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02h31 27  février
What Did Google Know About Coronavirus Before The Pandemic?
JV Chamary, Contributor
An Ngram search of 8 million books shows when coronaviruses were mentioned before Covid-19.
22h08 26  février
Could Vaccination Cause Me To Test Positive For Covid-19?
Matthew Binnicker, Contributor
Dr. Matthew Binnicker, an expert in the diagnosis of infectious disease, explains the benefits and limitations of diagnostic testing as more people receive Covid-19 vaccinations.
FDA Committee Votes Yes On Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine; Authorization Could Follow Soon
Leah Rosenbaum, Forbes Staff
The third Emergency Use Authorization for a Covid-19 vaccine could be days -- or even hours-- away.
A Ticket Reselling Giant Enters The PPE Market To Drive Down The Price Of N95 Masks
Eric Fuller, Contributor
Jerry Bednyak and Eric Vassilatos founded Vivid Seats in Chicago which got large enough to attract 850 million from Vista Equity Partners, then a subsequent investment from GTCR all while building a multi-billion-dollar business.
Despite Progress, Patients Still Struggle With Insurance Coverage For Eating Disorder Treatment
Deb Gordon, Contributor
Despite laws designed to improve access to mental health care, many patients still struggle to get insurance to cover eating disorder treatment. During National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, a former patient shares her story and experts weigh in on the path to better insurance coverage.
Americans In Rural Areas Less Likely To Follow Covid-19 Prevention Measures Than Those In Urban Areas
Victoria Forster, Contributor
The study by researchers at Texas A&M University School of Public health surveyed over 5,000 U. S. adults to learn more about their behaviors during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Self-Testing: A Route To School Re-Opening - The Austrian Example
William A. Haseltine, Contributor
After months of battling SARS-CoV-2, the government is asking students to test themselves twice a week before they can attend class.
Discount Insulin Will Cost You
Peter Ubel, Contributor
Discount insulin may not benefit you. So who does it benefit? Pharmaceutical companies.
Should Anticoagulants Be Used Early Or Late In Patients Hospitalized With Covid-19: Two Conflicting Answers
William A. Haseltine, Contributor
Should patients hospitalized for Covid-19 be treated with anticoagulants as early as possible, or should treatment be delayed until clinical signs indicate that hyper-coagulation is likely?
The Do’s And Don’ts Of Getting Your Covid-19 Vaccine
Stephen Thomas, Contributor
Dr. Stephen Thomas, Chief of Infectious Diseases at SUNY Upstate Medical University, walks you through what you should and shouldn’t do when you make the decision to get your Covid-19 vaccination.
Covid-19 Cases Are Rising Again Globally
William A. Haseltine, Contributor
After a period of decline, we are now seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases globally and in the U.S. A disturbing trend likely due to the spread of new variants that should caution us against the complacency that some governors are showing by rolling back state Covid-19 restrictions.
New York Finds Its Own Covid Variants. The News Is Not Good
William A. Haseltine, Contributor
Analyzing the genetic makeup of another one of these shifty variants identified in New York (B.1.526).
Researchers Find The Missing Link For Why Exercise Makes You Smarter
Alison Escalante, Contributor
A research team from Japan have found the missing link between exercise and better cognitive function.
Cigna’s Evernorth To Buy Telehealth Provider MDLive
Bruce Japsen, Senior Contributor
Cigna’s Evernorth healthcare services business will buy MDLive, a fast-growing provider of telehealth services that have taken off during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Dr. Ala Stanford And The Women Who, Ages 50 And Over, Are Leading The Fight Against Covid
Maggie McGrath, Forbes Staff
As part of our regular segment on Morning Joe highlighting women over the age of 50 who are changing the world, Forbes and Know Your Value want to shine a light on the women in this group who are making the most significant contributions in the effort to eradicate Covid.
Vaccine Distribution: Three Twists And Turns
Paul Hsieh, Contributor
We can simplify or introduce market forces into Covid-19 vaccine distribution.
Gun Owners Don’t Trust Doctors For Safety Advice, Study Finds
Graison Dangor, Contributor
If we package the message with the wrong messenger, it’s not going to resonate, the study author says.
23h05 25  février
This Star Wars Analogy Explains How RNA Vaccines Work
JV Chamary, Contributor
To understand how mRNA vaccines create immunity against Coronavirus, study the Death Star.
Covid-19 Vaccine Passports’ May Soon Become A Reality
Sai Balasubramanian, J.D., Contributor
As the world starts to reopen, verifying the status of testing and inoculation against the virus will become an important paradigm.
Everything You Need To Know About Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 Vaccine
Leah Rosenbaum, Forbes Staff
A special committee will meet on Friday to discuss the vaccine; here’s what you need to know.
How The Biden Administration Can Win The War Against Covid-19
William Winkenwerder, MD, Contributor
Biden promised as he took office that his Administration would deliver 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days.
RAND’s Recommendation For Reducing Healthcare Spending Isn’t Right Or Realistic
Rita Numerof, Contributor
Considering how much hospital margins have shrunk in the last year because of Covid-19, if commercial reimbursement rates were to right now become government controlled even at 150% of government rates, that could cause either massive bankruptcies or massive government takeovers.
Pfizer Should Be Wary About Covid-19 Vaccine Price Hikes
John LaMattina, Contributor
In early July of 2020, Elisabeth Rosenthal published an op-ed in the New York Times warning about the biopharmaceutical industry trying to profit outrageously from a successful Covid-19 vaccine.
Identification of a Novel Covid-19 Variant Cluster Isolated from a Sick Newborn in US Capital
William A. Haseltine, Contributor
Variants confer new and dangerous properties including increased transmission, the ability to evade the immune response elicited from previous infection or vaccination, and increased virulence and infection, especially in children. It is in this context that we describe a Washington DC variant.
If I Had Covid-19, Should I Still Get Vaccinated? Absolutely
William A. Haseltine, Contributor
According to a recent preprint study, the one-two punch of prior infection and at least one dose of a Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine can generate a powerful immune response that neutralizes both the original Wuhan strain and the B.1.351 variant.