the killing of...
Rickshaw bomb kills 10 as Islamists target Mogadishu restaurant
Agence France-Presse
Another 30 injured in ” cruel attack’ and death toll could riseTen people have been killed after a rickshaw loaded with explosives was detonated by al-Shabaab Islamists at a popular restaurant in Mogadishu.The three-wheeler rickshaw, fitted to carry a load on the back, had been packed...
Justin Welby condemns Nigerian archbishop’s gay ’virus’ comments
Harriet Sherwood
Archbishop of Canterbury says Henry Ndukuba’s comments that homosexuality should be ” expunged’ are unacceptableThe archbishop of Canterbury has issued a rare public condemnation of a fellow Anglican primate who described homosexuality as a “deadly virus” which should...
MI5 involvement in drone project revealed in paperwork slip-up
Dan Sabbagh
Exclusive: Document produced by university cited agency as secret funder of researchFor an agency devoted to secrecy and surveillance, it is an embarrassing slip-up. An inadvertent disclosure on a university document has revealed that MI5 is partly behind what was meant to be a covert bug and drone...
Sanders’ minimum-wage effort looks doomed as Covid relief votes go through night
Lauren Gambino and Joan E Greve in Washington and agencies
Biden’s 1.9tn relief package struggles through Senate but majority leaders vows passage ” however long it takes’A fiery speech and last-ditch effort by Bernie Sanders to secure a place for a federal minimum wage hike in the 1.9tn coronavirus relief package appeared as good as...
Mail-in voting did not swell turnout or boost Democrats, study finds
Sam Levine in New York
Experts say ” effect on turnout and on partisan outcomes is very muted’ and undermines Trump claim that mail-in voting cost himMail-in voting did not significantly increase turnout nor did it benefit Democrats in the 2020 election, a new study has found, undermining the talking point,...
Cows might fly: Ireland to jet calves to Europe to cut travel time
Ella McSweeney
Expanding dairy herds have seen surplus male calves shipped to the continent for veal, but there is unease over welfare conditionsIrish authorities have announced plans to fly unweaned dairy calves from Ireland to other EU destinations from May, in an effort to address growing unease about the...
From Pfizer to Moderna: who’s making billions from Covid-19 vaccines?
Julia Kollewe
The companies in line for the biggest gains - and the shareholders who have already made fortunesCoronavirus - latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe arrival of Covid-19 vaccines promises a return to more normal life - and has created a global market worth tens of billions of dollars in...
Dalai Lama urges people to get Covid vaccine after having first dose
Associated Press in Dharmsala
Tibetan spiritual leader, 85, receives jab at hospital in north Indian city of Dharamshala Coronavirus - latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe Dalai Lama, the 85-year-old Tibetan spiritual leader, was administered the first shot of the coronavirus vaccine on Saturday at a hospital in...
Unions urge Sunak to reconsider 1% pay rise for NHS England staff
Nadeem Badshah
BMA, Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of Midwives and Unison say pay recommendation ” fails the test of honesty’The government is under mounting pressure to reconsider its proposed 1% pay rise for NHS staff in England, with four trade unions writing a joint letter to the...
18h00 05  mars
There’s a lot of nasty stuff’: the people living with long Covi
Esther Addley
Sufferers say they have had little specialist help despite NHS England setting up dedicated clinics NHS may face a million long Covid patients after pandemicCoronavirus - latest updates“It’s not that I feel I have been abandoned, I think that is perfectly obvious,” says Rachel...
08h00 06  mars
I was worried Lindsay, Paris or Britney would die’: why the 00s were so toxic for wome
Sirin Kale
Body shaming, media harassment, relentless cruelty - it’s time to reassess the decade that feminism forgotI went to university in 2007. On my first day, every fresher had their photo taken; the pictures were pinned to a bulletin board in my halls. That evening, older male students scrawled on...
It is the question of the century’: will tech solve the climate crisis - or make it worse
Jonathan Watts
Robots on coral reefs, vast barriers to hold back the glaciers, simulated volcanic eruptions to offset global heating ... Can technology repair the mess we have made? Elizabeth Kolbert is not convincedElizabeth Kolbert’s favourite movie is the end-of-the-world comedy Dr Strangelove or: How I...
A symbolic moment’: Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview marks turning poin
Edward Helmore in New York
The conversation, expected to draw millions of viewers, could mark the transition from royalty to Hollywood eliteIt may be an American coronation of sorts.When Oprah Winfrey’s highly anticipated and potentially explosive interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex airs in its primetime spot...
Tangy jam and vanilla cream: Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for rhubarb
Yotam Ottolenghi
Reliable rhubarb spans the ” hungry gap’ with a tangy rhubarb and lime jam squashed into a cheese toastie, and a refreshing cold dessert soup topped with mint sugar and cream Whatever else is happening in the weather or the world, forced rhubarb is reliably, happily hot pink. Grown in...
Kelly Macdonald: ” I’m beyond sex scenes now. I just play detectives’
Emma Brockes
She shot to fame in Trainspotting, and has starred in Gosford Park, Boardwalk Empire and even as a Disney princess. So why did the Scottish actor panic about her new role in Line Of Duty?Kelly Macdonald’s roles are typically quiet, fraught with internal conflict and entailing journeys that...
Blind date: ” The best thing about him? His shirt’
Nadeem Badshah
Robyn, 32, credit controller, meets Danny, 36, radio presenter DJWhat were you hoping for?Another way to meet someone. Failing that, another way to spend my Saturday night. Continue reading...
Sarah Everard: Met police ’concerned’ for missing woman
Compiled by Eric Hilaire
Everard, 33, went missing on evening of 3 March while walking from Clapham Junction area of London to BrixtonPolice have said they are “increasingly concerned” over the disappearance of a woman who has not been heard from since Wednesday night and are appealing for information.Sarah...
Hong Kong activists and plight of the Uighurs: human rights this week in photos
Patrick Wintour
A roundup of the coverage on struggles for human rights and freedoms, from Colombia to the Sahara Continue reading...
Leak reveals UK Foreign Office discussing aid cuts of more than 50%
Australian Associated Press
Internal reports show projected cuts including 59% in South Sudan, 60% in Somalia and 67% in SyriaSome of the poorest and most conflict-ridden countries in the world will have their UK aid programmes cut by more than half, according to a leaked report of discussions held in the last three weeks...
Barnaby Joyce says some of Christian Porter’s colleagues want his ’head on a plate’
Kaamil Ahmed
Nationals MP says attorney general should seek independent inquiry into rape allegationsTwo cabinet ministers attended event at which woman alleged Christian Porter raped herAustralia’s largest law firm in uproar after taking Christian Porter as clientNationals MP Barnaby Joyce has made a...
So much trauma’: Mozambique conflict sparks mental health crisi
Guardian reporter
Aid groups warn of collapsed health system as traumatised people displaced by Islamist insurgency in Cabo Delgado seek helpThe insurgency in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province is causing a mental health crisis, with a quarter of the region’s population now displaced.People are...
10h30 05  mars
Hong Kong is crumbling’: seven days that crushed city’s last resistanc
Kate Hodal
Dozens of pro-democracy politicians and activists have been rounded up, charged and denied bail in fresh crackdown on opposition to ChinaThe phones rang on Friday, one month earlier than expected. More than 50 pro-democracy politicians and activists across Hong Kong received a call from the...
Mine that produced Queen’s diamond investigates claims of abuses by guards
Lorenzo Tondo in Palermo
Petra Diamonds already faces court action on similar grounds, as its contractors are accused of continued assaults on illegal minersA Tanzanian mine that produced a flawless pink diamond for one of the Queen’s favourite brooches is investigating claims that security personnel have shot and...
13h13 04  mars
Refugee rescuers charged in Italy with complicity in people smuggling
John Vidal
Staff of charities including Save the Children and MSF among dozens facing sentences of up to 20 years over humanitarian work” Help and you are a criminal’: the fight to defend refugee rights in EuropeAfter an investigation lasting almost four years, Italian prosecutors have charged...
Farmers and rights groups boycott food summit over big business links
Joost de Vries
Focus on agro-business rather than ecology has split groups invited to planned UN conference on hungerAn international food summit to address growing hunger and diet-related disease is in disarray as hundreds of farmers’ and human rights groups are planning a boycott. Related: ’A shame for...
How Covid derailed the great hope of the Dutch far right Joost de Vries
Lois Beckett
In 2019 Thierry Baudet looked like a plausible contender for power. Now, as the Netherlands heads for the polls, he’s reduced to mimicking Trump On 20 March 2019, Thierry Baudet provided Dutch television viewers with two surprises. The first was news of his landslide victory in that...
19h29 03  mars
The misogynist incel movement is spreading. Should it be classified as a terror threat?
Daniel Strauss in Washington
Violence linked to the ideology has killed as many as 50 people in the US and Canada and sparked debate among counterterrorism experts and policeAs attacks linked to the misogynist “incel” movement mounted in recent years, authorities around the world have begun to treat the ideology...
Scramble on to replace Neera Tanden after nomination met perfect storm
Jason Wilson
Joe Biden’s nominee for budget director faced Republican opposition over old tweets but had also clashed with progressives Neera Tanden’s decision to withdraw from consideration to serve as Joe Biden’s budget director marks the first major loss for the still young Biden...
US militia group draws members from military and police, website leak shows
Soe Moe Aung, Ivan Ogilvie, Kyri Evangelou and Charlie Phillips
Analysis: Membership list of American Patriots Three Percent also shows widespread network of people from variety of occupationsA Guardian investigation of a website leak from the American Patriots Three Percent shows the anti-government militia group has recruited a network across the US that...
22h25 05  mars
Jair Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to stop ’whining’ about Covid - video
Maxar Technologies
The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, told citizens to stop ” whining’ about Covid, despite the virus having killed more than 260,000 people in the country. The far-right populist made the inflammatory declaration on Thursday, as Brazil’s already dire Covid situation...
Mystery person with Brazil variant found thanks to dogged determination, says Matt Hancock - video
A person who tested positive for the Brazilian variant of Covid has been tracked down to Croydon and appears not to have infected anyone else, the health secretary said. Matt Hancock said the effort took a team of 40 people and was launched in an attempt to prevent the mutation, which is believed...
Myanmar’s deadliest week as terror inflicted on protesters - video report
Myanmar’s security forces opened fire on peaceful anti-coup protesters in several towns and cities, in the worst week of violence since the military coup last month.At least 38 people were killed in one day, sparking international outrage’The police just shot’: the terror inflicted on Myanmar...
On the frontline of Myanmar’s coup protests: ” We don’t accept this dictatorship’ - video
Wai Yan Phyo Mo is one of the leaders of the protest movement in Myanmar who have taken to the streets to oppose the military coup which removed the ruling NLD party from power. The coup has exploded simmering resentments across the country about low standards of living and discrimination against...
Protests in Myanmar - in satellite pictures
Satellite photographs of protesters, demonstrations, troops, and street art show the extent of the resistance to the military coup Continue reading...
Major earthquake triggers tsunami warning and evacuations in New Zealand - video
Thousands of people have been evacuated  in coastal areas of New Zealand’s North Island after a powerful 8.1-magnitude earthquake off the coast prompting a tsunami warning. The quake was one of three to strike New Zealand in a day, with emergency orders in coastal regions urging...
20h54 04  mars
Joe Biden ’neanderthal’ comment a reflection of frustration, says White House - video
White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended Joe Biden’s comments comparing Republican governors to Nearnderthals for lifting mask mandates in Mississippi and Texas. Biden’s remarks were ’a reflection of his frustration’ about Americans not following public health guidance during the pandemic,...