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16h18 27  février
Coronavirus: Biden’s 1.9tn Covid relief bill passes House vote
The coronavirus aid bill passes despite total Republican opposition, but must now go to the Senate.
Myanmar coup: UN ambassador fired after anti-army speech
The ambassador made an emotional appeal urging countries to help remove the military from power.
LeBron vs Zlatan: Who won the politics bout?
I will never shut up, James tells Ibrahimovic in political activism spat.
Pompeii: Archaeologists unveil ceremonial chariot discovery
The ornate discovery was used during festivities and parades almost 2,000 years ago, experts say.
Nigeria kidnappings: Hunt for 300 girls as second abducted school group freed
Some 317 girls remain missing in Zamfara state, but 42 people abducted in Niger state are freed.
Lady Gaga’s dogs found safe after armed robbery
The US singer’s two French bulldogs were stolen after gunmen attacked and wounded her dog walker.
Venice: Low tides leave canals dry
In stark contrast to floods in December, some of the city’s boats and gondolas are beached.
Tiger Woods car crash: Golfer ’in good spirits’ after latest treatment
The golfer received successful follow-up procedures following Tuesday’s serious car crash in LA.
Indian man killed by his own rooster during cockfight
The man had tried to stop the bird escaping when he was struck in the groin by a knife on the animal’s leg.
Haiti prison escape: Hundreds of inmates flee from Croix-des-Bouquets jail
The prison’s director is among 25 people killed in the mass escape near the capital, Port-au-Prince.
19h31 26  février
Texas sea turtles released back into sea after cold front eases
Thousands of cold-stunned turtles were rescued as temperatures dropped to record lows this month.
Selena Gomez: ’Disrespectful’ transplant image prompts Chinese TV apology
Variety show edits photo of US pop star Selena Gomez taken after her kidney transplant surgery.
00h35 27  février
Monsters, mania and the unstoppable march of Pokémon
Several waves of Pokémania have swept the globe, keeping this lucrative franchise relevant for 25 years.
19h00 26  février
Jamal Khashoggi: How intelligence report could dent US-Saudi ties for years
The release of the US intelligence probe into the Khashoggi murder deepens diplomatic difficulties.
00h11 27  février
Week in pictures: 20-26 February 2021
A selection of striking images taken around the world this week.
How Bitcoin’s vast energy use could burst its bubble
Could the cryptocurrency’s huge electricity consumption also sink it?
John F Kennedy: When the US president met Africa’s independence heroes
A photo archive reveals John F Kennedy’s efforts to court African leaders in the post-colonial era.
15h19 26  février
Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis: How a massacre in the sacred city of Aksum unfolded
Eritrean troops killed hundreds in Aksum in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, witnesses tell Amnesty and the BBC.
00h01 27  février
Ros Atkins on... Is Facebook too powerful?
Ros Atkins looks at the consequences of Facebook’s power on events in Myanmar, Washington DC and Australia.
The Dissident: Jamal Khashoggi documentary points finger at Saudi Arabia’s crown prince
The Dissident explores what happened to the Saudi journalist and who might have ordered his murder.
18h08 26  février
China celebrates colourful Lantern Festival
Villages and cities become a sea of bright light to mark the end of Chinese New Year celebrations.
00h56 27  février
Mourning the sisters killed as they taught handicrafts
Ayesha and Irshad were breadwinners in a former Pakistani tribal area where militancy is rising again.
00h41 26  février
K-pop superstars Blackpink in climate change message
K-pop superstars Blackpink have emerged as the latest force in the global fight against climate change.
The young girl who became pen-pal with Bollywood’s biggest stars
A unearthed photo album uncovers personal letters from the biggest stars of the 1950s and 60s.
Analysis: Can Asia help Myanmar find a way out of coup crisis?
While Western sanctions may not help, China and South East Asia’s influence may hold some sway.
Op Silent Viper’: How an Indian rape suspect was caught after 22 years
The case went cold after the man disappeared following a brutal 1999 gang rape in India.
Mother drops children from window to escape Istanbul apartment fire
The four children were all caught by volunteers holding a blanket on the street in Istanbul.
00h01 27  février
Golden Globes: Celebrity make-up artists on their job in the pandemic
Hollywood make-up artists on their experiences of working in the time of Covid-19.
01h19 26  février
Covid-19: US high school band students rehearse in individual bubbles
Wenatchee High School in Washington state found a creative way for their band students to practise safely.
Why Greenpeace is dropping huge boulders into the sea
Fishing community leaders say Greenpeace’s action is dangerous and illegal.
18h37 24  février
Covax vaccine plan: What is it and how will it work?
A global scheme aims to ensure people in poorer countries get vaccinated against Covid.