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13h18 06  mars
Properly Done Financial Audits Are A Powerful Tool For Addressing Climate Change
Robert G. Eccles, Contributor
Recent guidance from the International Accounting Standards Board and the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board give investors a powerful tool to ensure that companies and their auditors are taking the effects of climate change into account in the financial statements.
Will EVs Create A Transportation Class Divide?
James Morris, Contributor
The price of EVs and the inability of many to obtain home charging could create a clear division where those with lower incomes will miss out on the huge benefits of electric driving for many years to come.
Inspiring Women To Become Sustainability Leaders In Engineering: The Yewande Akinola Vision
Sofia Lotto Persio, Forbes Staff
With World’s Engineering Day and International Women’s Day separated by just a few days, Yewande Akinola wants to inspire women to challenge the statistics and enter the fields of engineering and sustainability.
22h40 05  mars
First Natural Foodware Brand Can Wrap A Burger And Restore The Oceans
Emanuela Barbiroglio, Senior Contributor
Next time you grab a burger, have some fries, drink a soda or a milkshake, think of all the waste that is generated by packaging, straws and cutlery.
Petitioners Are Asking The EU To Stop Trade With Countries Responsible For Deforestation
Emanuela Barbiroglio, Senior Contributor
F. C. is an anonymous Italian petitioner who contemplates the possible suspension of trade relations with South American countries responsible for deforestation.
Billions Of Dollars To Be Made Post-Covid So Increase Bicycle Production, Specialized’s VP Tells Asian Suppliers
Carlton Reid, Senior Contributor
Bob Margevicius, Specialized’s Executive Vice President, told Asian industry leaders that they must “invest in additional capacity.”
Roush Fenway Racing Sets A Nascar Precedent By Going Carbon Neutral
Joseph Wolkin, Contributor
Roush Fenway Racing recently became the first Nascar team to go carbon neutral, and team president Steve Newmark believes more green-friendly changes are coming. He also said Roush Fenway Racing could expand going forward.
16h03 04  mars
Trump Proved The Mettle Of Environmental Regulations, Gina McCarthy Says
Jeff McMahon, Senior Contributor
In the courts, even with new appointees under the Trump Administration as judges, we still won over and over and over again, said Biden’s national climate advisor
Icelandic Bank Is First To Provide Customers With New Carbon Footprint Tracker
Heather Farmbrough, Senior Contributor
An Icelandic company is helping bank customers see the carbon footprint of every thing they buy.
19h40 03  mars
How Green Is The New U.K. Budget? Climate Experts Deliver Their Verdict
David Vetter, Senior Contributor
The U.K. Chancellor delivered his new Budget today. Leaving aside the chatter about corporation tax and stamp duty, what do the new measures do about climate change?
Oil And Gas Will Not Be Left Out Of The Energy Transition To Net-Zero, Biden Team Emphasizes
Ken Silverstein, Senior Contributor
The Biden administration says that it committed to hitting net-zero targets by 2050 and to leaving no one behind. And the oil and gas sector could carbon pricing to get there.
Granholm Wakes Up DOE’s Loan Programs Office, Appoints Jigar Shah
Jeff McMahon, Senior Contributor
The Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office “as of today, is back in business,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced this morning.
Finnish Startup Revonte Creates Powerful Cargo Ebike Drive
Ed Garsten, Senior Contributor
Otto Chrons calls it a bit of an accident. When Revonte, his three-year old company, created an innovative new drive system for electric bikes called Revonte ONE engineers discovered it provided increased power and torque. That combination proved perfect for an emerging new ebike segment, cargo.
Octopus Energy Adds IONITY To Electric Juice Charging Network
James Morris, Contributor
The UK’s Electric Juice Network has added ultra-rapid charging IONITY to its portfolio of partnerships. The EV revolution needs multi-network charging systems like this to make the experience less confusing.
20h16 02  mars
The Case For Fossil Fuel Engagement
David Carlin, Contributor
Although fossil fuels may have no future in a decarbonized world, fossil fuel firms may still have a role to play in the decades of climate transition ahead. Can responsible financial engagement with these companies support current energy needs and climate goals?
Nine Ways To Ditch The Single-Use Plastic Bag
Jeff Kart, Contributor
Nine winners of a Beyond the Bag Challenge range from reusable packaging systems, to technology that incentivizes better choices, to bags derived from seaweed or agricultural waste.
Volvo Cars Joins Anti-Combustion Engine Crowd, Will Be All-Electric By 2030
Sebastian Blanco, Contributor
Volvo will eliminate combustion engines by 2030, including all hybrid models, and shift entirely to all-electric powertrain over the next decade.
The 13,000 Wind Turbines In Texas Can Be Winterized, But Should They?
University of Houston Energy Fellows, Contributor
After ice formed on many wind turbines in Texas and caused them to shut down, it raised questions about whether that source of power could have kept running with the right modifications. Is keeping the turbines spinning in severe winter weather a cost-effective way to bolster the grid?
Design Insight: Volvo’s All-New Pure Electric C40 Recharge
Nargess Banks, Senior Contributor
As Volvo reveals the all-important pure electric designed C40 Recharge, Robin Page, the Swedish marque’s director of design explains the creative process
Global Carbon Emissions Bounce Back To Pre-Pandemic Levels
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff
By December, global emissions were already higher than the year before.
Batteries Or Hydrogen For Big (Clean) Trucks? Volvo Group Bets On Both
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff
The Swedish truckmaker is readying battery-electric models-but is also upbeat on a fuel choice Tesla’s Elon Musk has knocked for years: hydrogen.
Toothless Initially, China’s New Carbon Market Could Be Fearsome
Scott Carpenter, Senior Contributor
China’s new emissions trading market might look like a vast paper-pushing operation, but it could evolve into a powerful tool to decarbonize China’s coal-fired economy.
21h04 01  mars
As ChargePoint Opens On NYSE, CEO Awaits Broad EV Push By Biden Administration
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff
U.S. efforts to help open hundreds of thousands of new EV chargers will likely involve multiple federal departments and incentives.
The Meatless Mafia: Four Companies Revolutionizing The Future Of Food
John Cumbers, Contributor
When it comes to our food choices, beef is by far the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.
Deregulation Is Not The Central Culprit For Texas’ Electricity Crisis
Ken Silverstein, Senior Contributor
Texas’ deregulation is an easy target for the state’s electricity crisis. But the root cause goes deeper -- leadership that ignored climate change and infrastructure needs.