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12h18 06  mars
Astronomers May Have Found The First Evidence For Tectonic Activity On An Exoplanet
David Bressan, Contributor
It’s tectonics, but not as we know it. Computer simulations of the rocky exoplanet LHS 3844b show it may have a tectonic cycle and volcanism very unlike Earth
All Planets Are Wet And Our Galaxy May Be Swarming With Ocean Worlds Like Ours Say Scientists
Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor
A new model suggests that all planets form from water molecules"and so the Milky Way may be swarming with rocky planets with oceans and continents just like on Earth.
22h40 05  mars
NASA’s Perseverance Rover Took A Test Drive On Mars. Here’s What It Saw.
Rachel Sandler, Forbes Staff
The rover will look for signs the Red Planet once supported life.
Space Fireball Fragments May Be Littering British Countryside
Elizabeth Howell, Contributor
The hunt is on for possible pieces of space rock -- and no, it has nothing to do with the Apophis flyby tonight.
More Predators Might Be Better For Turtle Eggs, Study Suggests
Sara Tabin, Contributor
Scientists at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung, Taiwan found evidence that more sea turtle eggs survive when an apex predator comes to eat other would-be egg eaters.
Is The Polar Vortex To Blame For Higher Gas Prices?
Marshall Shepherd, Senior Contributor
Complaints of rising gas prices overlook the obvious: Supply, Demand, Cold Weather, and A Pandemic.
Mars Rover Addresses Parachute Damage Problem That Delayed Launch To 2022
Elizabeth Howell, Contributor
A “new parachute strategy” is in place to let the Rosalind Franklin rover finally leave for Mars in 2022.
What Is ” Covid Arm,’ A Side Effect From Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccines?
Bruce Y. Lee, Senior Contributor
Some have been using the term “Moderna arm” to describe this large rash than may emerge days after you get the Covid-19 vaccine.
Ask Ethan: Why Is The Universe Flat?
Ethan Siegel, Senior Contributor
It could have had any curvature at all. So why is it flat?
Found In Our Cosmic Backyard: The Kind Of Alien Planet We’ve Been Dreaming About For Decades
Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor
Gliese 486b is only 27 light-years away. It could forever change the search for Earth-like planets with breathable atmospheres.
18h00 04  mars
Comedy Helps Spread Political Information-But There’s A Catch: New Study
Andrea Morris, Contributor
The results of a recent study show that political humor makes political information more accessible by increasing our capacity to remember and share information. But the findings come with a major caveat.
WHO Report On Covid-19 Origins Dropped Amid Concerns It Lacked Transparency
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff
A group of international scientists said it is “all but impossible” for the WHO probe to adequately evaluate the origins of the pandemic for fear of Chinese interference.
3 Concerns With Moving The Start Of Hurricane Season To May 15th
Marshall Shepherd, Senior Contributor
Here are 3 concerns with changing the start date of hurricane season to May
Seismic Signals Confirm Existence Of Earth’s ” Innermost Core’
David Bressan, Contributor
Seismic simulations have confirmed the existence of the Earth’s innermost inner core composed of crystallized iron.
Goodbye, DAMA LIBRA: World’s Most Controversial Dark Matter Experiment Fails Replication Test
Ethan Siegel, Senior Contributor
We still don’t know what dark matter is, but at least we now know what it’s not.
A Zombie Apocalypse Prediction For 2021? CDC Has A Preparedness Guide
Bruce Y. Lee, Senior Contributor
Did French philosopher Nostradamus predict a zombie apocalypse for the year 2021?
Asteroid Apophis: Huge ” God Of Chaos’ Rock Will This Weekend Flyby Earth But What Happens Next Time?
Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor
Our most famous potentially hazardous asteroid will make a close approach to Earth this weekend, but it’s a closer pass in 2029 that is getting astronomers concerned.
8.8 Billion ” Giant Sunflower’ Passes Latest Test As NASA Preps For A Heart-Stopping Launc
Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor
The James Webb Space Telescope is almost ready for its million mile journey into space to probe the origins of the Universe.
23h59 03  mars
rdquo; Third Time’s The Charm ’ - SpaceX Launches And Lands Starship Mars Prototype In Major First, Before Dramatic Explosio
Jonathan O'Callaghan, Contributor
In a major milestone, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has successfully landed its Starship vehicle from high altitude for the first time, as it continues efforts to launch humans to Mars - but experienced an explosion shortly after the landing.
Rumbling Reykjanes Volcano In Iceland Could Erupt At Any Minute
Eric Mack, Contributor
Earthquakes on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, which connects the island’s capital of Reykjavik to its main international airport at Keflavik, have officials warning of a possible volcanic eruption.
Earth’s Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere Will Last Only Another Billion Years
David Bressan, Contributor
Considering geological and biological processes and the activity of the Sun, Earth’s oxygen-rich atmosphere will last only another billion years.
With A ” Handshake,’ Science And Religion Pry Open Early Mysteries Of The Catholic Church
Rebecca Coffey, Contributor
New radiocarbon dating has produced definitive results about a relic of an early Christian saint venerated for centuries in Rome. The care with which the researchers placed their scientific findings in context opened a door wide to conjecture about an important Church dogma.
How Cosmic Rays Help Scientists Tell How Old Dead Stuff Is: An Exuberant, Plain Language Primer On Radiocarbon Dating, in 20 Facts
Rebecca Coffey, Contributor
Our fascination with early and ancestral humans is tied to our being able to estimate how many tens of thousands or even millions of years ago they lived. Scientists calculate that with the help of a relatively simple technology called radiocarbon dating.
What Do We Really Know About Dark Matter And Black Holes?
Ethan Siegel, Senior Contributor
And what might we learn as we collect new, never-before-seen data?
Can This Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effect Be Mistaken For Cancer?
Bruce Y. Lee, Senior Contributor
Here is what’s meant by axillary lymphadenopathy and what can potentially cause it.