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Eight Bases Businesses Must Have Covered In The Lead-Up To Tax Day
Expert Panel®, Forbes Councils Member
Getting started early and keeping up with regular reviews can ensure business leaders have everything in place to file taxes accurately and on time.
Abercrombie & Fitch Stock To Trade Lower Post Q4?
Trefis Team, Contributor
Abercrombie & Fitch, a specialty retailer selling casual clothing and footwear, is scheduled to report its fiscal fourth-quarter results on Tuesday, March 2. We expect ANF to trade lower due to weak fiscal Q4 2021 results with revenues as well as earnings missing consensus...
Might Metcalfe’s Law Govern Bitcoin’s Price?
Simon Moore, Senior Contributor
Do network effects drive Bitcoin’s valuation? One paper suggest they may.
The End Of Tesla’s Convertible Era?
Effi Benmelech, Contributor
March 1st is the day in which holders of Tesla’s convertible bonds issued back in 2014 will convert those bonds into shares, realizing whopping gains of more than 800%.
Stocks To Trade In March
Bill Sarubbi, Contributor
Here are short long recommendations for the month of March.
Johnson & Johnson Among Top Stocks To Buy This Week - Investing Reimagined, Contributor
Only time will tell what happens with bond yields if they keep sinking stocks or if they cool off. In the meantime, the deep learning algorithms at have rated the top trending stocks this week.
Wiz Raises 100M To Vie With Palo Alto Networks In 8B Market
Peter Cohan, Contributor
About nine months after its founding, Wiz, a cloud security startup, raised 100M. Should investors worry that Wiz has a competitive advantage over Palo Alto Networks?
Should You Sell Short The Favorites On WallStreetBets?
John Dorfman, Contributor
Can you make money going against the WallStreetBets crowd?
You’re Killing Us Out There And You Don’t Even Know It
Jeffrey Pavlik, Contributor
He walked over to us all sitting together in the locker room and said this to the team.
Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Could Be 2 Trillion Behemoth Here’s What Goldman Sachs Is Expecting
Sarah Hansen, Forbes Staff
The legislation might not pass before the fall.
The Empire State Of Cannabis: Clues For The Congress In New York’s Legalization Debate
Ben Curren, Contributor
New York’s adult-use cannabis legalization debate provides clues to federal lawmakers who dream of legalization.
China PMIs Highlight Commodity Needs, Hang Seng Index Revamp Embraces New Economy
Brendan Ahern, Senior Contributor
While the release came in light versus expectations, the market brushed it off as the Chinese New Year curtailed the number of workdays in the February calculation.
Should Schools That Don’t Open For In-Person Learning Receive Extra State And Federal Funds?
Robert Farrington, Senior Contributor
While schools have reopened in most of the country, several major states are still holding out. With more funding on the way, should schools that don’t have in-person learning receive more money?
To Provide Unemployment Benefits And Other Needed Aid, Washington Must Pass Biden’s Relief Bill
Richard McGahey, Contributor
A new advocacy coalition, Countdown to Prevent Catastrophe, warns we are in danger of letting unemployment benefits expire while failing to provide other vital Covid-19 relief.
3 Common Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make This Tax Season
Erik Carter, Contributor
Here are three of the most common tax season mistakes you don’t want to make:
Is Vaxart Stock Set To Decline Further?
Trefis Team, Contributor
Vaxart stock (NASDAQ: VXRT) dropped -8% over the last five trading days and has underperformed the S&P 500 which remained roughly flat over the same period. The stock is also down by about -27% over the last month (twenty-one trading days), although it remains up by 29% year-to-date...
Bitcoin Poised For Massive Transformation’ Into The Mainstream, Citi Says
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff
Bitcoin could become the currency of international trade, banking analysts said.
Micro-Bubble Winners & Losers (Beyond Meat) In The Alternative Meat Market
David Trainer, Contributor
We think investors should consider the disconnect between fundamentals and valuations before trading micro-bubble stocks.
The Real Earnings Season Just Started: Time To Read Filings & Footnotes
David Trainer, Contributor
The only way to overcome the flaws in GAAP net income is through rigorous analysis of company filings, especially the footnotes and MD&A.
Dow Jumps 500 Points After House Passes Biden’s 1.9 Trillion Stimulus Plan
Jonathan Ponciano, Forbes Staff
A third Covid-19 vaccine is now on the market in the U.S.
Are IDEXX, Alphabet & Amazon Poised For Stock Splits In 2021?
Trefis Team, Contributor
The S&P 500 is up a solid 75% from the lows of March 2020 and many large-cap stocks are now trading near all-time highs. In our indicative theme of Stocks Poised For A Split, we’ve identified a group of over ten companies from the S&P 500 whose stocks trade at high prices, potentially making...
Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, And Other Crypto Exchanges Must Embrace DeFi To Capture Growth
Leeor Shimron, Contributor
DeFi offers a fast-growing ecosystem of continuous innovation as distributed project teams interact with open source protocols and create novel use cases previously unimaginable. To be competitive and retain market share, exchanges must form symbiotic relationships with DeFi platforms and products.
Social Security Benefits: How To Boost Spousal Payment
John F. Wasik, Contributor
Sometimes figuring out how to boost your Social Security benefits is complicated.
Employee Retention Tax Credit: Reevaluating Small Employer Status To Increase Cash Payments
Lynn Mucenski Keck, Contributor
Employers with significant part-time workers, including restaurants, retailers, nursing homes, manufacturers, and delivery services, may need to reevaluate their employee head count to maximize the Employee Retention Credit.
Equities Look To Regain Ground As 10-Year Yield Eases; Positive Vaccine, Stimulus News Aids Sentiment
JJ Kinahan, Senior Contributor
Wall Street seems to be returning to stocks as the 10-year yield pulls back, allowing equities investors to focus on progress on the stimulus and vaccine fronts.