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00h01 27  février
Polish Citizens Are Transforming Europe’s Biggest Coal Region
Emanuela Barbiroglio, Senior Contributor
The Polish city of Rybnik stands at the heart of the largest coal-producing area of the EU: Silesia. Now citizens are showing the ability to power a new economic model.
19h40 26  février
Toyota Develops Fuel Cell Modules It Will Sell To Other Manufacturers
Greg Gardner, Senior Contributor
The Japanese government has supported fuel cell development, but the lack of fueling stations, and uncertainty about the resale value of hydrogen-powered vehicles remain significant barriers to broader adoption.
Electric Vehicle Stocks Are Hot, But Will Investors Refocus Attention On Batteries?
Marianne Lehnis, Contributor
Investment in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry has flourished like never before. A boom in EV stocks is being driven by the inevitability that internal combustion engine (ICE) cars will make a wholesale move to EV in the next decade.
Electrolux Tells The Truth About Laundry’ To Make Clothes, And The Planet, Live Longer
Emanuela Barbiroglio, Senior Contributor
Nearly two thirds of Europeans (63%) continue to wash at 40 C or higher, despite over a decade of being encouraged to wash clothes at 30 C or lower, according to a new study from Electrolux. Oddly, the Swedish appliance giant is now calling for people to use their appliances less.
22h31 25  février
U.S. Must Adopt Proper Policies To Ensure Bright Hydrogen Future
Jim Magill, Contributor
For a hydrogen energy industry to take off in the United States as advocates hope will require the federal government to adopt a suite of pro-hydrogen policies, and with some of its earliest actions the Biden administration has signaled that it would likely drive such policies forward.
Comfortable Camping Goes Carbon Neutral With Airstream Program
Jeff Kart, Contributor
The trees are projected to help sequester the estimated carbon generated by the first year of driving all of the new Airstream travel trailers and touring coaches manufactured in 2021.
Texas State Reps Furious That Industry Didn’t Raise Widespread Alarm About Risk Of Power Crisis
Scott Carpenter, Senior Contributor
Warnings about the potential for widespread power failures never spread far beyond the rarefied arena of grid and power plant operators.
Nikola Retools After Wild Ride, Keeps Focus On Big Rigs, Hydrogen And Range
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff
Ahead of fourth-quarter results the startup unveiled a revamped lineup focused on the shorter-range, battery-powered Tre, a new 500-mile-range fuel cell version of Tre and 900-mile-range hydrogen-powered Nikola Two Sleeper truck.
These 5 Steps Will Help Your Business Reap The Benefits Of ESG Compliance
Marianne Lehnis, Contributor
In a Harvard Business Review study on climate change data and businesses, 72% out of 8,000 supplier companies reported that climate change presents risk that could significantly impact their operations, revenue, or expenditures.
Want To Avoid Another Texas Debacle? Here Is How To Create A Clean, Resilient Electrical Grid
Erik Kobayashi-Solomon, Contributor
To preserve our standard of living, we must quadruple our electricity production and convert to 100% renewables by the time a baby born today can vote. This hurdle is impossible to clear using Industrial Revolution thinking; to succeed, we must take a page from the Internet Age.
How The Kilowatt-Hour Itself Is Complicit In Our Wasteful Energy System
Jeff McMahon, Senior Contributor
For most of the long arc of human history, we adapted our activities to energy supply. Only recently have we assumed energy should be equally available every hour of every day.
19h36 24  février
Half Of All Power Generation Was Forced Offline At Peak Of Texas Crisis
Scott Carpenter, Senior Contributor
Just under half of Texas’ power generation, or 53 out of nearly 110 gigawatts, was forced offline at one point during the cold snap that swept through Texas this month, the head of the state’s power grid operator said during a meeting of the grid’s board on Wednesday.
Europe, Asian Nations Leading The World In Hydrogen Development
Jim Magill, Contributor
Of the 228 large-scale industrial, transport and infrastructure hydrogen projects across the world more than half, 126, are projected to be located in Europe, while 46 are planned to be built in Asia, 24 in Oceania and only 19 in North America.
Russian Gas Tanker’s Arctic Ice Voyage Branded Irony Of Our Time’
David Vetter, Senior Contributor
This month, for the first time in history, a commercial gas tanker travelled from China to northwestern Russia through Arctic winter ice, an event U.K. climate experts have told was made possible by man-made global warming.
Dirty Baker’s Dozen: The 13 Environmentally Meanest’ Vehicles For 2021
Jim Gorzelany, Senior Contributor
Mother Nature takes a beating with each mile driven.
Exelon Says Texas Cold Snap Will Cost It 560-710 Million
Scott Carpenter, Senior Contributor
Exelon’s three Texas gas plants experienced periodic outages as a result of historically cold weather that swept through the state.
Would-Be Tesla Rival Fisker Forms Electric Vehicle Partnership With Foxconn
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff
The Los Angeles-based electric vehicle startup led by designer Henrik Fisker intends to work with Taiwan’s mass-production giant on its second battery-powered model.
01h42 22  février
Carbon-Free Electricity Requires Policies To Build And Finance Transmission And Storage
Nives Dolsak and Aseem Prakash, Contributor
Carbon-free electricity requires rapid expansion of renewable capacity. In addition, it must confront three challenges: expanding the grid to move an increasing volume of electricity over long distances (transmission), balancing intermittent generation with peak demand (storage), and financing both.
17h30 21  février
Natural Gas Came Up Short During Texas’ Freeze But Propane Delivered
Ken Silverstein, Senior Contributor
What happened in Texas is now commonplace. Natural choked but the propane sector came through and kept on the lights.
14h04 20  février
Can Infrastructure Bets Protect Investors From Another Cleantech Collapse? For Some, It’s Not So Easy.
Rob Day, Contributor
In my conversations with professional investors in sustainability, I increasingly hear concern that valuations in the public markets are getting too high.
Why Nobody Will Kill The Electric Car This Time
James Morris, Contributor
General Motors killed its very promising electric car 20 years ago, but this time round it looks like the rise of the EV is an unstoppable force, and manufacturers that don’t make the switch will be obliterated.
16h39 19  février
As U.S. Rejoins Paris Agreement, Here’s Why India Could Be Key To Global Climate Action
David Vetter, Senior Contributor
With the U.S. officially rejoining the Paris Agreement on Friday, and major climate commitments from Asian powerhouses China, Japan and Korea, an awaited announcement from India could bring two-thirds of the world on course to achieve net zero carbon emissions around the middle of the century.
The Tesla Mafia: Elon Musk’s Ex-Employees Vie To Become His Top Rival
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff
Musk hasn’t simply revolutionized the electric vehicle market he’s created his own billion-dollar rivals.
22h57 18  février
Right To Repair: The Last Stand In Checking Big Tech’s Power Grab
Vianney Vaute, Contributor
When it comes to Tech, the fight for control goes beyond hardware...but it must start with hardware. Right to Repair matters because how this fight goes will ultimately define our relationship as a society to Big Tech going forward.
Traffic To Rooftop Solar Websites Surges As Texans Seek Freedom From Grid
Scott Carpenter, Senior Contributor
Sunrunï , the largest residential solar installer in the U.S., said online search traffic to its website from Texas has increased by 350% this week.