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18h06 26  février
What AI Practitioners Could Learn From A 1989 MIT Dissertation
Arun Shastri, Contributor
We can use legacy adoption principals to drive user behavior for cutting edge AI. We can also use AI to drive adoption in legacy technologies.
Aurora Buys Chip Startup To Cut Laser Lidar Costs For Robot Cars And Trucks
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff
The self-driving tech developer is acquiring Silicon Valley startup OURS Technology to integrate its lidar sensor into a single chip.
Movable Ink: How A Culture Of Curiosity Breeds Resilience
Charles Towers-Clark, Contributor
Company culture is strongest when it is organic, and follows a clear set of shared values, according to Movable Ink’s CEO Vivek Sharma. To pivot and stay resilient during a pandemic, managers need to let employees and culture lead the way.
Stripe Hires Former Google Comms VP Peter Barron
Johan Moreno, Contributor
Amid an expansion into Europe, Stripe is hiring Peter Barron to serve as its head of communications.
19h21 24  février
The Cambrian AI Landscape: Cerebras Systems
Karl Freund, Contributor
The unique approach has gained the US DOE supercomputing centers’ attention, first at Argonne National Labs, which has purchased at least one of the 2M systems.
Diversity Dies At The Top: Human Or Robot, The Board Rules The Day (Part 2 Of The Time Capsule Project Series)
Neil Sahota, Contributor
If we lived in a world dominated by AI robot C-suite executives and Board of Directors, people may be more panicky. Despite knowing this, we often put the need for human diversity at these top positions on the back-burner.
Surviving Covid-19 Does Not Mean Thriving, But Advanced Technology Could Promote A Better Life Experience & Recovery
Mark Minevich, Contributor
Surviving Covid-19 Does Not Mean Thriving, But Advanced Technology Could Promote A Better Life Experience & Recovery.
Winning With Data Science: 5 Non-Intuitive Tips For Pharma Leaders
Ganes Kesari, Contributor
What are the most common mistakes pharma leaders make while getting their organizations started on data science? Using pharmaceutical industry examples, we’ll look at the five surprising tips to succeed in your advanced analytics journey.
Ted Lasso, Other Apple TV Shows Arriving Soon To Chromecast And Google
Johan Moreno, Contributor
Google said it would begin supporting the Apple TV app globally, which offers Apple TV programs on its new Chromecast with Google TV dongle. The company also said it would begin supporting the app on more of its devices to come.
16h30 23  février
Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Is Hot In AI, But Getting A Cooler Reception For Self-Driving Cars
Lance Eliot, Contributor
Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is hot in AI, but not necessarily so for self-driving cars.
Robot Dog Wars: How Spot’s Rampage Gets It Wrong And The Armed Robots You Need Really To Worry About
David Hambling, Contributor
The robotics performance artwork Spot’s Rampage aims to highlight the threat of military machines using Boston Dynamics’ creepy robot dog -- but it is hopelessly misguided and distracts from the real killer robots.
11h00 22  février
Building AI Leadership Brain Trust: Why Is User Centered Design Literacy Key To AI Competency Development?
Cindy Gordon, Contributor
This blog discusses the key role of User Centered Design (UCD) in building end user engagement, diverse design and solution teams, and integrating ethical and fairness practices into AI products and solutions to achieve successful AI value realizations, creating a stronger vs a more biased world.
10 Ways AI And Machine Learning Are Improving Marketing In 2021
Louis Columbus, Contributor
Starbucks set the ambitious goal of being the world’s most personalized brand by relying on predictive analytics and machine learning to create a real-time personalization experience.
16h30 20  février
Humans Drive Too Fast In The Rain And Are Making Life Darned Hard For Self-Driving Cars
Lance Eliot, Contributor
When it rains, human drivers get zany, and the question arises as to how self-driving cars can cope with both the rain and the antics of human drivers.
Head Of Google Ethical AI Team Fired Three Months After Co-Leader’s Controversial Exit
Rachel Sandler, Forbes Staff
The company says Margaret Mitchell had taken company sensitive documents and private employee data following the acrimonious departure researcher Timnit Gebru.
18h11 19  février
Can Verifiable Credentials Be The Key To Safely Reopening The Economy?
Hessie Jones, Contributor
COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI), using Verifiable Credentials may prove to be one solution to help safely reopen the economy by enabling speed of information for effective decisions.
Beware The AI Benchmarks
Karl Freund, Contributor
During typical hardware marketing, vendors seek to put its best foot forward, touting performance claims that, while useful, can often confuse an observer. The solution is to submit benchmarks to MLCommons for inclusion in the industry-standard AI benchmarks.
Medicine & Mindfulness: How VR Training Is Helping Healthcare Through The Pandemic
Charles Towers-Clark, Contributor
Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are fast becoming a vital tool in medical training, particularly as healthcare professionals are stretched to their limits dealing with Covid patients. Can the technology do more to improve healthcare as a whole as the sector undergoes further digital transformation?
The Tesla Mafia: Elon Musk’s Ex-Employees Vie To Become His Top Rival
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff
Musk hasn’t simply revolutionized the electric vehicle market he’s created his own billion-dollar rivals.
IBM Reveals Five Year Quantum Development Roadmap
Kevin Krewell, Contributor
Every year we get closer to mainstream use of quantum computers. IBM’s Quantum roadmap shows how the company plans to make quantum accessible to more developers.
Combining Three Pillars Of Cybersecurity
Chuck Brooks, Contributor
Our digital world is under assault, and we need to urgently upgrade our defenses. Three significant risk management themes have been put forward to help ameliorate the digital risk ecosystem including: security by design, defense in depth, and zero trust. We need all three.
17h08 18  février
The Cambrian AI Landscape: Intel
Karl Freund, Contributor
Intel has a strategy for heterogeneous computing: Domain Specific Architectures. Pat Gelsinger will likely double down in this field to increase the company’s presence in AI.
The AI-Powered Enterprise Is A Good Book On Management In The Digital Age, Masquerading As A Book On Artificial Intelligence
David A. Teich, Senior Contributor
The AI-Powered Enterprise is for management interested in better understanding how to adopt new technologies and the processes needed to link line organizations with IT. The book uses artificial intelligence as a tool to describe those things.
Technology, Diversity, And A Global Mindset: Here’s What’s In Store For Remote Hiring In 2021
Sanjoe Jose, Contributor
Traditional hiring practices were flipped on their head due to the pandemic. Talview’s Remote Hiring Trends for 2021 survey uncovered that in 2021 and beyond, companies are looking to hire remote to help them become more diverse, boost candidate experience, and improve recruitment outcomes.
How AI Affects Employment
Konstantine Buhler, Contributor
Most of this generation of artificial intelligence could actually improve jobs and even can increase employment.