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15h19 25  février
A Flood of SPAC Money Will Take You Out Of Your Car And Into The Air
Dean Donovan, Contributor
SPACs are giving urban air mobility startups hundred of millions of dollars for R&D that will accelerate progress, creating multiple unicorns -- but also some spectacular failures.
Building An Enterprise Software Company: Tips For Founders From Dev Ittycheria, CEO Of MongoDB
Glenn Solomon, Contributor
MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria shares insights and lessons learned for building a successful enterprise company, ranging from managing through lean times, leadership and the role of a CEO, and how early customers should inform the company’s go-to-market strategy.
5 Things The Future Of Work Is Not
Allison Baum Gates, Contributor
HR veterans of influential companies including Disney and IBM weigh in on the future of work -- and what won’t be.
These Three Brothers Are Raising Canada’s Largest Venture Fund For BIPOC Founders
Rebecca Szkutak, Forbes Staff
30 Under 30 alum Stephan James and brothers Shamier Anderson and Sheldon James have raised CA 15 million of a planned CA 100 million fund to invest in early-stage founders in fintech, real estate, edtech, medtech and cannabis.
18h48 24  février
Check Your Stats: The Lack Of Diversity In Venture Capital Is Worse Than It Looks
Elizabeth Edwards, Contributor
Scott Galloway is mostly spot-on in his dismantling of everything that’s wrong with Silicon Valley, Big Tech, Washington, politics, and the world in general including the disturbing lack of diversity in venture capital. But it’s worse than it looks.
This Startup Raised 45 Million To Connect Healthcare Data In The Cloud
Katie Jennings, Forbes Staff
Redox, which is geared towards software developers and hospital systems, aims to do for healthcare what Plaid did for the financial services industry.
Github Likes And Downloads Are Great, But Do They Make You Money? Best Practices For Cloud-Native Companies To Migrate Users To Monetization
Dharmesh Thakker, Contributor
In this, the last installment in our Cloud-Native Entrepreneur’s Playbook series, we explore how user engagement around a company’s community can lead to a better free-to-paid conversion experience; top-of-funnel lead generation; and a culture of collaborative product feedback.
3D Printing Firm Markforged To Go Public In 2.1 Billion SPAC Deal
Amy Feldman, Forbes Staff
In the latest test for investors’ appetite for 3D printing, Markforged announced its intent to go public in a 2.1 deal with a blank-check company founded by Kevin Hartz, cofounder and chairman of Eventbrite.
Investing In VC Funds Enables Women To Wield Power, Make An Impact, And ROI
Geri Stengel, Contributor
Female founders are getting the funding they deserve from women who are becoming limited partners in venture capital funds. These LPs recognize that the innovations being brought to market by female founders are meeting must have needs.
Hot Or Not, The 2021 Venture Capital Market Is Challenging For Founders
Chris Smith, Contributor
The venture capital market in Europe is acting with unbridled optimism. Founders need to be on their guard to ensure they optimize for the long-term and protect their company and wellbeing.
08h10 23  février
European VC Fund Raises 158 Million To Find Tech Solutions To Real Estate’s Sustainability Problem
Sofia Lotto Persio, Forbes Staff
Danish real estate fund manager NREP’s 2150 fund made its first investment in CarbonCure Technologies.
Proposed Changes To Carried Interest Would Negatively Impact Diversity In Venture Capital
Elizabeth Edwards, Contributor
In his must-read new book, Post Corona, Scott Galloway calls Section 1202 a tax law that is nothing but a transfer of wealth from other taxpayers to venture capitalists .
14h04 22  février
HowGood Raises 6 Million To Keep Up With Demand For Its Sustainability Database
Rebecca Szkutak, Forbes Staff
The company tracks the environmental impact of more than 33,000 ingredients found in food products and counts large corporations like Danone and Chipotle as customers.
Hustle Fund Raises 33.6 Million To Democratize Access To Pre-Seed Capital
Rebecca Szkutak, Forbes Staff
Hustle Fund’s 33.6 million second fund will invest quick 25,000 checks into startups at the earliest stages who might not look the part.
15h00 19  février
Avid Ventures Launches Its 68 Million Debut Venture Capital Fund
Marija Butkovic, Contributor
Avid Ventures today announced the launch of its 67 million debut venture capital fund. Avid backs exceptional founders at the Series A and B stages who are building transformative technology companies.
20h45 18  février
Digital Enablement As the New Training: How This Founder Is Rethinking Upskilling For Knowledge Workers
Jessica Lin, Contributor
As we think about how to get more Americans back to work post-pandemic, it’s clear there needs to be better software training systems in place to promote this critical digital adoption with employees.
The Science Of Building A Venture Capital Fund
Allison Baum Gates, Contributor
In search of the formula for building a long-lasting, industry-leading venture capital fund, I sat down with Winter Mead, a former institutional LP and co-founder of venture fund accelerator Oper8r.
15h08 17  février
Meet The Newest Robotics Unicorn: Locus Robotics Raises 150 Million At A 1 Billion Valuation On Surging E-Commerce Sales
Amy Feldman, Forbes Staff
As e-commerce has surged, Locus Robotics, which automates warehouses, reaches a 1 billion valuation with 150 million in new funding.
13h30 16  février
The Life Of An Entrepreneur Without Venture Capital
Kjartan Rist, Contributor
VC funding is frequently seen as the default option for startups, but it isn’t right for everybody. Bootstrapping can be equally successful, but it’s essential to consider how it will affect all aspects of your business.
15h36 15  février
Scott Galloway Usually Gets It Right But Not About Section 1202’s Tax Break For Qualified Small Business Stock
Elizabeth Edwards, Contributor
Any first-time or second-time fund manager knows that 1202’s 0% capital gains tax break can be a compelling selling point for venture capital investors.
18h01 13  février
Celebrity Talent Has Launched Their Own Media And You Should Too
Jay Kapoor, Contributor
We’ve now entered a decade where every major multi-hyphenate will eschew borrowing media airwaves and instead opt to build their own distribution. And I’d argue, for these same reasons, that they shouldn’t be the only ones.
06h16 12  février
Your Valentine’s Day Hotel Might Have This Buzzy AI Bed Backed By Adobe Founder John Warnock
Martine Paris, Contributor
An AI bed that rocks you to sleep has become all the rage with celebrities riding out the pandemic at boutique hotels. But how it raised 29 million is a tale only Silicon Valley can tell. Adobe founder John Warnock shares how his legendary deal with Steve Jobs led to Bryte’s funding.
14h00 11  février
Rent The Runway Cofounder Jenny Fleiss Joins Volition Capital As Its First Female Partner
Rebecca Szkutak, Forbes Staff
Most recently the CEO of defunct Walmart unit Jetblack, Fleiss hopes to use her operational background to support growth-stage startups and help other female entrepreneurs.
19h30 09  février
Longtime Confidante Of Late Tony Hsieh Sues His Family For Money Owed
David Jeans, Forbes Staff
Jennifer Mimi Pham is among several former friends whose outstanding contracts with Hsieh were complicated after he died without a will in November.
Eight-Second Videos Gave DCM A 12 Bln Return In China Last Week. What’s The Silicon Valley VC Eyeing Next?
Russell Flannery, Forbes Staff
America has to catch up