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23h31 27  février
Apple’s Radical MacBook Pro Can’t Beat Windows 10
Ewan Spence, Senior Contributor
Apple made some significant technological leaps with the M1 MacBooks, but will it make a difference and tempt over Windows users?
FDA Authorizes Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 Vaccine For Use In The U.S.
Leah Rosenbaum, Forbes Staff
This is the third Covid-19 vaccine that has been granted Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.
Building AI Leadership Brain Trust: Why Is Data Analytics Literacy Key To AI Competency Development?
Cindy Gordon, Contributor
This blog continues the AI Brain Trust Blog series by Dr. Cindy Gordon and discusses the importance of data analytics literacy as a key skill for board directors and CEOs to develop to lead their organizations into a smarter, and more intelligent world.
Lidar CEO: Elon Musk Made The Right Choice 5 Years Ago ... Not Today
John Koetsier, Senior Contributor
Tesla CEO Elon Musk famously hates lidar. Is he wrong?
Coronamusic Gives People A Sense Of Belonging, According To Research
Eva Amsen, Contributor
According to a survey, many people found comfort in music this past year. People even developed some new music habits, including listening to coronamusic - music inspired by the COVID-19 outbreak itself.
Fortnite’ Season 5, Week 13 XP Coin Locations: The Gold Coin Is Hard To Find
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
Here are all the Week 13 XP Coins for Fortnite Season 5.
CPAC Stage Compared To Nazi Symbol On Social Media
Peter Suciu, Contributor
By Saturday afternoon there had been nearly 100,000 tweets that compared the CPAC stage to the ODAL Rune
Microsoft Is Rapidly Expanding Its Presence In Healthcare
Sai Balasubramanian, J.D., Contributor
The global technology company has expanded its offerings into healthcare services, data analytics, and hardware.
16-Inch M1 MacBook Pro 2021: New Leaks Point To Major Makeover
Brooke Crothers, Contributor
The next 16-inch MacBook Pro is expected to be faster, more connector-friendly, and sport a different physical design.
AirPods Max: Rumored Spatial Audio Upgrade Isn’t Coming, After All
David Phelan, Senior Contributor
Last month’s suggestion that immersive audio was on its way for a key extra audio source has now been quashed.
The California Variant Is More Transmissible, Evokes Worse Symptoms, And May Resist Vaccines
William A. Haseltine, Contributor
Earlier this month, I detailed one of such variants beginning to circulate in Southern California (B.1.427 429). In the weeks since, the virus has predictably grown in prevalence.
Hashtags #BidenBombs And #BidenRemorse Trending On Social Media
Peter Suciu, Contributor
Several hashtags and memes related to the bombings on Syria had been trending across social media
Convincing A Self-Driving Car To Go Where You Want It To Go When It Won’t Go There
Lance Eliot, Contributor
Examining how to deal with a self-driving car that refuses to go where you want it to go, as exemplified via an interesting use case involving a tow truck situation.
Review: Vitrazza Glass Office Chair Mat
Brad Moon, Senior Contributor
You’ve upgraded to an ergonomic desk and office chair, but the what about the chair mat? Vitrazza offers a made-in-America upgrade over plastic mats with high-quality, high-strength glass chair mats. You can even order one made to a custom size.
The Nintendo Switch Is Holding Back Games Like Pokémon Legends: Arceus’
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
The Nintendo Switch has never needed power to compete with Sony and Microsoft, and yet it’s clearly holding back games like Pokemon Legends at this point.
Ranking The Four Classes Of The Outriders’ Demo, So Far
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Here are the top four classes of Outriders, out of four, during the demo.
Brazil Tech Round-Up: Senate Passes Legal Framework For Startups, Dangers Of Privatization, Cost Of 5G
Angelica Mari, Senior Contributor
The Brazilian Senate has passed a legal framework for startups. The government is warned about the dangers of the upcoming privatization of a state-owned technology company, and an estimate of the cost of 5G to operators is announced.
How To 12-Man Raid In Destiny 2,’ Perhaps Its Greatest Glitch To Date
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Here’s how you get 12 people in a raid, or 9 people in dungeons or Nightfalls in Destiny 2, thanks to a new glitch exploit.
Wildfires Are Possible In The Southwest And Southern Plains On Saturday
Dennis Mersereau, Contributor
A critical risk for fire weather conditions is expected on Saturday over parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.
Will WandaVision’ Have A Season 2?
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Is WandaVision going to get a season 2 or is everything going to be wrapped up in just one more 40 minute finale next week?
Genshin Impact’ Reveals Hu Tao And Her Abilities, Out Next Week
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Here’s what you need to know about Hu Tao and her abilities, Genshin Impact’s next 5 star hero.
NVIDIA’s Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0 Accelerates Building Custom AI Models
Janakiram MSV, Senior Contributor
With its no-code approach, TLT 3.0 makes AI accessible to developers who are not familiar with deep learning and neural networks. The support for computer vision and conservational UI models makes TLT 3.0 the most appealing technology for AI enthusiasts.
Twitter’s Super Follows And The Unstoppable Growth Of The Freemium Economy
Enrique Dans, Senior Contributor
The freemium economy keeps growing: Twitter plans to support paywalls that will enable an account to consider different levels of offerings, from content shared with everyone for free, to exclusive access for those who contribute economically to the activity of their creators.
How To Stop LastPass Tracking You In 3 Easy Steps
Davey Winder, Senior Contributor
Password manager privacy in the spotlight: here’s how to disable the embedded trackers in LastPass
Google Issues Quality Warning For Millions Of Google Photos Users
Paul Monckton, Senior Contributor
Google Photos wants you to use more of your storage quota.