12h44 22  janvier
Hottest tech skills to hire for in 2020
The benefits of honing technical skills go far beyond the Information Technology industry. Strong tech skills are essential in today’s changing world, and if your employees consistently and proactively enhance their IT skills, you will help them improve both personally and professionally. This, in...
08h20 07  août
Introduction to Object Detection
Shubham Gupta
Humans can easily detect and identify objects present in an image. The human visual system is fast and accurate and can perform complex tasks like identifying multiple objects and detect obstacles with little conscious thought. With the availability of large amounts of data, faster GPUs, and better...
12h47 09  juillet
Data Visualization for Beginners-Part 3
Shubham Gupta
Bonjour Welcome to another part of the series on data visualization techniques. In the previous two articles, we discussed different data visualization techniques that can be applied to visualize and gather insights from categorical and continuous variables. You can check out the first two...
05h33 16  mai
Data visualization for beginners Part 2
Shubham Gupta
Welcome to Part II of the series on data visualization. In the last blog post, we explored different ways to visualize continuous variables and infer information. If you haven’t visited that article, you can find it here. In this blog, we will expand our exploration to categorical variables and...
07h22 10  mai
Data visualization for beginners Part 1
Shubham Gupta
This is a series of blogs dedicated to different data visualization techniques used in various domains of machine learning. Data Visualization is a critical step for building a powerful and efficient machine learning model. It helps us to better understand the data, generate better insights for...
09h08 01  octobre
Artificial Intelligence 101: How to get started
Shashank Chaudhary
What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Are you thinking of Chappie, Terminator, and Lucy? Sentient, self-aware robots are closer to becoming a reality than you think. Developing computer systems that equal or exceed human intelligence is the crux of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence ...
05h40 14  février
Building your own Lisp Parser Part II
Guest Author
You might remember the Lisp parser we created in the article (Building Your Own Lisp Parser Part I), which is a pre-requisite for this post. You will now see how the buffered input class (UngettableInput in the previous post) can be improved. The Problems Although the UngettableInput class works...
07h03 01  février
Building your own Lisp Parser Part I
Guest Author
While writing a full-blown compiler for a programming language is a difficult and frustrating task, writing a smaller and more specific parser can be surprisingly easy if you know a small trick. On the other hand, parsing problems pops up at several places in modern-day programming. So, learning...
10h16 12  janvier
4 performance optimization tips for faster Python code
Python is one of the most popular programming environments and many developers look to HackerEarth as a way to learn more about the language. Consequently, for the challenges that are hosted on our platform, a huge number of submissions are in Python. We all know how we are able to pass the initial...
07h09 29  décembre
A twitter client using Flask and Redis
In our previous redis blog we gave a brief introduction on how to interface between python and redis. In this post, we will use Redis as a cache, to build the backend of our basic twitter app. We first start the server, if it’s in a stopped state. sudo service redis 6379 start sudo service redis...
06h10 22  décembre
Getting Started with Python and Redis
This is a small tutorial to start using Redis with Python. We will look at the steps that tell you how to install Redis in your local ubuntu machine. As we are compiling from source this should also represent how to install in any linux distribution. Then, we can look at some basic commands in & ...
11h43 15  décembre
Getting started: Python Decorators
Ritesh Agrawal
This post will help you get started with Python decorators through some real life examples. Some familiarity with the Python programming language is expected. Before directly jumping into decorators, let’s take a step back and start with Python functions. This will help you understand the...