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07h45 23  octobre
More than 400 athletes at the kickoff in Budapest
The Grand Slam in Budapest did have a lot of cancellations and the withdrawal of the Italian team was simply painful. However there are still a couple of interesting contests to look forward to. Also the Hungarian team will showcase their best athletes. Once the contest sheets began to form at the...
06h30 23  octobre
IJF President Marius Vizer cautious and focused at World Tour comeback
The IJF has been working hard to organise the Grand Slam in Budapest. Not everyone agrees with the conditions and the fair play for everyone. It will be the return of the IJF World Judo Tour, but without the great Hungarian home crowd. On these questions IJF President Marius Vizer answered in the...
23h15 22  octobre
Anton Geesink: The Dutch judo master who reshaped the sport
In October 1964, Tokyo hosted their first Olympic Games. To celebrate, Tokyo 2020 will bring you some of the most incredible and historic moments that took place 56 years ago. In the latest part of the series, we take a look at Anton Geesink’s unforgettable victory that paved the way for judo’s...
19h20 22  octobre
Covid-19: Italian team out of Grand Slam Budapest
The Grand Slam in Budapest lost a talented team with the Italians who showed four positive results at arrival in Hungary. Upon arrival in Hungary, after the negative swabs carried out in Italy, three athletes and a an Italian coach of the Italian National Judo team tested positive for the pre-match...
16h30 22  octobre
In six years Driton Kuka has made huge steps for Kosovo
Driton Kuka is a legend coach in Kosovo. A former judoka, Kuka was robbed of his Olympic dream in 1992 by the bloody collapse of federal Yugoslavia and never had the honour of representing Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, internationally. Today in 2014 Kosovo was recognized...
11h10 22  octobre
Distria Krasniqi will need to have endurance to keep her weight
For Paris winner Distria Krasniqi, the postponement of the 2020 Olympics isn’t merely a disappointment. It means another year of intense calorie-counting and sleepless nights. On Friday she will participate in the Grand Slam in Budapest U48kg.
10h25 22  octobre
Nikoloz Sherazadishvili in between two flags
Nikoloz Sherazadishvili was born in Georgia but is the first male World Champion for Spain. He lives there since he was 14 but feels connected to both countries. Niko Shera as they call him in Spain is in between two flags. When the young Nikoloz was 14, his family moved to Spain for work, and...
12h30 21  octobre
World Champion Lukas Krpalek tested positive for Covid-19
World and Olympic Champion Lukas Krpalek tested positive for Covid-19. The Czech judo star was one of the favourites for the 100kg title at the comeback of judo in the occasion of the Grand Slam in Budapest this weekend. Before his departure he was tested according to the protocols and couldn’t...
07h30 21  octobre
Effects of Judo Training on College students and their academic performance
Most people would agree that high sports participation can increase students’ motivation and teach both teamwork and self-discipline. Some studies have shown that individuals who do physical activities perform better in school than those who do not. For most students, getting some exercises means...
11h50 20  octobre
Former lightweight World Champion Ami Kondo retires
Former lightweight World Champion Ami Kondo retires as judoka. Although the Nagoya native captured a 48kg World title at the 2014 world championships in Chelyabinsk and Olympic bronze, the tiny Kondo retires at the age of 25. In Russia she took the world title when she was just 19. Kondo ended up...