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13h02 25  février
France’s oldest nuclear reactors allowed to operate for another decade
Amanda Morrow with RFI
France’s Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) on Thursday approved extending the lifetime of the country’s oldest nuclear reactors for a further 10 years.
Paris Perspective #5: The place of the French military in the world in the 2020s - Teaser
In an important step for France’s coronavirus vaccination drive, from Thursday vulnerable people aged between 50 and 64 can ask their workplace doctors for the AstraZeneca shot.
Paris Perspective #5: The place of the French military in the world in the 2020s
A French appeals court on Wednesday overturned sexual exhibitionism convictions for two members of feminist group Femen relating to a protest at a World War One memorial at the Arc de Triomphe monument in Paris on the eve of the centenary of the armistice in November 2018.
French workplace doctors start vaccinating employees at risk
French officials on Wednesday announced a weekend lockdown in the northern city of Dunkirk and warned local restrictions might be on the way elsewhere to contain worsening Covid epidemic situations around the country.
Paris court clears feminist activists over topless stunt at Arc de Triomphe
RFI with Mike Woods
Officials in the northern French port city of Dunkirk are urging the government to impose a ban on all public gatherings until 15 March to stop a spike in Covid-19 infections.
18h05 24  février
France announces weekend lockdown in Dunkirk, warns of wider local restrictions
RFI with Mike Woods
Gerard Depardieu, one of France’s most famous actors, has been charged with rape and sexual assault, accused of assaulting and raping an actress in 2018. The case, initially dropped, was revived when new evidence came to light corroborating the accusations.
Northern French city Dunkirk faces Covid restrictions as cases spike
29,000 family doctors will join the effort to speed up the vaccination roll out in France when they begin vaccinating patients from Thursday.
French actor Gerard Depardieu charged with rape, sexual assault
France got another pummelling over its climate policies on Tuesday after the High Council on Climate added to criticism of the government’s climate and resilience bill, which it said was weak and insufficient.
12h15 23  février
France’s family doctors to give anti-Covid vaccines in bid to speed up rollout
More than a dozen French professors at a top Turkish university face the threat of expulsion after being denied work permits while a diplomatic feud rages between Paris and Ankara.
France told its climate targets will fail under ’weak and insufficient’ law
Amanda Morrow
France has never had a Black History Month, despite its long history with Africa and the African diaspora. Attempts to start celebrations have found little mainstream support in a country, which prides itself on its universalist, colour-blind approach to race. But things may be changing, with Black...
French professors in Turkey feel the heat as diplomatic row continues
Next week will be particularly tough for France’s embattled farmers, breeders and market gardeners who - deprived of their annual flagship Agricultural Fair - are improvising new ways to flaunt their wares.
14h56 22  février
Defining and celebrating blackness in the face of French universalism
Sarah Elzas
The French Riviera will go into lockdown for the next two weekends to contain Covid-19 which has been spreading faster in the tourist hotspot than elsewhere in France, the region’s top official said on Monday.
French farmers to miss Agricultural Fair for first time in half a century
Amanda Morrow
The city of Lyon has decided to remove meat from school lunches to streamline service to respect Covid distancing measures, a move that has angered the government. The city’s Green mayor accuses the government of making a political issue of something that had already been put in place last year by...
Nice, Cannes and region locked down for 2 weekends as epidemic grows ’out of control’
French government slams Lyon mayor’s decision to serve meat-free school meals
Sarah Elzas with RFI