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17h39 25  février
CIO Spotlight: Discover’s Amir Arooni Believes The Secret To Digital Success Lies In Treating Software As A Craft
Martin Giles, Forbes Staff
Arooni, who joined the 29 billion market cap financial services giant in April 2020, has been driving an ambitious plan to overhaul its tech strategy against the backdrop of Covid-19.
06h42 21  février
How CIOs Can Avoid Making The Wrong Data Decisions
Bruno Aziza, Contributor
If you’re a CIO looking to make your mark in your company’s digital transformation journey, 2021 could be your year.
18h30 10  février
Exclusive: Dr. Tarika Barrett To Succeed Reshma Saujani As Girls Who Code CEO
Maggie McGrath, Forbes Staff
On Wednesday, Girls Who Code a nonprofit dedicated to closing the gender gap in tech by teaching school-aged girls about computer science and programming announced that founder Reshma Saujani is stepping down as CEO in April. COO Dr. Tarika Barrett will succeed her as chief executive.
Four Predictions For Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In 2021
Evan Sparks, Contributor
In 2021, I believe we will increasingly see AI in the boardroom - as top executives embrace new technologies like never before, leading even the most stagnant of industries to begin modernizing.
00h22 09  février
The Disruption Gender Gap Is Real. Can We Overcome It?
Charlene Li, Contributor
Before women will challenge the status quo, they must feel like they belong at the table.
19h31 05  février
Wells Fargo’s Head Of Tech Plots A Strategy For Innovation
Peter High, Contributor
Saul Van Beurden is the Head of Technology for Wells Fargo, and he has found that the path to innovation lies in a clear strategy backed up by a well thought out innovation engine.
Augmented Reality: The New Knowledge Management
Tom Davenport, Contributor
PBC, a bearing manufacturer, uses Taqtile’s augmented reality solution to train its workers on machinery operations and maintenance.
16h44 03  février
The Future Of Work Now: AI-Driven Policing In Wilmington, NC
Tom Davenport, Contributor
Police officers in Wilmington, NC now use two AI-based tools from ShotSpotter for gunshot detection and patrol recommendations.
01h17 02  février
The Shocking Truth About Virtual Happy Hours: They Are Exhausting
Paige Francis, Contributor
We toast. We reminisce. We laugh about shared stressors and missed opportunities. But the guttural conviviality is simply not there. While technology certainly connects our business, it is not capable of replicating our togetherness, our us factor.
22h10 01  février
Data Valuation Paves The Road To The Future For Highways England
Douglas B. Laney, Contributor
Forward-thinking executives have begun measuring the value of their organization’s data assets to forge a data-driven culture that generates increased business benefits from data.
Bank Of America’s Chief Operations And Technology Officer Shares Her Thoughts On The Future Of Work
Peter High, Contributor
Bank of America’s Chief Operations and Technology Officer Cathy Bessant leads a team of nearly 100,000 people. She has assessed the how the pandemic has impacted her team, and has some concrete plans about the future of work at the bank.
19h05 27  janvier
Robert Downey Jr. Unveils Two Venture Capital Funds At Davos To Help Clean Up The Earth
Martin Giles, Forbes Staff
The funds will further the impact investing goals of the FootPrint Coalition, an initiative the Hollywood superstar launched in 2019 to support advanced technologies that combat climate change.
How Biden’s 10.2B Investment Can Transform Federal Cybersecurity Post-SolarWinds
Gordon Bitko, Contributor
What President Biden’s proposed American Rescue Plan means for federal cybersecurity and how to ensure its success.
Pushing The Frontiers Of Manufacturing AI At Seagate
Tom Davenport, Contributor
Seagate’s wafer manufacturing plant has adopted several AI applications that improve their quality and productivity.
With New CxO Platform, Forbes Spotlights C-Suite Dynamics And The Executive Collaboration Driving Growth
Jenny Rooney, Forbes Staff
CxOs find themselves in a moment to reset, to reframe and to redouble efforts to drive growth amid new challenges and also new opportunities.
A Rising Tide, High Times For Low-Code
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor
We’re now moving towards not just low-code programming and software application development, but also low-code core data operations (analytics, integration, storage) as well as related systems management functions... all further-fueled by more AI, ML and as many RPA bots as you can eat at one...
14h06 25  janvier
Gartner Predicts IT Spending Will Rebound To 3.9 Trillion In 2021 As CIOs Step Up Digital Investments
Martin Giles, Forbes Staff
The research firm’s new forecast sees tech investment rising by more than 6% in spite of the pandemic, with purchases of hardware and enterprise software leading the way.
The Biden Administration’s Cybersecurity Opportunity And Obligation
Mark Weatherford, Contributor
It’s a new era for cybersecurity and the Biden administration needs to take advantage of the opportunity to reestablish the nation as a leader in the global cybersecurity arena.
15h01 24  janvier
Perspectives On AI From The North Dakota Chief Data Officer
Ron Schmelzer, Contributor
North Dakota has been very forward thinking in their use of data, automation, and AI. North Dakota’s Chief Data Officer Dorman Bazzell shares how states are approaching technologies such as automation and advanced data analytics, as well as how AI plays an increasing role in local government.
Two Issues CIOs Need To Watch Out For In 2021
Bruno Aziza, Contributor
January is a month CIOs often use to reflect on the past year to build plans for the next. In this post, I examine two phenomena that could make or break the future of CIOs. One is a favorable one. The other, a distracting one. I’ve labelled them the Organizational Shuffle and VendorSpeak ...
13h03 23  janvier
The Refactoring X-Factor Behind Software Modernization
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor
Some technologists argue that older legacy systems are instances of software that still work’; so if it’s not broke, don’t try and fix it.
19h32 21  janvier
An RPA Robot For Every Employee At Dentsu?
Tom Davenport, Contributor
Dentsu has created a group of citizen developers of robotic process automation solutions, giving it a fast start on automating tasks in its business.
15h00 20  janvier
Here’s How CIOs Can Turn Earnings Calls Into High-ROI Tech Team Training
Noah Barsky, Contributor
Quarterly investor presentations can enhance IT’s business insight.
11h57 19  janvier
Why Crisis Managers Fail & Why Preparation Is A Myth
Steve Andriole, Contributor
We now know that the global response to the pandemic was botched. But how about corporations? Were they prepared for the pandemic or the abrupt shift in the marketplace that occurred in 2020? Were their contingency plans effective? Or did they just react ? Seems very few companies actually plan.
CIOs Plan To Double Down On Software Bots’ As Pandemic Chaos Continues
Martin Giles, Forbes Staff
Falling license prices and rising demand look set to make 2021 a banner year for bot-driven automation.