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15h00 26  février
Corellium The Startup Apple Is Suing Joins Forces With ARM Security Genius To Build iPhone, Mac And Android Research Heaven
Thomas Brewster, Forbes Staff
As it prepares for a potential jury trial with Apple, Corellium hires a Forbes Under 30 alum and an ex-British intelligence analyst to build out an ARM research nirvana.
15h38 25  février
Exclusive: Hackers Break Into Biochemical Systems’ At Oxford University Lab Studying Covid-19
Thomas Brewster, Forbes Staff
Oxford’s Division of Structural Biology is hacked by a crew that has allegedly sold data to governments. They acquired access to machines preparing biochemical samples.
16h05 24  février
Positive Business Outcomes Need Cyber Secure Compliance
Emil Sayegh, Contributor
For businesses around the world, it is critical to take proactive cybersecurity measures and stay one step ahead of threats.
The Cybersecurity Tech Startup Defending Against Identity Fraud
AllBusiness, Contributor
Stan Bounev, CEO of cybersecurity startup VeriClouds, discusses how his company is using dark web threat intelligence and AI to address a huge opportunity in the global fraud detection and prevention market.
Facebook Rolls Out New Tools To Stop ’Non-Malicious’ Child Exploitation
Emma Woollacott, Senior Contributor
Facebook says it’s adding new tools to help prevent child exploitation on its site, following reports that it hosted more child sexual abuse material than any other tech company in 2019.
10h43 23  février
Facebook Hashtag Purge Fails To Stop Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories Spreading
Thomas Brewster, Forbes Staff
Forbes finds #DarkToLight and #Scamdemic hashtags are used to promote tens of thousands of posts across Facebook and Instagram, many containing Covid-19 conspiracy theories. Both are now banned, but other questionable hashtags remain live.
13h37 22  février
EU UK Data Flows Can Continue - For Now
Emma Woollacott, Senior Contributor
The European Commission has ruled that transfers of personal data between the EU and the UK can continue, while reserving the right to change its mind if the UK diverges too far from EU law.
How China’s Most Dangerous Cyber Threats Are Made In America’
Zak Doffman, Contributor
Alarming new intelligence links Chinese attacks to U.S. technology...
15h00 21  février
Got A Day Of Hack’ Email With Your Password? Here’s 3 Things To Do Now
Davey Winder, Senior Contributor
Have you got a disturbing email from a hacker with your password? Please don’t panic; I’ve got your back.
Apple Issues Bold Blow To Google With This Brilliant New Security Move
Kate O'Flaherty, Senior Contributor
Apple just gave users a security reason to choose its own ecosystem over its rival Google.
03h41 20  février
Safety Certification Giant UL Has Been Hit By Ransomware
Lee Mathews, Senior Contributor
The 127-year-old company once known as Underwriters Laboratories is wrestling with a ransomware outbreak.
16h38 19  février
Nigerian Influencer Ramon Hushpuppi’ Abbas Laundered Funds For North Korean Hackers, Says U.S. Department Of Justice
David Dawkins, Forbes Staff
Known online as Hushpuppi and the Billionaire Gucci Master, Abbas faces fresh questions over links to a 2019 North Korean-perpetrated cyber-enabled heist.
Securing Machine Identities Needs To Be A Top Cybersecurity Goal In 2021
Louis Columbus, Senior Contributor
According to a Venafi study, machine identity attacks grew 400% between 2018 and 2019, increasing by over 700% between 2014 and 2019.
Intel Shares Four PC Security Must-Haves To Support Distributed Work
Maribel Lopez, Senior Contributor
Distributed work requires companies to rethink security strategies. PCs provide the foundation of a company’s security efforts but the security landscape has changed. Intel shares insights on what’s needed to defend against modern attacks.
Combining Three Pillars Of Cybersecurity
Chuck Brooks, Contributor
Our digital world is under assault, and we need to urgently upgrade our defenses. Three significant risk management themes have been put forward to help ameliorate the digital risk ecosystem including: security by design, defense in depth, and zero trust. We need all three.
17h46 18  février
Hackers Leak Gigabytes Of Data Stolen From International Law Firm Jones Day
Lee Mathews, Senior Contributor
Last month hackers infiltrated a server used by Jones Day, one of the largest and most successful law firms in the world.
The Biden 100: Tech Expectations From Biden’s First 100 Days (Part 2)
Emil Sayegh, Contributor
Part two of this series looks at the potential impact of the Biden administration on a number of aspects of the tech sector, including trade policy and labor.
15h30 17  février
The Future Of Unemployment Insurance
Michael Bernick, Contributor
For years, the Unemployment Insurance system has failed both employers and workers. The system meltdowns during the pandemic may finally bring change.
Apple Security: Hackers Are Crafting Malicious Apps To Run On New M1 Chip Based Macs
Kate O'Flaherty, Senior Contributor
Hackers are constantly adapting their attacks to keep up with new technology including Apple’s M1 chip used to power newer Macs.
LastPass Breaks Free Accounts: Where To Store Your Passwords Now?
Barry Collins, Contributor
Password manager LastPass is making its free accounts effectively useless by limiting account holders to one type of device. Find out where to store your passwords now.
18h08 16  février
Meet The Founder Who Is Safeguarding The Industrial Enterprise From Hackers
Chase Feiger, M.D., Contributor
When a hacker tried to poison Tampa-area’s water with lye last week, the US was exposed to the harsh reality of interconnectivity. As a record number of companies embark on digital transformation journeys to embrace Industry 4.0, they are leveraging Dragos for industrial strength cybersecurity.
The Biden 100: Tech Expectations From Biden’s First 100 Days
Emil Sayegh, Contributor
From cybersecurity to visas, there are a number of ways the Biden administration may impact the tech sector over the first 100 days.
SolarWinds: Microsoft Reveals New Details About Sophisticated Mega-Breach
Kate O'Flaherty, Senior Contributor
Details about the SolarWinds hack continue to emerge months after the supply chain mega-breach was first discovered late last year. The latest revelations come from Microsoft, which is calling the cyber-attack the most sophisticated of all time.
Report: North Korean Hackers Tried To Steal Covid-19 Vaccine Tech From Pfizer
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff
The isolated country has previously been accused of targeting researchers and pharma companies for sensitive information on the pandemic.
15h51 15  février
Drones With Facial Recognition Are Primed To Fly But The World Isn’t Ready Yet
Thomas Brewster, Forbes Staff
The patents are there, the tech is ready, but is the world going to accept drones that can recognise someone’s face? An Israeli startup talks about its plans to launch what’s likely to be a controversial technology.