Olive oil times
14h03 03  mars
Pressure Mounts in Greece to Settle Dispute Over Kalamata Appellation
Costas Vasilopoulos
Producers are asking the government to repeal a law allowing the term ” Kalamata’ to be used outside of Messenia. A new PDO designation could be the solution. Source
18h33 25  février
Extreme Weather Takes Toll on Andalusian Olive Harvest
David Uwakwe
Production is expected to be around 300,000 tons lower than previously estimated, according to the regional government. Source
22h04 24  février
Spanish Exports of Bottled Olive Oil to U.S. Drop 80 Percent
Eduardo Hernandez
The news comes as Spain’s Food Information and Control Agency announced that production would be about 200,000 tons lower than initially estimated. Source
Hardships in Lebanon Shift Focus to Exports
Daniel Dawson
A devaluing local currency coupled with the scarcity of hard currencies has made production more expensive. Producers are turning to exports as a solution. Source
Even Dark Glass Bottles Leave EVOO Susceptible to Oxidation, Study Finds
Paolo DeAndreis
Extra virgin olive oil in dark glass bottles suffers significant degradation in supermarket-like conditions, researchers in Italy found. Source
13h22 19  février
New Book Celebrates the Simplicity of the Mediterranean Diet
Costas Vasilopoulos
High-quality and simple ingredients are at the heart of an insider’s guide to the Mediterranean diet.’ Source
18h25 18  février
Project Helps Growers Prepare for Challenges Posed by Climate Change
Paolo DeAndreis
By collecting raw climatic data from around the region, the Med-Gold project aims to be a useful tool for the agriculture sector. Source
16h51 17  février
Bringing Olive Oil Tourism to Greece’s Most Popular Island
Daniel Dawson
Anita Zachou is determined to turn Mykonos into a leading olive oil tourism destination, even though the island produces no EVOO of its own. Source
Supporters of Nutri-Score Organize to Promote Its Adoption
Paolo DeAndreis
Seven European countries have formed a body to promote the controversial front-of-pack label system and support research efforts. Source
Italy Pledges Nearly 70M for Olive Oil and Table Olive Sector
Paolo DeAndreis
The money will be used to improve quality, protect the environment and promote traceability in the sector until the Common Agricultural Policy takes effect in 2023. Source
12h15 16  février
Olive Oil Times Launches Distance Education Portal
Brian Wilson
Pre-recorded video lessons and live, interactive workshops cover topics ranging from olive cultivation and oil production to tasting, nutrition and health. Source
Olive Oil is Becoming One of Asia’s Most Popular Ingredients
Lisa Anderson
Consumption and production are on the rise in Asia’s two largest economies. Consumers still prefer imported brands to domestic ones. Source
Spain Urges Talks on U.S. Tariffs
David Uwakwe
The move comes as the U.S. Trade Representative announced that it would not revise any of the tariffs currently in place on European imports. Source
16h10 15  février
Olive Oil Permeates Greek Social Fabric in Time of Need
Costas Vasilopoulos
From charitable efforts to reversing desertification, olive trees and olive oil continue to play a fundamental role in Greek society. Source
11h31 12  février
Remains of 2,500-Year-Old Mill Discovered in Italy
Paolo DeAndreis
They believe it is the earliest olive oil mill found in Magna Graecia, a region that encompasses most of Italy’s southern coastline, where ancient Greek colonists arrived 3,500 years ago. Source