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02h31 27  février
Old Tweets By Biden And Psaki Questioned Past Syrian Airstrikes
Peter Suciu, Contributor
This is certainly not the first that time that old comments have surfaced on social media
Cultural Trends That Will Shape Consumer Behavior In 2021 And Beyond
Kian Bakhtiari, Contributor
The biggest cultural trends that will shape consumer behavior and marketing strategy for the next decade.
20h23 26  février
How Appointment Social’ Will Drive Marketing Efforts In 2021
John Brandon, Contributor
One reason this rigid attention to start times and events is so important to me is that I’m still mostly at home with my family during the pandemic.
In The Post COVID-19 World, Zoom Is Here To Stay.
Rauf Arif, Contributor
In the post-pandemic world, businesses and academic institutions will favor cost-effective hybrid and virtual workspaces over traditional face-to-face and physical work places.
RIPTwitter Trending After Platform Announced Super Follows Feature
Peter Suciu, Contributor
The hashtag #RIPTwitter wasn’t likely the response that the executives at Twitter likely expected - or certainly hoped - to see trending on Friday morning.
Twitter’s Super Follows Proposes A Subscription Model For Our Garbage Tweets
Curtis Silver, Senior Contributor
That is, is there someone you follow on Twitter that is worth paying directly for that sweet tweet content? Twitter is hoping the answer is yes, as it announced an upcoming feature called Super Follows.
21h06 25  février
Twitter To Test Subscription Feature Allowing Users To Charge Followers For Exclusive Content
Tommy Beer, Forbes Staff
It’s the first foray by the company into paid content, which will also come with a test of interest-based groups.
Can Tucker Carlson Survive The Social Media Backlash?
Peter Suciu, Contributor
Tucker Carlson has been in the social media spotlight for much of this week after the conservative talk show host made some dubious claims on his program.
Thomas Jefferson Tracked His Steps Long Before The Apple Watch
Theo Miller, Contributor
With the growing popularity of wearables, there is mounting concern that people are being reduced to a set of statistics. However, health trackers are by no means new. If we’ve been counting our steps for centuries, why are we suddenly so concerned about being dehumanized?
Myanmar’s Military Has Been Banned From Facebook And Instagram Weeks After Staging Coup
Siladitya Ray, Forbes Staff
Facebook will also ban commercial entities with links to the Myanmar military from advertising on its platform.
Australia Passes Law Requiring Google And Facebook To Pay For News
Rachel Sandler, Forbes Staff
Facebook briefly banned all news content on its platform in the country last week in a standoff over the measure, but has since come to an agreement with the Australian government.
23h00 24  février
Our Virtually Connected World Will Always And Never Be Normal
Curtis Silver, Senior Contributor
Even under less strenuous circumstances, there is no such thing as normal. Companies are making it possible for us to continuously redefine what normal is.
Bored Of Waiting To Speak On Clubhouse? Pay Someone To Queue For You
Barry Collins, Contributor
A new concierge service for time poor Clubhouse users lets you pay someone to tell you when it’s your turn to speak.
Social Media Can Increase Risk Of Eating Disorders And Negative Body Image
Peter Suciu, Contributor
February 22 to 28 is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week
Newly Christened Billionaire David Baszucki’s Addictive’ Roblox Is Equal To YouTube Among Gen-Z
Alex Knapp, Forbes Staff
Better known as Builderman to tech’s youngest consumers, Baszucki’s platform has seen massive growth internally and enriched its users by hundreds of millions of dollars.
Facebook Rolls Out New Tools To Stop ’Non-Malicious’ Child Exploitation
Emma Woollacott, Senior Contributor
Facebook says it’s adding new tools to help prevent child exploitation on its site, following reports that it hosted more child sexual abuse material than any other tech company in 2019.
15h45 23  février
The ChekMarc App Wants To Change How Social Media Works
John Brandon, Contributor
Over the last few years, social media has become a hotbed of flame wars and finely nuanced disagreements.
Google To End Political Ad Ban This Week
Rebecca Bellan, Contributor
Google has banned political ads on its platform since the January 6 riot at Capitol Hill. On Wednesday, it’ll lift that ban.
Very Loud Support And Opposition To Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas On Social Media
Peter Suciu, Contributor
Throughout his time on the bench he’s had his share of supporters and detractors alike.
Facebook Agrees To Restore News In Australia After Government Makes Amendments To Proposed Law
Siladitya Ray, Forbes Staff
Facebook said the Australian government agreed to make several amendments to its proposed media bargaining code that seeks to make the company pay publishers for news.
18h38 22  février
Meghan McCain Called Out Covid Vaccine Rollout - Twitter Responded
Peter Suciu, Contributor
Meghan McCain was out-trending Meghan Markle - a not insignificant feat right now.
Study Reveals Instagram Reels Better For Brands, TikTok Better For Influencers
Rebecca Bellan, Contributor
Markerly, an influencer marketing agency, recently analyzed posts from 80 influencers and 10 brands on both TikTok and Instagram and found Reels is currently the best place for brands, whereas TikTok remains Queen of influencer and celebrity culture.
18h25 21  février
Coca-Cola’s Good Deed May Have Become A PR Disaster On Social Media
Peter Suciu, Contributor
After the City of Waco reported that residents were without water after record cold resulted in frozen and then broken pipes, the beverage company stepped up and donated six trucks filled with 100 pallets of Dasani bottled water.
Why You Won’t Get The iPhone Design You Want Any Time Soon
Paul Monckton, Senior Contributor
This is one technology we won’t find Apple in a rush to bring to the iPhone.
President Biden Didn’t Cause The Winter Storm - Nor Did Barack Obama Cause Superstorm Sandy
Marshall Shepherd, Senior Contributor
Conspiracy theories emerged say President Biden caused the recent winter storm. He didn’t.