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00h40 27  février
Bill Gates Issues Serious Bitcoin Warning As Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk Stokes Crypto Price Mania’
Billy Bambrough, Contributor
Billionaires from Microsoft founder-turned global philanthropist Bill Gates to Tesla chief executive Elon Musk are weighing in on bitcoin...
23h27 26  février
Cannabis Stocks Skid On Cronos Earnings, But Industry Poised For Growth
Kate Stalter, Contributor
Friday’s decline followed a fourth-quarter loss of 31 cents per share, well off analyst expectations of a 0.04 per share loss.
What’s Shaking The Stock Market?
Brad McMillan, Contributor
Recent market turbulence has many worried, but Commonwealth CIO Brad McMillan says what’s happening in the market actually makes sense.
Steve Mandel’s Lone Pine Reports 4th-Quarter Portfolio
GuruFocus, Contributor
Former tiger cub’s firm buys parent company of Snapchat, sells PayPal
A Secret Method To Getting Into Very Selective Colleges
Mark Kantrowitz, Contributor
Getting perfect grades and admissions test scores is not enough to get into the most selective colleges and universities. Learn about a secret method that gives students an edge in college admissions.
Alden Global Capital, Under Contract To Buy Tribune, Sued For Millions Over Unpaid Rent By Lipstick Building Landlord
Debtwire, Contributor
Alden Global Capital has deployed millions since the start of the pandemic, including an offer last week to buy newspaper publisher Tribune Publishing but the hedge fund manager has also allegedly been stiffing the landlord at its Manhattan headquarters on rent payments since last April.
Is YUM Brands Forging Forward In A Choppy Market? - Investing Reimagined, Contributor
Wondering whether or not Yum Brands makes for a smart investment? Here’s what has to say about it.
Online First Retail - Everyone Is Doing It
Greg Petro, Contributor
A recent confluence of events, like a global pandemic, truly catapulted retail toward this online first, in-store second world even faster than many had anticipated.
Building A Safety Net: How To Grow Your First Emergency Fund
Ryan Derousseau, Senior Contributor
Safety nets remain perilous in the US, as the COVID economy continues to sputter in certain sectors. But if you’re able to build an emergency fund, here’s how to get started today.
This New Change Means More Americans Are Now Eligible For Federal Unemployment Benefits
Jennifer Barrett, Contributor
The U.S. Labor Department has issued new guidance to state unemployment agencies that expands the number of Americans who may be eligible for unemployment benefits under the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program. Here’s who qualifies and when they may start receiving payments.
This Week In Credit Card News: Will Swipe Fees Be Raised? Will Biden Close Credit Bureaus?
Bill Hardekopf, Contributor
What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries
Stocks This Week: Buy Tractor Supply And Ryder
Bill Sarubbi, Contributor
Here is the S&P forecast and trading recommendations for the coming week....
Will Record Fourth Quarter Deliveries Be Enough To Help NIO To Bumper Quarter?
JJ Kinahan, Senior Contributor
In the electric vehicle (EV) industry, profitability has frequently taken a back seat to future expectations.
We Need Infrastructure Spending To Avoid Another Texas-Sized Mess
John Mauldin, Senior Contributor
While everyone knows that I am not a fan of more debt, we clearly need to fix our ailing infrastructure here in the US. (Example A: Texas.) In my mind, there are two different categories.
In FinTech, Disruption Requires Resilience
Mike Massaro, Contributor
For so many, 2020 was about resilience. It was no different for myself, our company (Flywire), and the FinTech industry. I think it will serve us all well in 2021 too.
How Scary Is The IRS?
Danielle Seurkamp, Contributor
While I certainly would not encourage anyone to be cavalier about the IRS, the consequences for mistakes are often not as serious as we might imagine. If you have a little resting anxiety about the IRS, allow me to clarify what actually happens in response to the most common tax errors.
Treasury Should Delay 2021 Tax Penalties
Ben Ritz, Contributor
Subjecting unemployed workers to the penalties and interest costs that come with failing to pay an unexpected tax bill on time would only compound their hardship.
Unwinding Globalization: Why Just In Case Is Making A Comeback
Steven Dudash, Contributor
Covid-19 has laid bare two big weaknesses to global trade that might spur a push towards limited de-globalization and the onshoring of production, both in the United States and abroad.
Finally, Your Investments Can Reflect Your Values
Sara Zeff Geber, Contributor
Socially responsible investing has now shown that it can meet or beat market returns. Maybe it’s time to balance your portfolio to match your values.
The Uniform Public Expression Protection Act: Background And Underpinnings
Jay Adkisson, Contributor
The first thing to understand is the problem that UPEPA is meant to solve, which is litigation that is initiated by a party not for any compelling legitimate reason but rather to harass, intimidate or otherwise coerce the innocent party to so something usually by the mere threat of forcing the ...
Why U.S. Stocks Are Selling Off, And Is This An Opportunity?
Naeem Aslam, Contributor
The U. S. stock market has seen several different whipsaws for the past two weeks, as traders are largely concerned about the rise in inflation.
Is The 15 Minimum Wage Dead? Here’s What’s Next For Democrats After Crucial Setback
Sarah Hansen, Forbes Staff
Lawmakers are already floating tax penalties for big corporations that pay less than 15 per hour.
Powell’s Plan Has A Blind Spot And It Means Market Violence
Oliver Renick, Contributor
There is a logical blind spot in the Fed’s framework that will create forced selling of bonds even without changes to the Fed’s balance sheet or stated hiking plans.
If A Company Doesn’t Have This Skill, Don’t Invest In It
John E. Girouard, Contributor
How to invest with a focus on the most important skill any company (or individual) can have. hampered.
The FDA Medical Advisor Committee Endorses Johnson & Johnson Vaccine - Investing Reimagined, Contributor
As Johnson and Johnson comes closer to releasing their first COVID-19 vaccine, here’s what has to say about the rising stock.