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16h51 08  mars
Not A Fracking Frenzy: What The New Shale Oil Boom Will Look Like
David Blackmon, Senior Contributor
Moving into the next boom time for the domestic U. S. oil and gas business doesn’t necessarily mean you will be repeating the outcomes of the last one.
Climate And Energy Illustrate Potential To Liberate The Good Trends From The Bad
Jeff Opperman, Contributor
Humanity’s pursuit of good trends has often unleashed unintended bad trends, as 2020 made painfully clear. As we recover, we can focus on those sectors where the good trends are decoupling from the bad.
Utilities Are The Focus Of Electrification And Decarbonization, But Can They Deliver?
Ken Silverstein, Senior Contributor
The move to electrify and decarbonize the economy could pay off big for utilities. But are they investing enough in their infrastructures to achieve success?
Wind Turbines On Washington’s Horse Heaven Hills - How Not To Pursue A Green New Deal
James Conca, Contributor
A company out of Boulder, CO called Scout Clean Energy has applied for a permit to build a massive turbine wind farm in Washington State on the Horse Heaven Hills, circumventing the local government. But they’re building it in the wrong state.
China’s Carbon Neutral Opportunity: Economic Growth Driven By Ambitious Climate Action
Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology, Contributor
As clean energy costs keep falling, China’s carbon neutral opportunity is exporting the technologies it develops to decarbonize at home, improving domestic competitiveness in international clean energy markets.
A New Mining Super-Cycle: Can Supply Rise To The Challenge?
Wood Mackenzie, Contributor
Speculation abounds about the prospect of a new mining super-cycle. We may not be quite there yet - but it won’t be long before some markets become structurally undersupplied, particularly if the energy transition accelerates.
12h00 06  mars
Who Is To Blame For Rising Gasoline Prices?
Robert Rapier, Senior Contributor
Gasoline prices have risen sharply since the beginning of the year. Today I explain the reasons.
Texas Outages Usher In The Data-Driven Utility And Private Networks
Llewellyn King, Contributor
The lesson of the deep freeze in Texas was that sound utility infrastructure is vital to the survival of the nation.
23h47 05  mars
Getting The Gas You Need Was A Key Problem For Texas In Storm
University of Houston Energy Fellows, Contributor
With the partial collapse of Texas’ power grid, the way natural gas is extracted, moved and stored plays a key role. The Permian Basin is a bountiful source of associated gas that keeping Texas lit up. Yet it comes with specific requirements.conditions.
The Next U.S. Oil And Gas Boom Suddenly Looms On The Horizon
David Blackmon, Senior Contributor
The history of the oil and gas business in the United States is that every time the “experts” all line up to declare it to be dead, it finds a way to come roaring back.
Is The Polar Vortex To Blame For Higher Gas Prices?
Marshall Shepherd, Senior Contributor
Complaints of rising gas prices overlook the obvious: Supply, Demand, Cold Weather, and A Pandemic.
Enthusiasm For Electric Vehicles Still Appears Excessive
Michael Lynch, Senior Contributor
Electric vehicles do not appear to be competitive with gasoline vehicles for most consumers.
New Roundtable Of Utilities And Environmental Groups Call For Deep Cuts In Carbon Pollution
Environmental Defense Fund, Contributor
To help shape a bipartisan agenda for Congress, leaders from the electric utility sector, environmental organizations, and energy think tanks have been meeting regularly since March 2020.
Climate Change Will Cost Companies 1.3 Trillion By 2026
Rose Celestin, Contributor
A total of 1.26 trillion in revenue losses is anticipated for suppliers within the next five years due to climate change, deforestation, and water insecurity.
The Texas Catastrophic Blackouts: Lessons For The Developing Countries
Tilak Doshi, Contributor
For energy policy makers around the world, the lessons of the Texas debacle will be a warning sign in their own planning for power grid reliability and resilience to adverse events.
21h08 04  mars
A Bailout Of Texas’s Grid Operator Is Inevitable And It Will Cost Ratepayers Billions
Robert Bryce, Contributor
As the losses, lawsuits, and bankruptcies caused by the Texas Blackouts pile up, it’s no longer a question of if the state will have to bailout its electricity market, it’s a question of when, and how much it will cost.
Trump Proved The Mettle Of Environmental Regulations, Gina McCarthy Says
Jeff McMahon, Senior Contributor
In the courts, even with new appointees under the Trump Administration as judges, we still won over and over and over again, said Biden’s national climate advisor
Iran Accused Of Eco-Terrorism As Oil Spill Washes Up On Israeli Beaches
Ariel Cohen, Contributor
The Israeli government is accusing Iran of environmental terrorism over the historic oil disaster unfolding along its Mediterranean coast line.
Texas Response To Recent Power Blackouts Follows A Predictable Path
David Blackmon, Senior Contributor
The firing of ERCOT CEO Bill Magness comes just days after the chair of the state’s Public Utility Commission, DeAnn Walker, resigned from her position hours after Lt. Governor Dan Patrick had publicly called for both her and Magness to take that action.
17h00 03  mars
Startup Ample Launches New Battery Swap For EVs That Could Avoid The Failures Of Previous Ventures
Brad Templeton, Senior Contributor
Ample is a new electric vehicle charging system which works by having robots quickly replace small modular battery packs in electric cars, getting them back on the road in a few minutes, not unlike a gasoline fill-up. Battery swap has failed before, but this might change that.
Oil And Gas Will Not Be Left Out Of The Energy Transition To Net-Zero, Biden Team Emphasizes
Ken Silverstein, Senior Contributor
The Biden administration says that it committed to hitting net-zero targets by 2050 and to leaving no one behind. And the oil and gas sector could carbon pricing to get there.
Granholm Wakes Up DOE’s Loan Programs Office, Appoints Jigar Shah
Jeff McMahon, Senior Contributor
The Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office “as of today, is back in business,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced this morning.
20h16 02  mars
The Case For Fossil Fuel Engagement
David Carlin, Contributor
Although fossil fuels may have no future in a decarbonized world, fossil fuel firms may still have a role to play in the decades of climate transition ahead. Can responsible financial engagement with these companies support current energy needs and climate goals?
Volvo Cars Joins Anti-Combustion Engine Crowd, Will Be All-Electric By 2030
Sebastian Blanco, Contributor
Volvo will eliminate combustion engines by 2030, including all hybrid models, and shift entirely to all-electric powertrain over the next decade.
The 13,000 Wind Turbines In Texas Can Be Winterized, But Should They?
University of Houston Energy Fellows, Contributor
After ice formed on many wind turbines in Texas and caused them to shut down, it raised questions about whether that source of power could have kept running with the right modifications. Is keeping the turbines spinning in severe winter weather a cost-effective way to bolster the grid?