03h27 28  février
10 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World
Pia Peterson
Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.View Entire Post ›
09h25 25  février
India Has Its Own Alternative To Twitter. It’s Filled With Hate.
Pranav Dixit
Embraced by India’s right-wing government, Koo has given a platform to anti-Muslim hostility.View Entire Post ›
09h57 19  février
A New Survey Of The Financial Industry Shows Significant Support For The FinCEN Files Investigation
Jason Leopold
Some in the financial industry warned the unprecedented reporting project would have a chilling effect. Now, many say it could improve the system.View Entire Post ›
20h36 10  février
Twitter Says It Won’t Block Journalists, Activists, And Politicians In India To Protect Free Speech
Pranav Dixit
Defying the Indian government could put Twitter officials in jail. But not doing so would mean enabling a crackdown against free speech.View Entire Post ›
Secret Documents Show How Terrorist Supporters Use Bitcoin " And How The Government Is Scrambling To Stop Them
John Templon
After a decade of concerns, the US government is pushing for stronger regulation.View Entire Post ›
20h25 09  février
ldquo;The Tweets Must Continue To Flow,” Twitter Says Amid Standoff With Indi
Pranav Dixit
The government has reportedly ordered the company to take down access to nearly 1,200 additional accounts.View Entire Post ›
21h25 10  février
A Search For “Dog” On Instagram Surfaces An Emoji For A Chinese Takeout Box
Ryan Mac
ldquo;How are the emoji’s being recommended in this and can we remove this so this doesn’t perpetuate Asian racial stereotypes?” View Entire Post &rsaquo
23h25 17  février
Research Shows These Are The 13 Countries People Struggle To Identify On A Map - Can You Guess Even Half Right?
Sam Cleal
Do you know your countries by sight?View Entire Post ›
17h25 07  février
Google And Apple Have Caved To Pakistani Pressure To Take Down Apps Made By This Persecuted Religious Minority
Megha Rajagopalan
The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has used anti-blasphemy rules to target members of the Ahmadiyya community.View Entire Post ›
16h25 08  février
22 Fascinating Facts About Space That Gave Me A Healthy Dose Of Existential Dread
Sam Cleal
The biggest star known to man is 1,700 times larger than the sun View Entire Post ›
Twitter Unblocked Accounts That Criticized India’s Government. Now, Its Employees Are Being Threatened With Jail Time Unless It Blocks Them Again.
Pranav Dixit
The social media company is refusing an order to take down accounts the government wants gone.View Entire Post ›
08h13 06  février
COVID-19 Vaccinations In Israel Are Starting To Curb The Pandemic, But Not Everyone Is Getting Shots
Peter Aldhous
But difficulties convincing some groups to get their shots point to big challenges that lie ahead for other nations " especially the US.View Entire Post ›
06h03 03  février
After Fueling A Genocide, Facebook Is Taking A Stand Against A Myanmar Coup
Tasneem Nashrulla
In an internal post, the company outlined how it will try to protect people opposing Myanmar’s military coup.View Entire Post ›
The Government Wants To Protect Troops From Microwave Weapons, Which Trump Officials Considered Using On Immigrants
Dan Vergano
A December request for contract proposals calls microwave weapons “a growing threat on the battlefield.” View Entire Post ›
12h25 04  février
Yes, This PE Teacher Really Danced Through The Coup In Myanmar
Jane Lytvynenko
The viral video looked too absurd to be real, but online sleuths were able to quickly verify its location.View Entire Post ›
15h25 03  février
Twitter Temporarily Blocked Accounts Critical Of The Indian Government
Pranav Dixit
The government order to block included a movie star, a political commentator, and a prominent magazine. Their accounts have all been restored.View Entire Post ›
02h23 28  janvier
Biden’s Latest Executive Orders Are The Most Aggressive Moves On Climate Change Of Any President
Zahra Hirji
The executive orders will take aim at fossil fuels and set the US up to be an international leader in tackling the climate crisis.View Entire Post ›
Violent Protests Erupted In India. Then Calls For Police To Shoot The Protesters Went Viral On Twitter.
Pranav Dixit
Twitter did not take “Shoot” off its trending topics for at least a couple of hours " after there was public outcry and after BuzzFeed News emailed asking for comment.View Entire Post ›
00h25 26  janvier
These Photos And Videos Of Pro-Democracy Protests In Russia Are Shockingly Intense
Jane Lytvynenko
Russians braved -60 degree weather and police brutality to demand opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s release.View Entire Post ›
20h07 22  janvier
Google Has Threatened To Pull Search From Australia If It Is Forced To Pay News Publishers For Content
Pranav Dixit
The move could have ripple effects around the world, including in the United States.View Entire Post ›
WhatsApp Fueled A Global Misinformation Crisis. Now, It’s Stuck In One.
Pranav Dixit
A new privacy policy will be delayed three months after people were confused about what it would mean.View Entire Post ›
05h25 24  janvier
Here’s How Newspapers Around The World Reacted To Joe Biden’s Inauguration
Tasneem Nashrulla
Joe Biden’s historic inauguration as the 46th US president made headlines around the world.View Entire Post ›
20h52 22  janvier
On Day 1, Biden Directed The US To Rejoin The Paris Climate Accord
Zahra Hirji
Under Trump’s direction, the US became the only country to withdraw from the historic climate agreement.View Entire Post ›
20h31 20  janvier
Trump Has Pardoned A Silicon Valley Engineer Who Stole Trade Secrets From Google
Pranav Dixit
A judge had allowed Anthony Levandowski to serve out his 18-month prison sentence after the coronavirus pandemic.View Entire Post ›
21h52 19  janvier
US Solar Companies Rely On Materials From Xinjiang, Where Forced Labor Is Rampant
Megha Rajagopalan
ldquo;It’s almost impossible to confidently assess the labor conditions in Xinjiang.” View Entire Post &rsaquo
01h38 15  janvier
2020 Was One Of The Hottest Years On Record. Global Warming Is To Blame.
Zahra Hirji
NASA found 2020 tied as the hottest on record. NOAA found it came in a close second.View Entire Post ›
05h59 14  janvier
Far-Right Extremists Around The World Are Drawing Inspiration From The Insurrection On Capitol Hill
Christopher Miller
On secret communication channels and open message boards, white supremacists are rejoicing at what President Donald Trump unleashed " and planning their next moves.View Entire Post ›
03h25 15  janvier
People Are Really Mad About Facebook’s Changes To WhatsApp’s Privacy Policies
Pranav Dixit
And they are moving to Signal and Telegram as a result.View Entire Post ›
23h25 14  janvier
14 Foods That Were Extremely Normal In Centuries Gone By But Are Super Weird Today
Sam Cleal
Including torpedo fuel and toast water.View Entire Post ›
06h41 09  janvier
An Extra-Contagious Coronavirus Variant Is In The US " But No One Knows How Widespread It Is
Stephanie M. Lee
ldquo;Our healthcare infrastructure is already at a breaking point,” one expert said. “The introduction of a more transmissible strain might be enough to tip us over.” View Entire Post &rsaquo
The US Was Hit With A Record Number of Billion-Dollar Natural Disasters In 2020
Zahra Hirji
ldquo;We’re running out of adjectives trying to describe these extreme events,” a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration official said.View Entire Post &rsaquo
06h08 08  janvier
A Slow Start To COVID-19 Vaccines Has The FDA Facing Calls To Change Shot Schedules
Dan Vergano
By cutting doses in half or delaying second shots, some scientists say we could maximize the number of people who get vaccinated. Others argue that could be dangerous.View Entire Post ›
21h25 07  janvier
Here’s How Countries Are Reacting To Trump Supporters’ Attempted Coup In DC
Christopher Miller
Germany’s foreign minister said that “the enemies of democracy will be thrilled” by the scenes unfolding on Capitol Hill.View Entire Post ›
21h31 04  mars
These Updating Charts Show How Many People Have Received A Coronavirus Vaccine
Peter Aldhous
Follow the latest vaccination data in the US and globally.View Entire Post ›
17h24 06  janvier
One Of The Most Kind People You Would Ever Meet : She Escaped The Holocaust But Not The Pandemi
Jane Lytvynenko
Malvina Shabes escaped Poland during World War II and found refuge in Canada. A COVID-19 outbreak in a retirement home killed her.View Entire Post ›
14h06 05  janvier
This Super Granny Worked Her Entire Life " Until COVID-19 Killed Her
Pranav Dixit
Sushma Mane kept her family going, until she couldn’t go any longer.View Entire Post ›
09h12 02  janvier
How One Company Made It Easier For An Autocrat To Crack Down, Then Lobbied Trump " And Won
Albert Samaha
Congo suffered under the rule of Joseph Kabila, but an audacious lobbying campaign helped him get what he wanted out of the Trump administration.View Entire Post ›
07h32 31  décembre
These Photos Show What The #EndSARS Movement Looked Like
Kovie Biakolo
In October, protests against Nigeria’s notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad became a global movement.View Entire Post ›
01h17 19  février
We Found The Factories Inside China’s Mass Internment Camps
Alison Killing
Observers have long warned of rising forced labor in Xinjiang. Satellite images show factories built just steps away from cell blocks.View Entire Post ›
19h25 30  décembre
There Is Anger And Resignation In The Developing World As Rich Countries Buy Up All The COVID Vaccines
Karla Zabludovsky
Mexico says it’s wrong for wealthy countries to buy up more vaccines than they need, while others still don’t have access to a single dose.View Entire Post ›
03h43 23  décembre
Biden’s Team Warned That He Won’t Be Able To Change All Of Trump’s Immigration Policies Overnight
Adolfo Flores
The presidential transition team laid out several priorities, such as revising who can make an asylum claim first and ending what they call artificial capacity limits that restrict how many immigrants can be processed at the border.View Entire Post ›
01h52 21  décembre
Here’s What Is Changing After The FinCEN Files Shook The World Of Banking
Will Fitzgibbon
After BuzzFeed News and ICIJ published a joint investigation, officials across the globe began taking action to finally thwart illicit financial activity and the criminals who move money through Western banks.View Entire Post ›
02h59 24  décembre
This Viral Video Of A Young Asian Girl Crying About Her Language Is Generating An Important Conversation On TikTok
Krista Torres
Why am I Chinese if I don’t know how to learn Chinese? View Entire Post &rsaquo
19h28 14  décembre
ldquo;I Forgot There Was A Pandemic” : How It Feels Living In Places Where COVID Isn’t A Thin
David Mack
COVID infections are low to nonexistent in several countries, where life looks practically normal. Some people even occasionally forget there’s a pandemic going on.View Entire Post ›
21h05 15  décembre
Scientists Still Have Problems With AstraZeneca and Oxford’s Vaccine Results
Peter Aldhous
On Tuesday, Oxford became the first team leading a coronavirus vaccine trial to publish its results in a peer-reviewed journal, but scientists have questions about how the trials were conducted.View Entire Post ›
14h25 10  décembre
Scientists Are Slamming A Report Saying Microwave Attacks Could Have Caused “Havana Syndrome” In US Diplomats
Dan Vergano
ldquo;The report does not make a coherent argument why microwaves should be involved,” one critic said.View Entire Post &rsaquo
03h25 05  décembre
The Head Of Social Media For India’s Ruling Party Uses Twitter To Spread Rumors And Lies. Twitter Just Applied A Warning Label To One Of His Tweets.
Pranav Dixit
Critics have been asking American tech companies to apply the same standards to the rest of the world as they do to the US. It might finally be happening.View Entire Post ›
03h04 20  février
Inside A Xinjiang Detention Camp
Megha Rajagopalan
In a lush countryside idyll known for its horse farms and fields of yellow flowers, China built a system of total control.View Entire Post ›
11h25 03  décembre
The Mafia Is Probably Going To Try To Get Their Hands On The COVID Vaccine
Julia Reinstein
Coronavirus vaccines will be equivalent of liquid gold to organized crime networks, according to global police agency Interpol.View Entire Post ›
00h48 06  décembre
Coronavirus Vaccination Will Begin Next Week In The UK. It’s A Major Milestone In The Fight Against The Pandemic.
Alex Campbell
Vaccination in the UK will begin next week and healthcare workers will likely be first in line.View Entire Post ›