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rdquo; The Walking Dead’ Season 10, Episode 18 Review: Finally A Little Love For Dary
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
Daryl searches for Rick in this flashback episode.
Can ” Outriders’ Do The Impossible And Stick Its Looter Landing?
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Outriders wants to launch as a success when so many other games in the looter genre struggle for months and years after launch. Can it do it?
rdquo; WandaVision’ Didn’t Owe Fans Anything, But It Absolutely Trolled Them On Purpos
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
WandaVision was constantly breaking the fourth wall to mess with fans. Funny, but naturally it spawned some logical theories.
rdquo; Genshin Impact’: How To Redeem Codes For Free Primogens On PC, PS4 And Mobil
Dave Thier, Senior Contributor
Here’s how to redeem codes for free Primogens in ’Genshin Impact’ for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile.
A Warning About ” Destiny 2’ Umbral Engram Focusing This Season
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Destiny 2’s Umbral Engram focusing system in Season of the Chosen is bad, and even worse when you realize you’ve probably been doing it wrong this whole time.
Genshin Impact’s Themed KFCs Are Really Going All Out
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Genshin Impact’s big KFC crossover promotion is starting to roll out in China, and now we have our first look at what that actually looks like, given that I’m guessing that most you reading this are not in China and can’t go to one yourself.
The Walking Dead’s Daryl’s First Girlfriend Episode Is The End Of An Era
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
The Walking Dead gave Daryl a girlfriend at long last, but not anyone you might imagine.
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rdquo; WandaVision’ Series Finale Review: A Decent Ending To A Terrific TV Sho
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
WandaVision wraps things up with a decent series finale, but it doesn’t get everything right.
Fortnite’s Zero Point Is Starting To Go Crazy Ahead Of Season 6
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Fortnite’s Zero Point is about to blow up ahead of season 6, which ends soon.
Why Destiny 2’s Rocket Launcher Buff Was Handled Perfectly
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
It’s hard to balance a game like Destiny 2, but what Bungie did with the recent rocket launcher buff has been nearly flawless for a number of reasons.
rdquo; Outriders’ Has Put Legendary Drops Back In One Chest, But Only On
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Outriders took legendaries out of all chests in the demo, except one now.
Xbox Series X Controller Button Problems? You’re Not Alone
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Nintendo and Sony have their drifting joysticks, but Microsoft is currently faced with its own set of controller button problems for the Xbox Series X and S this generation, partially a carryover from last generation, and if you’re experiencing them, you’re not alone.
Don’t Miss A Key Part Of Genshin Impact’s New Vishaps Event
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Genshin Impact is hiding part of its new Vishaps event pretty well, but don’t miss these 20 Hero’s Wit XP books.
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None Of Marvel’s Avengers’ Decisions Since Launch Have Made Sense
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Marvel’s Avengers keeps investing in the wrong things and fixing the wrong problems. Why does this keep happening?
So What Was Up With Evan Peters In ” WandaVision’?
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
There was a lot of talking about potentially earth-shattering cameos in WandaVision, but in the end, there really was only one, and it came quite early in the series.
rdquo; The Division 2’ Is ” Rerunning’ Old Seasons As It Works On New Conten
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
The Division 2 is figuring out a way to keep going with live service content as it works on new stuff.
It’s Time To Kill 13 More Of Destiny 2’s Pointless Currencies
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Destiny 2 cut a lot of currencies for Beyond Light, but there’s still more work to do. Here are 13 more to delete.
rdquo; Pokemon GO’: Here’s What You Get From ” The Bravest Bird’ Community Day Special Researc
Dave Thier, Senior Contributor
Here’s what you get from ’The Bravest Bird’ Community Day Special Research in Pokemon GO.
rdquo; Genshin Impact’ 1.4 Preview Gives Out New Primogem Gift Codes, Reveals New Banner
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Here are new Genshin Impact gift codes for primogems, along with some details about Update 1.4 additions and banners.
Growing Up In The Barrens: Hits And Misses In The New ” Hearthstone’ Expansion
Heather Newman, Senior Contributor
Designers discuss what made it in and what was left on the card-cutting-room floor.
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Historic Anthology IV Is Bringing 25 New Cards To ” Magic The Gathering Arena’ This Month
Joe Parlock, Contributor
While Magic the Gathering Arena may not be getting Time Spiral Remastered, Wizards of the Coast has announced a whole bunch of cards will be making their way to the game’s Historic format later this month.
rdquo; Pokemon GO’ March Fletchling Community Day: Start End Times, Date, Research, Move, Bonus And Shin
Dave Thier, Senior Contributor
It’s Fletchling Community Day here in March for Pokemon GO. Check out the start and end times, special research, special move and shiny.
rdquo; Call Of Duty’ Is Down: Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare Servers Dow
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
Call Of Duty is down.
rdquo; WandaVision’ Finale Review: There Are No Spoilers In This Headlin
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Final thoughts on the WandaVision finale, and no, no spoilers in this description here either.
rdquo; Superman And Lois’ Is Putting Up Huge Numbers For The CW, Season 2 Already Confirme
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Superman and Lois is a bet paying off big time for the CW as it puts up big numbers for the channel.