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03h29 27  février
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Apps
Richard Murphy, Brand Contributor
How low-code app development can take the pressure off skilled developers and help businesses keep pace with the competition.
Your Stargazing Guide To March 2021: Two-Planet Showdown And A Spectacular Supermoon’ Usher-In Spring
Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor
A Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is just one of the highlights as a new stargazing season begins.
What Did Google Know About Coronavirus Before The Pandemic?
JV Chamary, Contributor
An Ngram search of 8 million books shows when coronaviruses were mentioned before Covid-19.
Old Tweets By Biden And Psaki Questioned Past Syrian Airstrikes
Peter Suciu, Contributor
This is certainly not the first that time that old comments have surfaced on social media
Cultural Trends That Will Shape Consumer Behavior In 2021 And Beyond
Kian Bakhtiari, Contributor
The biggest cultural trends that will shape consumer behavior and marketing strategy for the next decade.
Leading The Charge For Change In A Stubborn Organization
Melanie Lougee, Brand Contributor
How HR leaders can sell the C-suite on reinventing the employee experience.
How Organizations Can Embrace Citizen Developers
Manisha Arora, Brand Contributor
Low-code capabilities let ordinary people create amazing solutions fueling business success along the way.
Polish Citizens Are Transforming Europe’s Biggest Coal Region
Emanuela Barbiroglio, Senior Contributor
The Polish city of Rybnik stands at the heart of the largest coal-producing area of the EU: Silesia. Now citizens are showing the ability to power a new economic model.
23h08 26  février
Apple Loop: iPhone 13 Upgrades Confirmed, Mysterious MacOS Malware Reported, Massive MacBook Pro Problems
Ewan Spence, Senior Contributor
This week’s Apple headlines; iPhone 13 details confirmed, malware in the new M1 Macs, multiple MacBook Pro issues, Apple’s win against Epic, latest AirPods leak, and more...
We’re Overusing Seasonal Weather Outlooks And It’s Driving Up Anxiety
Dennis Mersereau, Contributor
Seasonal weather outlooks are solid forecasts, but their usefulness has its limits.
Android Circuit: Nokia’s Missing Flagship, Surprising OnePlus 9 Decision, Bill Gates’ Favorite Phone
Ewan Spence, Senior Contributor
This week’s Android headlines; Samsung’s spectacular folding screens, Google’s latest Pixel leaks, a missing Nokia flagship, Huawei’s Mate X2 revealed, Realme’s latest smartphones, OnePlus 9E details, Bill Gates’ Android phone, and more...
WandaVision’ Episode 8 Review: A Powerful Journey Through Wanda’s Grief
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
WandaVision takes a trip down memory lane in ’Previously On.’
Perseverance On Mars. A Giant Leap In Intelligent Systems, 130 Million Miles From Earth
Kevin Dallas, Brand Contributor
Last week, NASA, JPL’s Perseverance successfully landed on Mars.
Could Vaccination Cause Me To Test Positive For Covid-19?
Matthew Binnicker, Contributor
Dr. Matthew Binnicker, an expert in the diagnosis of infectious disease, explains the benefits and limitations of diagnostic testing as more people receive Covid-19 vaccinations.
FDA Committee Votes Yes On Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine; Authorization Could Follow Soon
Leah Rosenbaum, Forbes Staff
The third Emergency Use Authorization for a Covid-19 vaccine could be days -- or even hours-- away.
Japan Using Digital Technology To Enhance Longevity In Society
Japan Researcher, Contributor
Kuno’s vision is not only to use data to show people how they can be healthier and to assist in local government policy-making, but also to make sure no one gets left behind in the digital age.
Covid-19 Is Highlighting The Promise And Pitfalls Of The Digital Transformation
Deborah Wince-Smith, Contributor
Prior to the pandemic, manufacturing enterprises, service firms, laboratories, schools and households across the United States were undergoing a steady, digital transformation. But the pandemic has shattered that paradigm and accelerated the pace of change unfurling across our economy and society.
A Ticket Reselling Giant Enters The PPE Market To Drive Down The Price Of N95 Masks
Eric Fuller, Contributor
Jerry Bednyak and Eric Vassilatos founded Vivid Seats in Chicago which got large enough to attract 850 million from Vista Equity Partners, then a subsequent investment from GTCR all while building a multi-billion-dollar business.
How Appointment Social’ Will Drive Marketing Efforts In 2021
John Brandon, Contributor
One reason this rigid attention to start times and events is so important to me is that I’m still mostly at home with my family during the pandemic.
Despite Progress, Patients Still Struggle With Insurance Coverage For Eating Disorder Treatment
Deb Gordon, Contributor
Despite laws designed to improve access to mental health care, many patients still struggle to get insurance to cover eating disorder treatment. During National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, a former patient shares her story and experts weigh in on the path to better insurance coverage.
Americans In Rural Areas Less Likely To Follow Covid-19 Prevention Measures Than Those In Urban Areas
Victoria Forster, Contributor
The study by researchers at Texas A&M University School of Public health surveyed over 5,000 U. S. adults to learn more about their behaviors during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Toyota Develops Fuel Cell Modules It Will Sell To Other Manufacturers
Greg Gardner, Senior Contributor
The Japanese government has supported fuel cell development, but the lack of fueling stations, and uncertainty about the resale value of hydrogen-powered vehicles remain significant barriers to broader adoption.
File Size Blues: You Can’t Fit All Of Modern Call Of Duty’ On A PS4
Dave Thier, Senior Contributor
Call of Duty’s file size has been the stuff of legend for a little while now, going back past Black Ops Cold War and into the Modern Warfare era.
Here’s A Code For Some Free Stuff In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ And Warzone’, How To Redeem
Dave Thier, Senior Contributor
Here’s a code for some free stuff in ’Call of Duty’, courtesy of Mountain Dew and Doritos.
Electric Vehicle Stocks Are Hot, But Will Investors Refocus Attention On Batteries?
Marianne Lehnis, Contributor
Investment in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry has flourished like never before. A boom in EV stocks is being driven by the inevitability that internal combustion engine (ICE) cars will make a wholesale move to EV in the next decade.