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21h18 27  février
Fortnite’ Season 5, Week 13 XP Coin Locations: The Gold Coin Is Hard To Find
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
Here are all the Week 13 XP Coins for Fortnite Season 5.
The Nintendo Switch Is Holding Back Games Like Pokémon Legends: Arceus’
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
The Nintendo Switch has never needed power to compete with Sony and Microsoft, and yet it’s clearly holding back games like Pokemon Legends at this point.
Ranking The Four Classes Of The Outriders’ Demo, So Far
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Here are the top four classes of Outriders, out of four, during the demo.
How To 12-Man Raid In Destiny 2,’ Perhaps Its Greatest Glitch To Date
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Here’s how you get 12 people in a raid, or 9 people in dungeons or Nightfalls in Destiny 2, thanks to a new glitch exploit.
Will WandaVision’ Have A Season 2?
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Is WandaVision going to get a season 2 or is everything going to be wrapped up in just one more 40 minute finale next week?
Genshin Impact’ Reveals Hu Tao And Her Abilities, Out Next Week
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Here’s what you need to know about Hu Tao and her abilities, Genshin Impact’s next 5 star hero.
22h57 26  février
WandaVision’ Episode 8 Review: A Powerful Journey Through Wanda’s Grief
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
WandaVision takes a trip down memory lane in ’Previously On.’
File Size Blues: You Can’t Fit All Of Modern Call Of Duty’ On A PS4
Dave Thier, Senior Contributor
Call of Duty’s file size has been the stuff of legend for a little while now, going back past Black Ops Cold War and into the Modern Warfare era.
Here’s A Code For Some Free Stuff In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ And Warzone’, How To Redeem
Dave Thier, Senior Contributor
Here’s a code for some free stuff in ’Call of Duty’, courtesy of Mountain Dew and Doritos.
New Halo Infinite’ Screenshots Look Infinitely Better Than Before
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
Halo Infinite’s latest batch of screenshots is a vast improvement over the gameplay demo last year.
Here Are All The Free PlayStation Plus Games For March 2021 On PS4, PS5 And PSVR
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
Next month’s PlayStation Plus games are rock solid offerings from Sony.
Destiny 2’ Destroying Sunsetting Is The Psychological Patch The Game Needed
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Destiny 2 has made a hard decision that is going to make the game infinitely better, it sunset sunsetting.
Fortnite’ Recruits Batman To Solve Its Zero Point Mystery, With Bonus New Skins
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Fortnite is drafting Batman to help solve its Zero Point problem with a new comic that will give out in-game skins.
The World’s Five Best Places For Gaming Jobs In 2021
Matt Gardner, Senior Contributor
As the gaming industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, five locations have been named as the best places for games employment in 2021.
Genshin Impact’ Has Issued Its Billion Free Primogems Reward, How Many Do You Get?
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
Genshin Impact has finished tallying the numbers, it seems, and its browser-based Lantern Rite event has come to an end, which you could play here, and you can now collect the reward at the same place, provided you met the requirements.
WandaVision’ Warning: Episode 8 Has An Essential Post-Credits Scene
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
WandaVision episode 8 has another post-credits scene, and this is even more important than the last one.
Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started The Outriders’ Demo
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
The Outriders demo is taking the world by storm, and here are some things you should know before you play.
5 Things You Really Need To Know About The KFC Console
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
The KFC Console is real, and it’s giving the PS5 and Xbox Series X a run for their money.
Xbox Live Is Still Down Hours After Server Outage
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
Having trouble logging in to Xbox Live? Servers have been out for hours with no end in sight.
23h24 25  février
Meet Tobias Ighofose: Entrepreneur Creating Diverse Mobile Games Inspired By His Daughter
Tommy Williams, Contributor
Story of how Tobias Ighofose is increasing diversity and representation in the video game industry.
New Esports Boxing Club Release Date Info, Details And Screenshots
Brian Mazique, Contributor
Boxing video game fans, eSports Boxing Club doesn’t appear to be the latest tease of a return of the Sweet Science to the gaming world. It looks like the real deal.
Watch Sony’s PlayStation 5 State Of Play’ Right Here, Right Now
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
If you’re curious about what’s next for the PlayStation 5 you should tune in to today’s State Of Play.
The Magic The Gathering’ Community Raises Over 100,000 (And Rising ) For Trans Lifeline Charity
Joe Parlock, Contributor
The Magic the Gathering community has managed to raise over 10,000 in just over two hours for Trans Lifeline, a charity aiming to provide peer support and a crisis hotline for transgender people in North America.
Amazon-Owned Twitch Pulls Its Parent Company’s Anti-Union Ads
Rachel Sandler, Forbes Staff
The streaming company said the spots violated its policy against political ads.
Finally Some Good News About The Next Dragon Age’
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor
Good news for Dragon Age fans.