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15h16 04  mars
Scientists who discovered migraine mechanism win 1.1m Brain prize
Linda Geddes
World’s largest neuroscience prize goes to researchers whose work has paved way for preventive treatmentsFour scientists who discovered a key mechanism that causes migraines, paving the way for new preventive treatments, have won the largest prize for neuroscience in the world, sharing 1.1m...
SpaceX: Mars ship prototype explodes after first intact landing
Elon Musk’s last two prototypes reached similarly high altitude, but crash-landed in fireballsSpaceX’s futuristic Starship looked like it aced a touchdown Wednesday, but then exploded on the landing pad with so much force that it was hurled into the air.The failure occurred just minutes...
22h41 03  mars
Hammer time Baby fish brain lights up listening to U Can’t Touch This - video
Presented by Natalie Grover and produced by Madeleine Finlay
Australian DJ and neuroscientist Rebecca Poulsen - AKA BeXta - is studying what happens to a zebrafish larvae brains when they hear certain sounds. Then she played one MC Hammer’s 1990 hit ... ’You can see when the vocal goes ” ohhh-oh’, specific neurons light up and you can see it...
09h11 04  mars
Does how we think influence what we think? - podcast
Kate Ravilious
What we believe is influenced by an array of factors, from our past experience to who our friends are. But a recent paper has now looked at what role how we think plays in sculpting our world-views. Natalie Grover speaks to lead author Dr Leor Zmigrod about the research evaluating the link between...
06h00 03  mars
Call of the rewild: releasing Britain’s rivers to ease flooding
Adam Morton Environment editor
Confining rivers creates valuable agricultural land but can lead to greater flood risk downstreamFor many of us across the UK it has felt like another wet winter; yet again homes have flooded and politicians are under pressure to improve flood protection. Engineering our rivers and building...
Australia confirms extinction of 13 more species, including first reptile since colonisation
Robin McKie
Christmas Island forest skink and 12 mammals on list, which also includes the desert bettong, broad-cheeked hopping mouse and Nullarbor barred bandicootThe Australian government has officially acknowledged the extinction of 13 endemic species, including 12 mammals and the first reptile known to...
21h06 27  février
rdquo; I’ve had my vaccine - how well will it protect me and for how long?&rsquo
Presented by Ian Sample and produced by Madeleine Finlay
The latest answers to the important medical questions about the vaccines and the pandemicCoronavirus - latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe prospects of vaccines failing to trigger immune responses are dismissed as remote by scientists. “If a vaccine has not been properly...
05h00 02  mars
Covid-19: why are we feeling burnt out?
Harriet Sherwood
It’s getting towards a year since the UK first went into lockdown. That’s almost 12 months of home-schooling, staying in at the weekends, and not being able to see groups of friends and family in person. For many, the pandemic has also brought grief, loss of financial stability and...
07h15 28  février
Covid vaccine does not affect fertility but misinformation persists
Jessica Glenza and Alvin Chang
Scientists emphasise safety but younger women still hesitantCoronavirus - latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAmy Taylor was chatting to friends over a Zoom drink when the conversation took an unexpected turn. One of the group - all in their early 30s, mostly university-educated and in...
08h00 26  février
Will I have to wear a mask after getting the Covid vaccine?
Mattha Busby (now); Sarah Marsh, Kevin Rawlinson and Helen Sullivan (earlier)
With Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine close to distribution in the US, the end of the pandemic seems a big step closer. But not everything will return to normal right awayPublic health authorities want people to keep wearing masks and social distancing, even after they receive a...
16h05 04  mars
Coronavirus live: Italy blocks AZ vaccine due for Australia; Germany and Sweden approve Oxford jab for over-65s
Matthew Taylor
Sweden follows Germany in recommending Oxford vaccine for over-65s; Italy blocks shipment of AstraZeneca vaccine heading to AustraliaGerman authorities say over-65s should get AstraZeneca jab Europe must deploy health ” basics to curb Covid-19 resurgence’Vaccines tweaked for Covid...
International climate scientists join call to halt Leeds Bradford airport expansion
John Vidal
Academics write to Robert Jenrick predicting dire consequences for climate crisis if plans go aheadLeading international climate scientists are among more than 200 academics who have written to the government calling on it to halt what they say would be an ecologically destructive expansion of...
Farmers and rights groups boycott food summit over big business links
Sarah Boseley and Libby Brooks
Focus on agro-business rather than ecology has split groups invited to planned UN conference on hungerAn international food summit to address growing hunger and diet-related disease is in disarray as hundreds of farmers’ and human rights groups are planning a boycott. Related: ’A shame for...
UK will diverge from EU and US on approving tweaked Covid vaccines
Lisa Feldman Barrett
MHRA says it will not insist that vaccines altered for new variants are ” non-inferior’ to originalCoronavirus - latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe UK will adopt a different standard from Europe and the US when it considers approval for coronavirus vaccines that have been...
Variation is the stuff of life. So why can it make us uncomfortable? Lisa Feldman Barrett
Embracing difference is vital for our success as a species, but it places extra demands on the brain. Here’s how to get better at itMost people enjoy variety. We like to eat different foods from meal to meal. We wear different clothes. We like to try new activities and visit new places, which...
19h59 03  mars
The Guardian view on Rishi Sunak’s budget: Britain will go backwards with tax rises and spending cuts Editorial
Simon Lewis
The chancellor would like Britain’s relief response to be seen like Joe Biden’s in the US. But President Biden believes in the power of government, Mr Sunak does notRishi Sunak, the chancellor, has emerged in recent months with the plausible aura of a future Tory leader. This budget was...
The climate crisis can’t be solved by carbon accounting tricks Simon Lewis
Kanishk Tharoor
Disaster looms if big finance is allowed to game the carbon offsetting markets to achieve ” net zero’ emissionsAn astonishing global shift is under way: 127 countries have now stated that by mid-century their overall emissions of carbon dioxide will be zero. That includes the EU, US,...
16h06 02  mars
The vaccine rollout makes it clear: the randomness of nationality still determines our lives Kanishk Tharoor
Presented by Natalie Grover and produced by Madeleine Finlay
Not one Covid jab had been administered in 130 of the world’s poorer countries by mid-FebruaryAfter the news in November of the successful trials of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine, a curious photo spread online. It showed a Turkish immigrant family of six in Germany in the 1970s. The...
05h00 25  février
A practical guide to tackling the climate crisis - podcast
Presented by Nicola Davis and produced by Madeleine Finlay
The first UN climate change conference was held in 1995 in Berlin. More than two decades later, our planet remains on track for three degrees of warming above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century. The answer to avoiding this catastrophe is both simple and staggeringly complicated...
10h21 23  février
Did an ancient magnetic pole flip change life on Earth? - podcast
Presented and produced by Madeleine Finlay
What would it be like if the Earth’s magnetic pole switched? Migrating animals and hikers would certainly need to reset their compasses, but could it play real havoc with life on Earth? Analysing the rings of an ancient tree pulled from a bog in New Zealand, researchers have been...
05h00 18  février
Why do humans struggle to think of ourselves as animals? - podcast
Trevor James, Jim Grozier and Gerard Gilligan
The pandemic has demonstrated why humans are ultimately an impressive species. From monitoring the genetic evolution of Sars-CoV-2 to devising vaccines in record time, we have put our minds together to reduce the impact of Covid-19. Yet, the global spread of a new disease is a reminder that we are...
17h20 28  février
Letters: Sir Arnold Wolfendale obituary
Philip Ball
Sir Arnold Wolfendale wrote an article on John Harrison and the invention of his maritime clock (2008) for The Historian, the members’ journal of the Historical Association. On making his acquaintance, I discovered that, along with being a physics professor and astronomer royal, he attended...
02h00 04  mars
SpaceX’s Starship SN10 rocket launches, lands, sits there, blows up - video
Alex Bellos
Elon Musks’s Starship rocket has made its first test launch, flight and intact landing - before suddenly exploding minutes later. After a delay to the initial flight, SN10 lifted off from Boca Chica, Texas, reaching an altitude of 10 kilometres, before descending and landing upright, albeit...
09h00 21  février
After the Nobel, what next for Crispr gene-editing therapies?
Alex Bellos
Hailed as the ” molecular scissors’ that will allow us to rewrite our genes, the DNA tool is being trialled in treatments for everything from sickle-cell anaemia to cancerWhen last year’s Nobel prize for chemistry was awarded to biochemist Jennifer Doudna and microbiologist...
17h00 22  février
Did you solve it? The art of the puzzle
Alex Bellos
The solutions to today’s artful problemsEarlier today I set you the following puzzles. The first is a starter problem and the other three were suggested by puzzle guru Rob Eastaway.The nine dots Continue reading...
Can you solve it? The art of the puzzle
Alex Bellos
Thinking in and out of the boxUPDATE: The solutions are now up hereWhat makes for a great puzzle? Here’s a golden oldie that certainly qualifies.The nine dots Continue reading...
17h00 08  février
Did you solve it? Think of a number
The solution to today’s Q&A puzzleEarlier today I asked you the following puzzle.Ask Johnny Continue reading...
Can you solve it? Think of a number
A new twist on the all time classic maths trick UPDATE: the solution can now be read here.“Think of a number” tricks are such a puzzle staple that the BBC even named a kids show after them. (To readers under the age of 40, Think of a Number was hosted by Zoe Ball’s dad Johnny,...
13h05 01  mars
Large meteor ’fireball’ blazes across the UK, lighting up skies - video
A large meteor was visible over parts of the UK on Sunday night, delighting those lucky enough to see it.The meteor was spotted shortly before 10pm and was visible for about seven seconds. It was captured on doorbell and security cameras in Manchester, Cardiff, Honiton, Bath, Midsomer Norton and...
22h44 24  février
Listen to the first sounds recorded on Mars - video
Nasa scientists release the first sounds ever recorded on Mars, a light gust of wind on the planet’s surface on Monday.’I invite you now to, if you would like to, close your eyes and just imagine yourself sitting on the surface of Mars and listening to the surroundings,’...