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06h30 27  février
105-Year-Old Recovered From Covid-19, Her Tip? Eating Gin-Soaked Raisins
Bruce Y. Lee, Senior Contributor
A New jersey woman found out she tested positive on her 105th birthday, one day after she got her second dose of the Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine.
Your Stargazing Guide To March 2021: Two-Planet Showdown And A Spectacular Supermoon’ Usher-In Spring
Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor
A Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is just one of the highlights as a new stargazing season begins.
What Did Google Know About Coronavirus Before The Pandemic?
JV Chamary, Contributor
An Ngram search of 8 million books shows when coronaviruses were mentioned before Covid-19.
23h03 26  février
We’re Overusing Seasonal Weather Outlooks And It’s Driving Up Anxiety
Dennis Mersereau, Contributor
Seasonal weather outlooks are solid forecasts, but their usefulness has its limits.
Could Vaccination Cause Me To Test Positive For Covid-19?
Matthew Binnicker, Contributor
Dr. Matthew Binnicker, an expert in the diagnosis of infectious disease, explains the benefits and limitations of diagnostic testing as more people receive Covid-19 vaccinations.
FDA Committee Votes Yes On Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine; Authorization Could Follow Soon
Leah Rosenbaum, Forbes Staff
The third Emergency Use Authorization for a Covid-19 vaccine could be days -- or even hours-- away.
Americans In Rural Areas Less Likely To Follow Covid-19 Prevention Measures Than Those In Urban Areas
Victoria Forster, Contributor
The study by researchers at Texas A&M University School of Public health surveyed over 5,000 U. S. adults to learn more about their behaviors during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Don’t Blame Mr. Potato Head: What You Didn’t Know About The Gender Of Your Spud
Alex Knapp, Forbes Staff
Hasbro is getting fried for a gender-neutral rebranding of Mr. Potato Head, but the company is just following the science.
The Sky Is Not Falling: It’s Time To Learn The Right Lesson Of Pearl Harbor
Charles Beames, Contributor
Much like Chicken Little, who famously whips the farmyard into a mass panic while the cunning fox manipulates it for his own gain, such fearmongering can easily sidetrack rigorous national security planning and actually jeopardize the U. S. position in the next space race.
Aurora Buys Chip Startup To Cut Laser Lidar Costs For Robot Cars And Trucks
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff
The self-driving tech developer is acquiring Silicon Valley startup OURS Technology to integrate its lidar sensor into a single chip.
This Colombian Had To Tell His Country They Had A New Banana Plague
Andrew Wight, Contributor
Colombian Fernando Garcia-Bastidas has worked his whole career to save bananas from extinction by Panama Disease, but now his work has new urgency after having to inform authorities in his home country that a new strain had arrived. #globalsouthscience
Researchers Find The Missing Link For Why Exercise Makes You Smarter
Alison Escalante, Contributor
A research team from Japan have found the missing link between exercise and better cognitive function.
Ask Ethan: How Prepared Are We For The Next Giant Solar Flare?
Ethan Siegel, Senior Contributor
Not nearly well enough. And we should all be concerned.
This Weekend’s Full Snow Moon’ Will Split North America In Two And Spark A Lantern Festival’ In Asia
Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor
Will you see the ’Snow Moon,’ Bone Moon’ or Hunger Moon?’
Art After Stroke Shows That Creativity Uses Both Sides Of Your Brain
Eva Amsen, Contributor
Despite a long-standing myth, it’s not just the right half of the brain that’s involved in creativity. A new study following the recovery process of an artist after a stroke shows that creativity requires the left half of the brain as well.
23h05 25  février
This Star Wars Analogy Explains How RNA Vaccines Work
JV Chamary, Contributor
To understand how mRNA vaccines create immunity against Coronavirus, study the Death Star.
Everything You Need To Know About Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 Vaccine
Leah Rosenbaum, Forbes Staff
A special committee will meet on Friday to discuss the vaccine; here’s what you need to know.
Can College Visits Improve College Aspirations? Findings From A Randomized Experiment.
Jonathan Wai, Contributor
What happens when you expose underrepresented students to college visits and allow them to set foot on and experience campus?
Sunspots, Solar Flares, Auroras: Space Weather Getting Spicy
Eric Mack, Contributor
Our local star is entering the more active phase of its solar cycle, boosting the potential for both possible disruptions and awesome displays of the aurora borealis and aurora australis.
Supercomputer Successfully Simulates Universe Just After Big Bang
Don Lincoln, Contributor
Researchers have used supercomputers to create 4,000 simulations of the universe, from the moment of creation to the present day. These simulations resulted in an algorithm that will allow them to understand the first moments of our own universe.
Extinct Guam Kingfisher Provides Blueprint For Reintroducing Other Long-Lost Animals
GrrlScientist, Senior Contributor
The Guam kingfisher has been extinct in the wild for more than 30 years but it now stands on the brink of being released back into the wild
This Startup Just Raised 123 Million To Develop A New Way To Find Medicine
Alex Knapp, Forbes Staff
Cellarity aims to discover new therapies by looking at the impact of disease on the whole cell.
Check Out This Amazing HD Panorama Of Mars From NASA’s Perseverance Rover
Jonathan O'Callaghan, Contributor
NASA has released the first 360-degree HD panorama from the Perseverance rover, made from 142 different images and revealing stunning detail in its location on Mars.
Mars Messages: Why NASA’s Secret Code’ In The Perseverance Rover’s Supersonic Parachute Is Just The Start
Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor
NASA’s latest Mars rover carried a quote from a politician’s speech from 1899 in binary code, 7 iconic images, 155 essays and 10.9 million names
Why Do Physicists Say A Multiverse Has To Exist?
Ethan Siegel, Senior Contributor
If you want to get the Universe we see, a multiverse comes along for the ride.