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15h00 04  mars
New Zealand is hit by 7.3-magnitude earthquake triggering tsunami warning
Murder: Tiniko Thompson, 46, is alleged to have killed her boyfriend Carl Patrick, 53, a Miami police officer in his Pembroke Pines, Florida home on May 9
Israeli ’Queen of guns’ urges all women to carry a weapon as she reveals she was raped twice
Suicide: Rescuers pull a man, fourth right and a girl, centre, onto a boat after the man attempted to commit suicide with his daughter
Japan earthquake: Ten years on from disaster that shocked the world
Deadly murder: Julian Paris, 54, was wanted by police after he callously shot his wife dead at a crowded park in Orlando in broad daylight in front of their three children
Myanmar coup: Police filmed brutally beating ambulance crew
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah: The King employs a religious police to enforce behaviour that goes against strict Islamic rule
Russian 17-year-old ’axes his parents and sister to death because he didn’t want to go to school’
South Korean patrol boats operate near Taeyonpyong Island (file picture)
Dad cuts off 17-year-old daughter’s head and carries it through streets as he didn’t like boyfriend
Back on top: Microsoft boss Bill Gates is back at the head of the world's rich list as he added over 15billion to his total wealth
Germany is set to approve AstraZeneca for over-65s
Repopulation: Wolves were reintroduced to Tuscany from the mountains of the Abruzzo in the 1990s, using EU funding
EU’s top court threatens to fine Britain over air pollution
An artists impression of the man suspected of the shootings
British teacher is jailed and sentenced to be caned for molesting three-year-old girl in Singapore
Maya, 40,is the only female porter in her city
German prison has to change all of its locks after intern shares photos of keys on WhatsApp
Mustangs are regarded as a symbol of the frontier history of the American West
China slaps down Britain’s ambassador for defending freedom of the press
Knot fun: Filipino reveler flirts with danger as he plays with Burmese Pythons
China expands anal swab testing for Covid-19
The Texas T Kobe ranch say that the beer gives their beef a distinct texture and flavour
15h24 03  mars
Woman, 36, ’is gang-raped on Gran Canaria’
Sign language interpreter Lydia Callis has brought a light yet capable touch to briefings about Hurricane Sandy
South Korea Covid: Two nursing home patients die after having vaccine
The parents of Savita Halappanavar have set up a shrine to their tragic daughter in their home, and called on state and national officials to help them seek justice
21h52 01  février
Portrait of Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman, 22, is donated to Harvard University
Good on paper: Parents in Shanghai are drawing up laminated adverts to promote their sons and daughters to potential partners
07h27 22  décembre
Ultra-Orthodox grandmother gives birth to her 20TH child
Charged: Raulie Casteel, 43, was arrested at his home in Michigan and charged with shooting two dozens cars on the highway
16h03 05  septembre
Drug dealer arrested while sitting on the loo
An artists impression of the man suspected of the shootings
15h38 21  mai
Cardinal George Pell denies bribing pedophile Gerald Ridsdale’s nephew
A Dubai court heard how a father and his mistress tortured and abused the man's daughters and left them to starve
12 pupils in Ballarat Catholic school photo their own lives after abuse
Children use wires to cross the river to get to school in Pintu Gabang, Indonesia
12h33 22  avril
Russian teens ’stabbed man to death at party then murdered four guests’
Tribute left outside the home in Staten Island, New York of John K Filipowicz and son John C Filipowicz who drowned in the basement during a flood caused by Superstorm Sandy.
19h37 30  mai
Girlfriend Tiniko Thompson arrested after chilling note is found next to police officer’s body
Sandy only had a Category 1 rating due to wind power but gathered significant storm surge after hitting land
16h27 25  mai
Father and daughter plucked from China river after he tried to commit suicide
Marathon weekend is one of the busiest times of the year Hilton Garden Inn
15h51 09  mai
Man who shot his wife to death in front of their children in a crowded park found dead after Florida manhunt
Five Saudi men sentenced to 32 years in prison and 4,500 lashes for holding a Valentine’s Day party with ’unrelated women, drinking and dancing’
Police said the suspect entered an apartment in the Camden San Paloma apartment complex through an unlocked patio door
11h12 07  février
Korea tensions over claims that warship was sunk by torpedo
Police said the suspect entered an apartment in the Camden San Paloma apartment complex through an unlocked patio door
17h37 03  janvier
The rich will keep getting richer: 300 wealthiest people in the world are more than 300 billion better off than this time last year, and Bill Gates is back on top
Tribute left outside the home in Staten Island, New York of John K Filipowicz and son John C Filipowicz who drowned in the basement during a flood caused by Superstorm Sandy.
Mystery wolf slayer who leaves the dead animals displayed in Tuscan villages has shot seven of them and STRANGLED one in bizarre vendetta
Devin Ortiz (right) had his mouth and nose taped shut by teacher
04h27 09  mai
Police task force begins hunt for sniper suspect tied to 22 car shootings in two weeks
Actress Celeste Holm lived at the apartment for over half a century
23h03 29  décembre
Maya, the only female porter in Ludhiana, carries bags for a few rupees to pay for her son, 12
Black Bears number about 30,000 in Oregon and are North America's most common bear
15h43 28  décembre
Wild horses face slaughter after breeding too fast: Mustangs roaming plains of America endanger animals
Dominique Strauss-Khan seen with his new partner Myriam Aouffir spotted at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall
My snakes are so charming - I could cuddle them all day Man wraps himself in Burmese Pythons
Charged with murder: Elzbieta M. Plackowska
Cattle ranch that feeds its cows BEER: Texas farmers swear by a secret ingredient that makes beef juicer
Chaotic: Hundreds of patients and staff were evacuated from Bellevue Hospital as the facility struggled to operate during the power blackout that continued to plague New York City
23h35 28  novembre
Lydia Callis: New York Mayor Bloomberg’s sign language interpreter becomes breakout star of Superstorm Sandy
Still from the advert linking David Cicilline with child molesters
21h49 17  novembre
Parents of woman who died when Irish doctors refused to perform abortion meet with Indian government to demand justice
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he will not sell his stocks this year
20h07 16  novembre
Looking for someone to hang out with: Parents peg details of their children on a washing line in bid to find them a partner
Ranch riders: Two farmers in Yacuiba, southern Bolivia, which was the scene of the shocking attack
00h10 08  novembre
Raulie Casteel, arrested in Michigan highway shootings, had far right-wing political views
Devastation: A house is ripped from its foundations after Superstorm Sandy washed over the community of Atlantique on Fire Island
20h47 07  novembre
Man, 43, arrested in hunt for Michigan sniper who fired at random cars in four counties in two-week campaign of terror
No warning: Expectant mom Christine Schleppy went into labor early, at 35 weeks, just as Hurricane Sandy made land in New Jersey on Monday
Eight-year-old girl who died ’after being tortured by her father was forced to eat her own faeces when his mistress locked her in toilet’
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about preparations for Hurricane Sandy during a briefing at the White House
No, they’re not in training for I’m A Celebrity... they’re just going to school
Andrew Cuomo
16h12 06  novembre
Filipowicz funeral: Heartbreaking farewell to father and son who died in Superstorm Sandy
Francisco Alcala gave his 14 year old victim a cell phone
11h05 04  novembre
Hurricane Sandy: Storm WAS more powerful than Hurricane Katrina
The happy couple: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un walks arm in arm with his wife Ri Sol-ju in July, before she her two-month absence
Hurricane Sandy: Hotels and landlords make a quick buck charging 700 a night for a single room in New York
Leap of faith: 135 people were attached to a bridge in Russia and made to fall simultaneously
Low North Carolina bridge destroys a truck a month and there s nothing to stop it, says Department of Transportation
The new advice follows an attempted coup last week and specifically warns those in the capital, Bamako, to be cautious
21h36 03  novembre
Boy, 16, arrested for ’raping two women in brutal attacks that have shaken small Arizona community’
The bomb blasts bear the hallmarks of Muslim insurgents
Boy, 16, arrested for ’raping two women in brutal attack that rattled small Arizona community’
Despicable: A picture of the six-year-old boy whose father bit off his penis in Shenzhen in the Guangdong province of China
The last words Neil Filipowicz heard from his nephew were ’I’m not leaving Daddy’ . . . then hours later he was pulling their bodies out of the basement locked arm in arm after Sandy snatched them away
Photographer Nuray Gonulalan captured a flock of birds who formed an exclamation mark as they were attacked by a predator in Mogan Lake, Ankara, Turkey
Clarence Williams: Teacher ’duct tapes 11-year-old student’s mouth shut for more than a half hour’
Sloth treated for mange
Broadway star Celeste Holm’s longtime Manhattan home put on the market for 14million by estranged son following her death
Secret life of a bug: Water droplets make this inset look twice the size
23h53 02  novembre
The hunter becomes the hunted: ’Dead’ bear shot with a rifle springs up and attacks its would-be killer
Anthony Garcia has been jailed for two years for contaminating yoghurt with his semen and giving it to an unsuspecting customer to taste
Hope she knows what she’s letting herself in for Sex-shame DSK takes new partner on vacation
What a view: Crowds at the Esplanade in Perth, Australia were treated to an amazing display during Australia Day celebrations