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12h23 27  février
NVIDIA’s Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0 Accelerates Building Custom AI Models
Janakiram MSV, Senior Contributor
With its no-code approach, TLT 3.0 makes AI accessible to developers who are not familiar with deep learning and neural networks. The support for computer vision and conservational UI models makes TLT 3.0 the most appealing technology for AI enthusiasts.
10h31 26  février
Google Makes Kubernetes Invisible In The Cloud With GKE Autopilot
Janakiram MSV, Senior Contributor
With GKE Autopilot, Google delivered another industry first by removing the complexity of running cloud native workloads while creating a strong differentiation factor for its cloud platform.
23h05 25  février
Cisco Seeks To Enable An Inclusive Covid-19 Recovery
Will Townsend, Contributor
Analyst Will Townsend examines Cisco’s Covid-19 recovery efforts.
Building An Enterprise Software Company: Tips For Founders From Dev Ittycheria, CEO Of MongoDB
Glenn Solomon, Contributor
MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria shares insights and lessons learned for building a successful enterprise company, ranging from managing through lean times, leadership and the role of a CEO, and how early customers should inform the company’s go-to-market strategy.
Seagate: High Capacity HDDs Have Better TCO Than SSDs
Tom Coughlin, Contributor
Seagate showed how their HAMR-enabled HDDs will enable 22% annual HDD capacity growth rates, leading to 50TB HDDs by 2026. This will enable high capacity HDDs for enterprise and data center applications to maintain a lower total cost of ownership than SSDs for some time to come.
Pure Storage’s Steady Hand: Fiscal Q4 And Product Updates
Steve McDowell, Contributor
Top storage and data analyst Steven McDowell weighs in on Pure Storage’s Q4 and latest product announcements.
22h14 24  février
Aviatrix Pumps Up Multi-Cloud Networking With 75M Round
R. Scott Raynovich, Contributor
The cloud networking market is red hot, punctuated this week by a 75 Series D round for Aviatrix, an investment that affirms virtualized networking, the latest trend in cloud development.
IBM Smoothing The Road To Hybrid Cloud With Expanded Red Hat Capabilities On IBM Power Systems
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor
1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead highlights what he thinks are the most exciting elements as today, IBM announced a new array of products and services to help enterprises manage the hybrid cloud, modernize existing applications and build new cloud-native applications.
Positive Business Outcomes Need Cyber Secure Compliance
Emil Sayegh, Contributor
For businesses around the world, it is critical to take proactive cybersecurity measures and stay one step ahead of threats.
This Startup Raised 45 Million To Connect Healthcare Data In The Cloud
Katie Jennings, Forbes Staff
Redox, which is geared towards software developers and hospital systems, aims to do for healthcare what Plaid did for the financial services industry.
Github Likes And Downloads Are Great, But Do They Make You Money? Best Practices For Cloud-Native Companies To Migrate Users To Monetization
Dharmesh Thakker, Contributor
In this, the last installment in our Cloud-Native Entrepreneur’s Playbook series, we explore how user engagement around a company’s community can lead to a better free-to-paid conversion experience; top-of-funnel lead generation; and a culture of collaborative product feedback.
HP Inc. Acquires HyperX PC Gaming Accessories Maker For 425M
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor
1-ranked tech industry analyst Patrick Moorhead weighs in on HP’s HyperX acquisition.
16h57 23  février
Xilinx SmartNIC SN1000 To Accelerate A New Breed Of Adaptable, Intelligent Data Centers
Dave Altavilla, Senior Contributor
With this company’s maniacal focus on delivering shrink-wrapped solutions for high growth market opportunities in the cloud and on-prem, it’s giving GPUs and custom ASIC solutions a serious run for their money.
How Qualcomm Plans To Make AR Viewers Smarter And More Useful
Anshel Sag, Contributor
Analyst Anshel Sag takes a look at Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon XR1 reference design for AR Smart Viewers.
15h46 22  février
CloudNC Believes The Future Of CNC Manufacturing Is Autonomous
Marco Annunziata, Senior Contributor
CloudNC is bringing an End-to-End Autonomy revolution to CNC manufacturing, across machines, factories and ecosystems
22h11 21  février
10 Reasons Why Every Enterprise Needs A DevOps Strategy In 2021
Louis Columbus, Senior Contributor
DevOps continues to prove its value by combining software development and IT operations’ strengths to deliver new applications faster and with higher quality than before
06h45 20  février
Microsoft Aims To Simplify Cloud Native Development With The Dapr Project
Janakiram MSV, Senior Contributor
Dapr is a promising open source project that simplifies microservices and cloud native-based application development. It brings portability, modularity and composability to modern applications based on containers and microservices.
21h42 19  février
Nvidia Attempts To Improve Gaming Card Supply With Two Big Actions
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor
1-ranked tech industry analyst Patrick Moorhead weighs in on NVIDIA’s new CMP Ethereum miner cards and the dehashing of the new RTX 3060.
IBM Reveals Five Year Quantum Development Roadmap
Kevin Krewell, Contributor
Every year we get closer to mainstream use of quantum computers. IBM’s Quantum roadmap shows how the company plans to make quantum accessible to more developers.
23h03 18  février
Spring Forward With These Smart Home Gift Ideas
Mark Vena, Contributor
Analyst Mark Vena takes a look at several new gift ideas for the smart home.
The Biden 100: Tech Expectations From Biden’s First 100 Days (Part 2)
Emil Sayegh, Contributor
Part two of this series looks at the potential impact of the Biden administration on a number of aspects of the tech sector, including trade policy and labor.
IBM Developer Lead: What Software Does Next
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor
Working to try and anticipate what comes next, how to harness current programming methodologies and build software for tomorrow and the day after is Dr Holly Cummins in her role as worldwide development community practice lead for the IBM Garage.
21h18 17  février
IBM Adds Future Developer And Software Details To Its Quantum Roadmap
Paul Smith-Goodson, Contributor
Analyst Paul Smith-Goodson takes a look at IBM’s Quantum roadmap.
What I Still Wish The M1-Based MacBooks Could Do
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor
1-ranked tech industry analyst weighs in on what he wishes the M1-based MacBooks can do versus the new crop of Intel-based Evo laptops from HP, Dell and Razer.
Storing Data Loops In Space, Purity And LucidLink
Tom Coughlin, Contributor
LyteLoop wants to storage data on light in space. Pure Storage announces updates to its Purity Software and LucidLink announced a collaboration with IBM Cloud.